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  1. I was thinking of having an MC80 with some squadrons and the GR75s constantly repairing the MC80.
  2. Well, I'm going to get aces and 2 more B-Wings. I'll try the different builds like that.
  3. I am using EU/PTL on keyan and it's worked out well.
  4. I don't get it. Why are those ships excluded? Because the decimation would be overpowered, same with ghost. And The chances of Bounty Hunters having bombers is slim to none.
  5. I was thinking of a campaign for X-Wing where each person selected a big ship( other than the Decimator, Ghost, Tie Punisher, and K-Wing) from any of the 3 factions and followed the following rules; 40 points No Unique pilots or upgrades From there you name your pilots and play missions where overtime your bounty hunter or smuggler gets credits and and exp which can be used to buy upgrades, hire unique pilots for upgrades, and gain skills. you loose when when your ship is destroyed and your character doesn't have the characters to replace it. So what do you you all think?
  6. First time using a B-Wing and wanted to know some builds you all use.
  7. Currently have the FA core set and Han. What expansions should I get next?
  8. I would wait for the Imperial Vetrans to come out, use two PS 1 defenders with ion cannons and Tie/D. Dumthe Tie/Fo and use the two defenders with the shuttle.
  9. I have seen a few frequently used lists, 3x Tie Defenders w/ ion cannon 5x green squad w/ refit 3x Vipers (not sure what else they had for upgrades or pilots) 3x Intercepters w/ Turr and Fel . I haven't seen anyone using large ships So I could be competitive against those lists?
  10. Yeah that's the list I had in mind. I can get another expansion if needed or is what I have right now even slightly competitive? Would It be worth it to get a Scum ship though? I might play Empire eventually but I have no intrest in Scum.
  11. Currently have the Force Awakens core set and The Millennium Falcon. Need a list suggestion for a 100 point store tournament Friday. I have enough money for a small ship expansion so if I need anything for a list.
  12. Made a list and wandered what you all thought Biggs R5-D8 3x Gold Pilots Ion Turret R2 Unit
  13. Alright, I was thinking to eventually get a k wing or two
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