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  1. I would recommend using Ebay as i myself have purchased a few extra figures on there. It also depends on the figures you want as you can always buy an expansion pack.
  2. I am really disappointed with this wave... The only things that will make buying it worth while is bossk and Agent Blaise....(apart from his figure which look terrible..)I think this one would be better: I am sorry if i am wrong but i feel like this wave is a HUGE let down....The isn't even any IMP in the main expansion. :angry: :angry:
  3. Yea.They are kinda my own take on them. It's clearly red.........
  4. Elite Snowies!! I am unsure about the colour but....yea....
  5. Thought I would get everyone's opinion on my snowies. I don't know what everyone thinks about them but i am unsure about their colour..... I want to see what other people think...... Edit:The pic is quite bad but I think you get the main idea.
  6. Try and withstand the wrath of Clon and you may end up looking like this..... Or something like this anyway.... Let's just say you he isn't gonna want to rule the galaxy with you....
  7. Even if i am not competing this is going to be so much fun to watch!!! i'm so excited.........
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