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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from GroggyGolem in Being hunted   
    Also: players will be players.  Be aware they may go, "We seen Die Hard too!", line hostages up, and just start shooting them until the guy gives up.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to JalekZem in Speculating on the Future of EotE   
    While, GW has brought out new editions regularly (and it is more of a 4 year cycle), the sales of both the new rules and models have suffered tremendously.  Between people being tired of the rules churn for no other reason than to sell a new $100 book or $200 starter set that you will use at most 50% of the contents, the customary 120% inflation on prices every year, and the general increase in power of the latest army people are leaving the GW brand in favor of other companies.
    So, I would not hold them up as the champion for why you should change editions without good reason.
    As for the new movies, that is nothing that could not be accomplished with a Episode 7 to 9 setting book.  .
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to whafrog in How to build an adventure without railroading the players?   
    I think it's important to remember that the plot is not a list of encounters. Ideally, the only part you need is the beginning, some important plot points you want to be sure to hit, and a point of resolution at the end.
    For the middle, it's important to distinguish plot point from encounters. You can ambush the PCs, steal from them, betray them, and have external events impact them, but how they deal with those things is up to them, and if they lead in new directions then so be it. None of that is railroading IMHO, it's the prerogative of the GM to push the story along. Personally I like to make sure these events aren't just random, because I like to present a world where context is important, but YMMV.
    For the end, it's important to distinguish a "point of resolution" instead of "outcome". A point of resolution gives the players options on how to respond. Traditionally there's some kind of showdown, but you could just as easily make it a moral choice.
    Anyway, the main point of all this is to not spend too much time pre-planning an encounter web. If you have some cool encounter ideas by all means flesh them out, but try to make some of the details adaptable, because there's no real guarantee as to when or where the players will experience them. I usually only get really detailed when I know from the last session where the players will be, eg: if they're captured then I need a breakout encounter; or if they're spelunking I need some underground events.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to Arrakus in Two thermal detonators dramatically roll into a room....   
    A party of five is busy searching a room. So busy, that the party barely has time to react as two thermal detonators dramatically roll into the center of the room.  The GM calls for Vigilance checks. The Vanguard rolls a Triumph and decides to take one for the team and uses Supreme Body Guard (4 Ranks in Resilience). Another player, playing a Force Wielder, decides to flip a Destiny Point to use there Protect Power as an incidental. And then rolls epically well on their Discipline Check. So epic that not only is the Force Wielder able to maximize the soak value of the Vanguard, but has enough to use Protect – Mastery as well. The thermal detonators explode. Neither grenade does enough damage to bypass the soak of the Vanguard. And therefore, are reflected back. However, there was enough advantage to activate Blast for both thermal detonators.
    Does Supreme Body Guard protect the rest of the party from Blast?
    If so, and the Blast damage is reduced to zero, does the Blast get reflected?
    If so, and there were two adversaries responsible for the thermal detonators, do the both received the effects of Blast?
    Would you allow all of this to stack, and narratively how would you explain it?
    And yes, this did come up my campaign the other night. I did allow it all to work as I did not see anything game breaking but more importantly I thought it was an awesome display of working together. 
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to 2P51 in How to build an adventure without railroading the players?   
    Let it......and have modular encounters ready for when it does.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to Nightone in How to build an adventure without railroading the players?   
    Yup, don't try to think about everything in the beginning... it is just Time comsuming and frustrating when the players don't follow your mind.
    Best way (for me at least) is to think about the beginning, like this:
    The players start in "Mos Denaja" a city an Tatooine, they'll meet in a cantina (cliché) for a job like getting an old Tusken Relique (the main plot).
    then Think about the city what could happen here, or what can the players do and stumble across like what shops to be found, may be witnessing a murder, seeing some bounty-holos, meeting a biker gang, getting in a cantina fist fight (modular encounters), the thinks that can happen but don't have to and that can happen at any other place in the galaxys,
    Next step be (mental) ready for different aproaches for the main plot (players can be so unpredictable sometimes ^^)
    In my example to gain the Tusken relique, the players may want to negotiate (with help of an translater droid), or they fight for it, may be one will try to duell the tuskenchief for it, or they try to hire some jawas to steel it.
    since there are a lot of possibilitys that can happen don't work all out: just think about the personens at the scene an what theire beliefs or wishes are, think how the location looks like and think about the main problems the players could meet (the camp is a top a mountainplateu, the relique is guarded by 5 Womprats, the chief is a warmonger, jawas tend to keep what they find, the relique is already stolen, a rancor is on the loose, players could get defeated and end up prisoners)
    And do as much as possible on the fly just have fun and react to your players choises.
