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  1. So the Marie Lambeau player cards aren't any different from the cards that will be available in future expansions? No alt. art or anything?
  2. When you try adding it to your cart, you'll probably see this message: "If you are placing an order for The Investigators of Arkham Horror Pre-Order Premium package (NAHCE1), please note that any other items in your cart will not ship until NAHCE1 is ready for processing in December. To receive these other items earlier, please remove them from your cart before processing payment and submit a separate order to be shipped separately." I'm assuming this means a December release? Hopefully in time for some Christmas reading with spiked egg nog?
  3. I have done well with an Lore trap deck using Aragorn (one time threat reduction to starting level), Damrod (-1 cost to first trap played per round and card draw when trap successfully snares an enemy), and Mirlonde (reduce threat of all lore heroes by 1). These heroes give me a starting threat of 26, plus the chance to reset back to 26 if things get out of hand. I have other cards to help with card draws and discard manipulation including Anborn (return topmost trap from the discard pile back to hand). The traps help keep enemies under control either stopping engagement checks altogether, reducing snared enemy threat, poisoning to death, etc, so that allies and heroes can quest or battle if necessary. Doesn't work in all scenario types though. This one isn't well suited for siege quests, for example. I have a number of different decks that work better in some quest types than others. Part of the fun really, this is a deck building game after all. But this all Lore deck is one I keep coming back to.
  4. Do you still have spaces available for your fellowship event, shipwreck? I'm interested if there are.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I'll try subbing wing commander with the ECM. Good point!
  6. So I've taken the plunge finally and started down the path to an Armada obsession after itching for a new game to play. I'm not new to miniatures gaming, but the strategic nature of this game had me constantly reading more about it until I couldn't take it anymore! I put together a 398 rebel fleet list with what I have (the core set, home one, rogues, rebel fighters, AFII). But didn't want to show up at my FLGS with a craptastic list that utterly fails. So I figured I'd solicit feedback from a very experienced community. What do you guys think of this setup? While I fitted the ships to fill very specific roles, I wanted to have the flexibility to adjust on the fly. Thanks! I'm going for an MC80 Independence carrier build with the Paragon AFII providing long range cover fire in the early rounds. Meanwhile, the bomber squadrons get into position with the Independence buff, and the Tantive IV corvette will support the other two capitals. Tantive IV will essentially be a repair ship going nuts with engineering tokens and redials to the AFII and MC80. If the capitals are doing fine, Tantive IV can be re-assigned as an objective hunting ship if something like Intel Sweep is active. I had heard there was an ability that allowed squadrons to attack twice in one round if they didn't move, but I can't remember what that is or if it's worth it. I opted to put in Han Solo as a floater, to provide anti-squadron support for the bombers or the capitals. The A-wings and Han will be fast movers to clear through any enemy fighters. I'll move in the HWK with the bombers to prevent them being sequestered (via Intel) by engagements with enemy squadrons. I threw in the Scurgg because I only have two B-wings and I wasn't fond using a Y-wing. This gives me 3 dedicated bomber squadrons, 3 dedicated anti-squadron (with counter 2), and Han who can multi-role (Yah-hooo!). CAPITALS Ship: MC80 Command Cruiser - Total Points: 149 Garm Bel Iblis, Wing Commander, Boosted Comms, Independence Ship: Assault Frigate Mark II B - Total Points: 90 Weapons Liasons, Enhanced Armaments, Paragon Ship: CR90 Corellion Corvette A - Total Points: 50 Leia Organa, Tantive IV SQUADRONS - 109 points (27% point investment) Ship: Han Solo Millenium Falcon - Total Points: 26 Ship: Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron - Total Points: 16 Ship: A-Wing Squadron - Total Points: 11 Ship: HWK-290 - Total Points: 12 Ship: Scurgg H-6 Bomber - Total Points: 16 Ship: B-Wing Squadron x2 - Total Points: 28
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