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  1. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Casual X-Wing is Dead/Casual Player Bemoans Changes

    Yeah, I think you've gone out of your way to find the cloud around the silver lining here.
  2. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Squadron Packs

    YES. PLEASE. With Corran in his green Cor-Sec X-wing. This is the only thing I've ever wanted from this game: to be able to field a LEGIT Rogue Squadron. ....and maybe the Pulsar Skate. I think the rebels need one more freighter-class vehicle.
  3. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks


    Simple physics here.... Ships which fly in atmosphere have to deal with aerodynamic effects even if they don't use bernoulli's principle to generate lift. Some of those ships are shaped in such a way that they can slice through atmosphere with relatively little interference. (RELATIVELY being the operative word here.) Other are nightmares. NONE of these ships would be good candidates for taking a trans-Atlantic flight. The more a ship is shaped like an actual airplane, the more likely it is to be functional in atmo. The more it has big, flat, sail-like panels that are likely to be perpendicular to any plane of movement, the more likely you are to get spanked by the wind. So yeah, ships with solar panels, strike foils, or other "wings" that are parallel to the horizon, and can "slice" through the air (X, Z, A, Fang, Gunboat, Striker, Reaper, Misthunter), will do better than blocky ships, and blocky ships (if they don't present a large face to the wind anyway: B, Y, YT-1300) will do better than ships with awkward protrusions (most ties) or wide faces (Firespray). And even the TIEs, will do fine, as long as they fly STRAIGHT FORWARD. The minute they start any turning maneuver, those big flat sails get perpendicular to the wind and the results could be disastrous. I suspect there would be a distinct hierarchy of suck even with the TIE subcategory, with the Interceptors and Aggressors coming out OK, and the basic TIE/LN - TIE/Fo shape just being the absolute worst possible thing you could put in the air.
  4. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Is the B-WIng cockpit upside down...?

    100% Nope. Nothing about what I said suggests that the fight would be 2D. NOTHING. Even in ww2 combat, planes could go above or below other planes: they still oriented to the same horizon. I mean, really dude - you can climb a staircase - down is still down. The point is, all the pilots' feet were pointing the same direction. That only happens if one direction is objectively DOWN. Even the terms you use: "firing at ties both ABOVE and BELOW the Falcon" make my point. THERE IS NO SUCH THINGS AS "ABOVE" AND "BELOW" unless there is an objective "Down". In a REAL (non-Star Wars) space battle, there is only "over here" and "over there" because ALL directions are arbitrary. (In WW2, that's because the earth is a gravity well. In Star Wars, the lore does not give us a reason. The meta-reason is that Lucas wanted it to look that way, and simply gives no fk*cs about Physics.) Whenever people complain about the science of Star Wars I point out that the VERY FIRST THING any of us ever learned about the Star Wars galaxy is that Space has a "Down". Once you accept that, you forget about any consistently rational physics. Things we learned about Star Wars in May 1977: 1 - Space has a DOWN! (2 ships oriented unambiguously to the same plane) 2 - It is NOT aligned to the local gravity well! (WTF) (2 ships on the same plane NOT perpendicular to the planet Tatooine's normal.) 3- Correlian Corvettes shoot red laser-beams PEW! PEW! 4 - Imperial Star Destroyers shoot GREEN laser-beams PEW! PEW! 5 - Imperial Star Destroyers are .... holy F!!! a LOT bigger than Correlian Corvettes! Then we go inside and once C3PO starts talking, we learn a lot more things. But from the very first frame of this franchise. EVERY space battle has been shot with an unambiguous DOWN. Every space battle since that first one has reinforced this. Some of them are not useful as evidence, because they occurred to close to a gravity well (I.E. x-wings over Death Star) so OF COURSE there is a down. But even the deep space fleet actions have always adhered to this, right up to the slow-motion chase in TLJ.
  5. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Is the B-WIng cockpit upside down...?

    In real space, there is no down. But in THAT galaxy, far, far away... there IS a down. From the first moment of the first Star Wars film this has been codified, in that ALL SPACECRAFT fly relative to the same plane. For some reason, that is never explained in the lore, it is preferable for space ships which have artificial gravity and inertial dampeners and light speed to all fly aligned to the same horizon. Another bit of evidence - you don't have any need for a gyroscopic cockpit unless the is a DOWN for the pilot to care about.
  6. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    An old grump watches the clone wars

    Yeah... you should just.... not. If you can't stand mature Asohka, then juvenile Asohka will just give you flashbacks of Jake Lloyd. These aren't for you.
  7. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Nebulon - B????