    That works for me pretty well. E.g. my players (typically more of the brute force fraction) landed recently on Tatooine to find a hint for an older than rataka force relique, when they found out that the excavation side is guarded by the empire (suprise), then they decided to do an unforseen aproache... one player went to the Mos Denaja museum of natural history and got himself a job as sectreterian of the curator, so he would get accsess to the excavation later on, in the mean while the other player decides to get an official empireal citizenship, so he could use the library in the governs-palast without breaking in (social encounter per exelance, hadn't laughed so much in ages inluding tears in the eyes), another one then decides to went to the biggest cantina to get a job as dancer to earn some money while the other are getting the legal affairs done.
    I would never have planned for this, but by letting it happen and work the scenes on the fly while having some modular encounters in the backhand (the dancer found out about an old mechanic that is supressed by a swoopbike gang, an needs some special (and hard to get to) parts for the bikes) we had an evening that won't be forgotten so fast.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to copperbell in How to build an adventure without railroading the players?   
    My point of view is that you know where they start you also know where you want them by the end so start the game give them the hook and then sit back and listen to them discussing it.
    No game survives first contact with Players, but sometimes listening to them gives you even better ideas for handling your game!
    Do you know what characters they are playing?
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from bradknowles in Can't believe I am doing this again - Blind Pilot...   
    One thing that crosses my mind: if the player wants zero mechanical drawback for blindness, will he still take the penalties others take for things like flashbangs and poor lighting?  If not, then he is trying to blag a cheat in, it might sound harsh but I would consider him a cheater in this case because he is trying to break the system for his benefit while not really bringing anything in.  If he is using the Force to see, then does that mean he can't see Droids?  Because, as the rules work for Droids and the Force, he won't be able to see them.  Is it just super training with his other senses?  In which case he should take the penalties for blindness and then apply the modifiers for whatever it is he is using to compensate, and accept that in many cases he just can't do it (like driving for instance, I don't care how good your hearing is there is no way you would know if someone was walking out into the middle of the road).  
    Since it is him who really wants this then he should do the work of working out how this would work and be approaching you with how this all would work, including applying penalties to himself.  So far all it sounds like he has presented is how he would blag avoiding the penalties of being blind.
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from intothenight in Speculating on the Future of EotE   
    Jawas.  If there are no official rules for Jawas ever released, then their lives shall be forfeit, and their lineages shall be ended.  I know there are rather good unofficial rules in the menagerie, but Jawas require, nay DEMAND to be acknowledged as the true movers and shakers of the Star Wars galaxy!  The entire line should be repurposed to be all about the Jawas.
    I'm not asking much, am I?  Of course not!
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from kaosoe in Speculating on the Future of EotE   
    Jawas.  If there are no official rules for Jawas ever released, then their lives shall be forfeit, and their lineages shall be ended.  I know there are rather good unofficial rules in the menagerie, but Jawas require, nay DEMAND to be acknowledged as the true movers and shakers of the Star Wars galaxy!  The entire line should be repurposed to be all about the Jawas.
    I'm not asking much, am I?  Of course not!
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from Vestij Jai Galaar in Speculating on the Future of EotE   
    Jawas.  If there are no official rules for Jawas ever released, then their lives shall be forfeit, and their lineages shall be ended.  I know there are rather good unofficial rules in the menagerie, but Jawas require, nay DEMAND to be acknowledged as the true movers and shakers of the Star Wars galaxy!  The entire line should be repurposed to be all about the Jawas.
    I'm not asking much, am I?  Of course not!
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from Forresto in SPOILERS: Rogue One didn't "Fix a plot hole", there was no plot hole to fix   
    Some think there is a plot hole or they just found the premise of a single starfighter taking down a death machine the size of a moon implausible.  For those Rogue One adds to the lore to explain how something like that would happen.  For those who don't find it implausible, Rogue One adds to it by still building on how that flaw came about.  Either way, it adds to the saga, something a prequel in any franchise often doesn't.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to Desslok in The Spoilerrific Super Duper Rogue One Megathread!   
