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  1. Yeah no, if they have made the changes to the next printing of books then the approval has already been made, and that statement is therefore a bare-faced lie by that Rodney fellow. If SJ Games can keep an up to date errata on their GURPS line, a line they are otherwise strugglng to get enough people to work on, then there is absolutely no excuse for FFG to fail utterly with a franchise like Star Wars. I have been getting more and more... 'frustrated' with FFG's behaviour, I understand they are a business but as a customer I feel gouged and that is not good, plus the line "It is only business" has always been a pathetic excuse to me, if you need to say it then it ain't only business. I no longer feel I can justify their actions and choices regarding their product lines, I'm finding it hard to justify to myself let alone other people their business choices, that I don't think I can bring myself to buy any more of their products now. I'll either look to move my games to another system in the future, or just play with what I got. I'll probably run the current campaigns as they are, we got enough stuff anyway I feel now. Considering their excuse for printing three separate core rulebooks along with reproducing the same products (aliens, specs, vehicles etc) was that they wanted people to be able to just buy into one line if they wanted the placing of armour rules into the F&D line only and then saying people should buy that if they want the rules is just smack you in the face atrocious. I had been holding off on this, but if they are going to pull that then I am just going to copy the rules from someone else's book and share them for the group. As their books are pathetically layed out in the first place (spreading the ships, specs, species and gear around all the career books instead of doing a gear book that can be perused, a ship book etc is horrible for player use, yet I justified it as needed business practice, fool on me for expecting more), I am not buying multiple books with the same information in just to confuse people even more. You know what? I think I'm done. I'm sure the loss of me as a customer isn't going to make any difference to their bank balance but I will feel better about myself to just get out now, I'm done all have fun I'm out. *salutes* It was a pleasure serving with you all, may we all find The Game that brings us Joy! May the Dice favour your character's success except for when it would be more fun to service the Plot! May all your Plots come to fruition!
  2. Regarding 600xp characters being more powerful if created at that level as opposed to earning it over sessions, an explanation by some D&D min-maxers I knew explained it best: when you start at level 1, you have to take feats and abilities to ensure your character survives to get to higher levels, ones that might not be as useful later on, whereas when you start at level 20 you don't need to 'survive' those twenty levels and can build the character to be the most powerful it can be at that level. That's how I do it too. As you say, it helps the character grow more organically, as what looks good on paper doesn't always play out well in dice rolls and with players new to the system you don't want to drop a ton of xp on them and expect them to not get overwhelmed.
  3. Looked like they blew up more than just the city, they took out Saw's hideout that appeared to be quite some distance from the city and the view from orbit was showed an area too large to be just the city.
  4. I cannot accept a spacecraft working like that! This ruins my immershion!
  5. Someone needs to stat this bad boy up. I presume the cockpit has a roof that extends from the back to seal up the cockpit?
  6. Omigod I had no idea they had managed to get it in stock and I just got No Disintegrations from them! Put ma order in now, I might actually get a copy! Thank you!!!
  7. The two-step scavenging is how I would do too. I'll have to check tonight the precise wording for the talent, but I suspect it may be intended to boost all rolls involved in scavenging (the roll to spot and the roll to assess), which would explain why they don't bother to mention a particular skill since there are at least three that are viable.
  8. I agree. That's why I would go with both Perception and Survival for scavenging, it gives options and allows for different kinds of scavengers. Perception would be used by the Technician-types while Survival would be used by Explorer-types.
  9. Got an email from Shiny Games, mine's been dispatched! Would've been nice to have had some explanation or something to let us know what was going on.
  10. Yeah, I'd go with what others have said, in that it depends on the situation. For usual scavenging I would say Perception or Survival as others have said, I'd also allow Mechanics for when trying to scavenge parts from a specific piece of other tech, frex you have crash landed on a planet and want to scavenge parts from one engine in order to fix the other.
  11. How about the adventures? Planning on running the AoR adventure with the GM kit for a small group as a brief intro, not had a chance to properly read it though so not sure on its quality.
  12. Honestly, if this keeps up I'm actually going to stop supporting them. I have both No Disintegrations and Special Modifications on order, No Disintegrations preordered for some time before release, and nothing. If they cannot be bothered to support their product then neither can I, I know they don't want copies going unsold but this is beyond a joke now. Sure, I am just one person but everyone in my group and elsewhere seem to be getting shafted by this. If they don't up their game then I am not going to order another of their products since they obviously cannot provide adequate support for it, especially considering their rather high prices, and start moving to other products while many people I know are just going to download pdfs instead (because they are actually available, unlike the legitimate product).