    Armada gets a damned EXECUTOR! Canonically, this is 11.8 times longer than Imperial-II Star Destroyer. The model should be 12-feet long! FFG be like, "Eh, just chop it down to 18% of it's actual size and call it a day". But we can't have a Nebulon-B in X-wing? Because it's too long?
  8. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    New Falcon from the Solo movie, where is it?

    Probably wave II. They don't have anything scheduled for wave 2 yet, other than FO/Resistance conversion kits. Also - new ship available for Christmas is a great business move. Also, they will have enough time/info to get the pilot and crew cards right. (cough*cough*WTF you mean, no Paige Tico card in the Resistance Bomber???) Personally I am in favor of them never releasing a ship in tandem with the movies again. All three of the "movie waves" have had glaring problems due to the necessity of locking the designs down 6 months before release and Disney keeping all the character information under wraps.
  9. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    What to do with your collection if you intend to upgrade to v2.0?

    I'm gonna just put mine in a box out of the way somewhere, until someday when I get nostalgic for V1 game mechanics and then I bust out all my old cards and have a sweet Raider Vs. Corvette, 500 vs 500 point hoedown! Because, BELIEVE ME, the day will come when my brother says to me, "Remember that day when you had Nera Dantels blow TWO Advanced Proton Torps up the Raider's skirt in the same game?!?" and we're gonna want to do it again, kickin' it old school.
  10. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Dear FFG: Creating Goodwill with Old Players for 2.0

    Not holding a supposedly dynamic game in a static state for three years is pretty powerful motivation. In a niche market that lives or dies by innovation, they WILL NOT do that. Veteran players would be perversely incentivized to buy NOTHING for a very long time. And they CANNOT put new ships on shelves as fast as they can be printed. VERY few of their customers (us) can afford to buy a whole faction fleet at one time. We've all spent 2-3 thousand dollars over 6 years to build up the fleets we have. You can't duplicate that in a single wave. And no LGS would be able to absorb that kind of inventory. It would fiscally catastrophic to try and spam releases. It has to be spaced out and I guarantee you they've put a lot of research into figuring out the fastest release rate the market can bear. Clearly, they will be able to do it in less than 6 years this time around. Maybe we'll get all V1 ships within 3 years plus a couple new ships from Solo. You cannot expect them to leave the game in static state for that long. I can't imagine waves being more than quarterly, and by wave 3, they will have some kind of new idea that just has to get out into play.
  11. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Are the conversion kits a scam?

    The reason you're not getting a clear answer is because they have made no public statements about what is coming after wave 2. (And really the only thing we know about wave 2 is that the conversion kits for Resistance and First Order will be in it.) But we can derive an answer with a pretty simple thought exercise. XW, (like nearly ALL FFG games) is a collectible, dynamic, expandable game. Do you think that FFG is going to let this game sit in a static state for 3-years / 8 expansions before they examine new design space? Almost assuredly, by wave 3, they will have ideas for new game mechanics that they haven't explored yet. The purpose of the conversion kits is to make your entire collection backward compatible ON LAUNCH DAY. It is most definitely NOT a promise to hold the game in a static state until the next Filoni cartoon (2 years out) gives them a brand-new ship idea.
  12. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Let’s take a second to appreciate the true hero...

    Don't be hasty though. The new movies have left them with precious little by way of new ships to work with. That could be part of why the decided to go with 2.0 now - they can take a break from developing new ships for a while until they have re-released all of the old models and Filoni's next cartoon gives them additonal sequel-era ships to work with. OR - if they are going to continue new ships in the near term, they are almost certainly going to have to pull from the Prequel/Clone Wars era. Of course - I do expect a THIRD YT1300 model sometime around Christmas.
  13. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    What a smack in the face...

    I'm an old fatigued player - one who flipped the table over how badly PWT wrecked certain types of flying. Flipped a table again over the "Rock-Paper-Scissors" solution that was autothrusters. Flipped the table again at how badly triple-toilets messed with.... EVERY other list. And I say....
  14. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    X-Wing 2.0: They got everything right.

    Fully agreed. From what I am seeing so far, they've found fairly elegant ways to rebalance ALL of the legitimate gripes about V1. And making point costs dynamic was utterly brilliant! readjusting things that get unbalanced as the meta evolves will be pretty simple with this, and furthermore, it means X-Wing 3rd edition won't be necessary for a quite a long time.
  15. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Please don't make the app a requirement

    The app is brilliant. This allows making all point values dynamic. For everyone griping, understand that this will make XWV2 potentially much longer lived than V1. This forum has been screeching for over 2 years that the X-Wing is a gimpy ship. Releasing fixes to unbalanced ships takes up design space and production windows. Now? X-wings are overpriced for what they do? Drop two points - push out app upgrade v3.426. Done. X-wings back in play.