    Well, just got back from watching it again - my mom wanted to go see it a second time, so she could follow all the action. How does it stand up with a little bit of distance and now that the Honeymoon has cooled off a bit?
    I was sitting there, end credits rolling, thinking "Yeah, I could just sit here for the next showing and be perfectly fine". For a counterpoint, I only saw E7 twice and can't be bothered to even put the DVD on in the year I've had it. Even the CGI Tarkin didnt really bug me that much this time.
    On that note, I asked my mom if she thought anything was off or weird with the Leia and Tarkin cameos. She said she really didnt notice anything, and that should she have? "Well, Peter Cushing has been dead since 1994".
    So yeah, it looks like if you aren't a supernerd and knew what was up with the actor(s), the CGI pill goes down easier.
    Exactly. If I go to bed right now and check my facebook feed on Sunday morning, I will have just received word that the Seahawks delivered a massive beatdown on the Bulls and that the last team between us and the Superbowl has just been swept away.
    Still doesn't change the fact that the game was played on Saturday.
    Strongly disagree. I was WAY more broken up by the deaths of K2, Chirrut and Baze than I was by the strangely emotionally dead scene when Solo died.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to bradknowles in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    Yes, I was joking. You quoted the smiley I had put way down at the bottom of my post, but did you actually see it?
    When you mentioned RPGs as being dangerous, the first thought that leapt to my mind was “Role Playing Games”. I knew the usage that you had in mind, but I thought it was funny that my mind went to a different source for that initialism.
    I didn’t want to explain the joke, because a joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it. But I did try to make it clear that I was joking, hence the smiley.
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from Neo ra in Who names their ship that? Silly ship names.   
    My players started off in one ship they named The Sitting Duck, a YT-2000.  When they stole the Nightflyer (YT-2400) and made it their new ship, they renamed it The Quack of Dawn.  I get the feeling they have a thing for ducks...
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from bradknowles in [SPOILERS]: Star Wars: Rebels - Thoughts?   
    You know what this thread makes me have to accept?  How much I don't like the idea that Leia is Luke's sister, and how that retcon in RotJ really screwed things up.  IMHO it is where the saga started to fall apart before the prequels screwed things totally.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to 2P51 in Maimed PC   
    The +10 represents this...

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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to 2P51 in NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art   
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    Flintlock Jazz got a reaction from Vestij Jai Galaar in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    I liked the Vader pun, but then I'm one of those weirdos that liked that Vader scene the most over the one where he killing people in the corridor (not that I didn't like that one, thought both scenes were **** awesome for different reasons).  I felt like that whole scene showed just how menacing Vader could be just to talk to, and also showed that he was by this point not some foolish brute but had a brain in that helmet of his.  "Putting the Lord in Dark Lord" so to speak.
    Reading, especially the Needa one, actually pushes home how fitting the pun is.  People don't seem to realise it but Vader is a deadpan wisecracker.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to Concise Locket in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    I watched the film last night and I've read through all the comments in this thread. Rogue One was pretty great and I had no complaints. It was the best Star Wars thing I've seen since the original trilogy.
    I really appreciated that Gareth Edwards and the producers were trying to create a film that was set firmly within Star Wars canon but was aesthetically different enough that it had its own voice. No fanfare, no crawl, not even the words "Star Wars" on the screen, set up the idea that this was going to be a very different experience from all the other films. After the mild disappointment for The Force Awakens being an Abrams love-letter to Spielberg and Lucas rather than a completely original take, Rogue One was the SW film I needed to see if I was going to have any optimism about the film franchise moving forward.
    RO was very much an action film in the vein of various 1960s and 1970s WW2 commando movies, not a fairy-tale space samurai/wizard film. Character motivation was in response to the tyranny and violence of Imperials, which is what one would expect in a war movie. Jyn's mother was executed and her father was press-ganged into Imperial service. Andor had been fighting since he was 6. Chirrut and Baze watched the vaporization of their home. Bodhi knew first-hand what the Empire could do and was terrified of it. There were no major character arcs, other than Jyn learning to fight for something else other than survival and to believe in something other than herself. And that's okay. Classic war movies were never about deep characterization. Neither is Star Wars, if we're being honest. All SW characters are base archetypes.