  13. Just to update those who may be interested, the players figured out that the old lady had bodysnatched Ryale Wei, and went looking for her. I was surprised to see my players, who had pretty much handled most things thrown at them and are pretty high xp characters, pretty much soil their pants when they realised Inquisitors were also around, to the extent that the slightest sniff of them being near sent them running. Maybe it was because their one encounter with a Force User previously involved Ryale Force pulling the Klatooinian's gun from his hands, as they seem convinced they 'lack the means to deal with Force-Users'. One point they jump into a lift going down as the Inquisitors were coming up the other lift coming up and literally squeeled as I describe them seeing the red lightsaber's light appear as their doors close (they had locked the other lift's door and the Inquisitor had to cut through). Funnily enough, the Inquisitors literally just wanted to talk, that was all! Though there was a moment when the Gotal almost used a Force power only to realise that this was a bad idea with Inquisitors walking around literally seconds from rolling the dice... Ah, those Philippine Dwarves! Always a threat to any party!
  14. A plastic crate. And it's near capacity as it is, so I really need to find alternative means....
  15. Hmm well since that Wookieepedia entry seems to list Kwenn as the homeworld of a character then I would say make it habitable but uninteresting. I'd go for a Tundra Planet, not as extreme as an ice planet like Hoth, still habitable, but if you could live elsewhere where there would be more food you would, and why most people don't really bother to go down there. If FFG then release something to say otherwise, you could then maybe get away with "They terraformed it into something more livable".
  16. Nothing on my end either, preordered from Shiny Games. Guessing our scurvy islands have had their shipments raided, yarr!
  17. Yep, ran it already, sorry! But its good to know that using a Force-User like that fits with what others have done, and I did run her as a ex-Nightsister (for the brief period she was concious and able to do stuff). Yeah, funnily enough she may actually like them. I had managed to link her into the Klatooinian PC's plot beforehand so she may turn up again, though at the moment she's newly re-younged, desires to do all the things she never did the first time she was young due to being a straight-laced Jedi Padawan, and has access to Jedi Mind Tricks (TM). What could possibly go wrong?
  18. Yeah, I think its important to add that as GM the idea of a Kyber Gun terrifies the hell out of me, its just that I know my players too, they will ask about this once they twig onto it. When they do I want to have whatever I decided fully fleshed out and the repercussions of it thought through. So all these posts are quite helpful, the debate about what is clear and its issues is illuminating. One thing that I am coming to is that, yes it is possible, you can create a gun that does Breach with it! It will only do 1+successes damage but it will have Breach...
  19. Yeah but it's fun to think about! Though not as fun as scaling a lightsaber up to Death Star level, or rather hilarious!
  20. When my group discusses lightsabers and who amongst them would want to get one, one thing that often comes up with how the Klatooinian Heavy would want to use a auto-fire gun that shoots lightsabers at people. As in, launches Jedi lightsabers at people at a high volume. We all laugh naturally, what a hilarious joke. Except, with Rogue One, I now have a (rather horrifying) precedent: if kyber crystals can be used in the Death Star's superlaser, surely they could be used in a gun right? Any idea what kind of weapon we'd be looking at here if they haven't already been released?
  21. 500-600xp and like Shadowninja they seem to be skilled in specialised areas. For instance, they are just awful at social encounters, just absolute awful. Last session, they had to get past a guard, this was the guard right at the entrance to the place they had to infiltrate, he was step 1, and all they had to do was bluff their way in, difficulty 2 purple. It took all five of them an attempt each (each one playing on the bluff from the one before, the adventure said that the guard would only alert if they also got two setback, they were pulling out datapads shouting about how "they got the wrong day again" and "Hang on let me get my manager, boss!" and all sorts) before they finally succeeded. And it wasn't like they had zero skill in it at all! I think they have finally realised they need to develop more sociable skills, as they have started to put more points into those skills now...
  22. Yep, I wouldn't put it past the players to do just that. I had the body stuffed in the locker of one of the player's on the ship. They autopsied it and found that its been in a really bad shape for a while (she was only alive due to constant Force use). I realised from further reading however that Essence Transfer (which is a Force power in the EU that allows for body transfer) results in the original body disappearing into dust, so I may have to say that the constant Force use has slowed her dustification and that she has started to crumble next session.
  23. What is this? I don't even know where what how? I'm very confused by this whole thing and am not sure what is going on. The first thing I think should be asked is, are you and all the players friends in RL? As in, have you known each other for a long time and gaming is just something you do or do you just meet up for gaming? If the latter, I would be very careful and make sure that all the players, particularly the women, are okay with this player's behaviour. They may act like its okay in front of him but it can be very uncomfortable and unsettling for people, especially if it feels like it is entering the domain of harassment. Even if the player's actions are purely IC, if its uncomfortable for the others then boundaries need to be set up.
  24. With two shotgun blasts to the face! Nah, just kidding, didn't mind the little guy.
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