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    I would like to see even more enemies (though I suppose since they'll each have three cards, Jesse's estimations are realistic). My biggest frustration with the old mini version was my inability to spend enough money and time on minis to have all of the enemies in the later combat tables. I've been hoping that the card game would correct that.
    I'd be happy to get expansions in any form, but it would be cool if enemies/dungeon cards/quests were released as themed bundles, and new characters and gear had bundles of their own. I like a modular style of expansions that don't feel as though new scenarios are mainly intended for new characters and vice verse.
    I hope that this game gets future support. It's too good to allow to languish, and the potential for unique scenarios is huge.
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    Nicknewell got a reaction from GMmL in Show some love for WQACG   
    I've already played this game more than I thought I would since I got it, and I'm looking forward to introducing it to more people! I feel that the balance in this game is carefully arranged, the replay value is impressive, and I never get tired of the art (though I don't know how much of it is exclusive to this game).
    Thank you for making a game that offers interesting mechanical combinations and satisfies my nostalgia. It's also great that this game takes about as much time to play as the original board game took to set up, if you consider all of the table rolling and monster placement.
    I'm already excited to see expansions!
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    Nicknewell reacted to GalaxyUC in Disappointed yet interested.   
    Here's another thing that seems to get overlooked; granted it's a product of its era, it still was a rather sexist game. Not a SINGLE female hero. Not one. A direct reprint in this day and age would be well...incredibly sexist. Atleast the card game mixes it up a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I love to rescue me some damsels every now and again, but times they are a changin'.
    Horseman, sometimes you just cannot reason with a fanatic.
    Would actually love to hear more about your time with GW in the mid 1990's, as that was my GW hey-day...until I saw the light...and the frivolous lawsuits...and hyper aggressive IP litigation...and the price creep...and the revisions....etc.  haha.
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