    I liked that the Rebel Alliance felt like an actual alliance with different factions including Saw Gerrea's violent militants, the Alderaanians, the fleet command under Admiral Raddus, whatever group Senator Pamlo represented, General Merrick's pilots, and General Draven's amoral intelligence operatives and assassins. Everyone had their own needs and motivations and that felt more authentic than just a plucky band of rebels. Andor shot an informant in the back and Rebel X-Wings and Y-Wings flat out killed Imperial non-combatants in a scene that gave me chills. This was a darker, more mature version of Star Wars. Like what A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back were before Lucas began tinkering with them with the Special Editions.
    Did the Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher faces look perfect? No. But they only brushed against the uncanny valley rather than diving headlong inside. Unlike Jar-Jar or CGI Jabba, they were forgivable attempts that didn't look straight-up cartoonish. Casting look-alike actors might have worked but it would have stuck out, just in a different way.
    I found the Death Star terrifying in a way that I hadn't ANH. The distance shots where we saw it slowly rotating into firing position were absolutely stark. Seeing it rise over the horizon at the end of the Rebel raid and seeing Director Krennic know that his end was at hand were the most dramatic sequences I've seen in a SW movie. We didn't get to see Alderaan from its point of view in ANH but now we know what it must have been like in those final moments.
    The color pallet for the film was interesting in that it was very militaristic. There was no Felucia-level neon. All the sets and external shots were heavy on the gunmetal gray, sandy brown, and olive green. The lighting was also very stark in places, especially in the final space battle. All of the ships were bright, bright white with the exception of the Rebel racing stripes. Which would make sense since you're not dealing with atmospheric effects in the vacuum of space.
    The Easter Eggs, the beards, and the '70s porn mustaches made me smile and laugh; a SW movie without C-3P0 and R2D2 cameos would have been weird; and the main male characters were all swarthy and, except for Chirrut, were stubble-bearded to kingdom come. That's definitely a step away from pretty teens like Luke and Anakin. I'm of Anglo descent but I look more like Andor or Baze so it was nice to see someone who looks like me on the screen.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to Hockeymaster164 in Inquisitors vs the PC   
    My Non-Force-Sensitive blew an inquisitor's arm off in the first round of combat soo... I can't give advice.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to HappyDaze in Inquisitors vs the PC   
    Now you can actually pull a "Rocks fall. Everybody dies." scene and have rules to back you up. Of course, you players might still think you're a ****** for doing it, but it'll be RAW!!!
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to Jareth Valar in Stats for new Rogue One vehicles   
    Also, IMHO, the u-wing is sil 3 and looks like the seats were set up 4 to a side so passengers 8. Just my thoughts.
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to DanteRotterdam in Hyperspace travel time in new canon   
    I actually requested a topic on this matter in the facebook group earlier this week!
    Here it is:
    I suggested this show topic a few times but unfortunately thus far to no avail... Which is understandable because it is not the most sexy of topics, but, having just seen Rogue One and all the zipping about between planets in this amazing flick, I thought I'd give it another shot.
    I feel that in a game set in a galaxy far, far away travel still doesn't feel impactful at all. We have the rules and we have the equipment. There is Astrogation, there are classes of Hyperdrives and the like.
    However, I have after playing and GMing the system for years had zero excitement out of this part of the game. Travel usually is downtime and fails/threat on Astrogation usually comes down to pretty "meh" stuff....
    All of this is what led me to try to float this topic idea again as even the movies seem pretty inconclusive as to how long hyperspace travel takes (I really don't like the "as long as it needs to"-reply all that much to be honest) in R1 ships leave one system only to show up in another mere minutes later, in ANH hyperspace travel takes days, etc.
    The game takes place in space and travel is an integral part of it but it never feels that way...
    I want to make this part of the game impactful and fun and after reading the Navigator Spec for F&D I think I might not be the only one looking for more in this field...
    Either way, I never listen anyway...
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    Flintlock Jazz reacted to 2P51 in FULL OF SPOILERS!!! Rogue One discussion!   
    Put me in Star Wars, let it ruin me, please.
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