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  1. I would like to see even more enemies (though I suppose since they'll each have three cards, Jesse's estimations are realistic). My biggest frustration with the old mini version was my inability to spend enough money and time on minis to have all of the enemies in the later combat tables. I've been hoping that the card game would correct that. I'd be happy to get expansions in any form, but it would be cool if enemies/dungeon cards/quests were released as themed bundles, and new characters and gear had bundles of their own. I like a modular style of expansions that don't feel as though new scenarios are mainly intended for new characters and vice verse. I hope that this game gets future support. It's too good to allow to languish, and the potential for unique scenarios is huge.
  2. After you gain the cannon during the 4th quest, you may be able to refresh and activate it a few times through the quest text, and you only keep it if you complete the quest successfully. The implication on the quest card is that you do not discard this item after it is used. Perhaps a future errata will indicate that item cards are not discarded if they are depleted - though the cannon seems to be a special case. I would only expect this kind of mechanic from a quest-related card. Anything that would come from an open deck would probably be a gear card. The cannon is an item card but it operates much like a gear card if certain conditions are met.
  3. I'm going to try the delve quest with the orc boss as the final nemesis and see what happens - another possibility might be to include the Bright Wizard when you want to have a little more pressure on the party since she has to explore to refresh (and force her to wear heavy armor?). I think of the delve quest as being a somewhat lighter experience anyway, since you automatically get legendary items.
  4. I've succeeded with all quests on solo using the wizard and priest. After playing through delve with the same characters, they seem to be the most powerful combination. I like all of the characters, but those two have the ability to generate a huge number of success tokens which allows them more of everything, and the priests aid text helps to keep the wound cost of the wizard's abilities down. As far as I'm concerned, using them in solo Is easy mode, but I am also known to be a damnably lucky die roller. I need to experiment with some other combos to be sure about this, my conclusions are mainly based on mental calculations. P/W will not ensure a victory on quest 3, but they have the best opportunity to complete it. I'm looking forward to going through the main quest a few more times with different characters to see how it plays out, but I enjoyed it. I felt like I always had pressure on me to make good decisions, and just a couple of bad rolls can put you in a nasty spot as the peril track advances.
  5. I've already played this game more than I thought I would since I got it, and I'm looking forward to introducing it to more people! I feel that the balance in this game is carefully arranged, the replay value is impressive, and I never get tired of the art (though I don't know how much of it is exclusive to this game). Thank you for making a game that offers interesting mechanical combinations and satisfies my nostalgia. It's also great that this game takes about as much time to play as the original board game took to set up, if you consider all of the table rolling and monster placement. I'm already excited to see expansions!
  6. I'm hoping for the chance to fight as/against chaos warriors!
  7. I finished on solo play with the Wizard and Priest. Kraagle went down in two turns and I benefitted significantly from using the Stiletto to reduce his resistance. My Wizard had advanced attack and explore, my Priest had advanced Aid and Attack With 4 non-nemesis enemies revealed, my Wizard explored to gain 3 success tokens, then used stiletto and attacked Kraggle (using stiletto and all tokens). The priest then aided the wizard, readying her attack and giving her more success tokens, then finished the hero turn by attacking and killing the enemy engaged with him. 2nd turn, the Priest rested, empowering the wizard and exhausting an enemy, then attacked and killed another enemy (I consistently exhausted his explore action to supplement his attacks). The wizard then attacked again with stiletto, and two success tokens, and then attacked again (fortunately I had another success token to use the stiletto again). My rolls were crazy good, I don't think I rolled less than 3 successes on any one roll during those two turns. It is a somewhat frustrating quest, but I feel the same way about most situations where I have to run after an enemy rather than fighting with them, so it captures the experience well for me. I love this game, I don't think I've spent so much time playing a non-digital game since I had the original WQ back in the day.
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