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  1. Cover/LOS question

    My point is that simplicity would be the same
  2. Cover/LOS question

    But it could be easily solved changing it so only minis in LOS be counted for cover... playability would be the same and it would be more realistic.
  3. Cover/LOS question

    According to the rules cover must be checked against every miniature in the target unit. So for example if an AT-St is firing at 5 men squad, 3 of them behind a building and 2 in the open, as there are more miniatures in cover, this unit would have cover 2, but as there are only 2 soldiers in LOS in fact we have an AT-ST firing against a 2 men unit (the other 3 cannot die because there are no LOS to them) in the open with heavy cover! Is that right?
  4. Impact Grenades

    Yes After reading the rules carefully I was in doubt...
  5. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    Right, after reading the rules I'm not sure if it would add impact 1 or impact x , x being the number of units using grenades. What it's clear it's that any unit can use the grenade using the black die.
  6. In fact Vader could do every turn, gain a dodge token with force reflexes, move twice, saber throw with 3 red dice, impact 3 and pierce 3 and finally recover force reflexes for next turn. If his movement was 2 he would be clearly OP. Moving twice with speed 1 is more than moving once with speed 2.
  7. Vader CAN move twice and use saber throw every turn.
  8. Impact Grenades

    I think you are wrong and it would be black for every figure using granades and only impact 1. It'd add its impact to any other figure using a weapon with impact, for example DLT 19. So, for a 6 figures unit with DLT and grenades firing at range 1 it would be, 5 blacks, 2 reds and impact 2.
  9. Leia and Fleet troopers

    The painting is crap for this mini. Women faces are more difficult to do if you don't take time enough... in the preview her face seems from a guy. With a good painting Leia would be much better.
  10. Those commanders could be still useful on medium ships, a 5 distance range is quite big. But yes, the key it's I feel large ships are a bit disadvantaged with small ships because the point cost doesn't compensate the advantage in activations and deployment.
  11. How about this, the effectiveness of the commander should depend on the size of the ship in which he is: - Large ship, as always. - Medium ship , the commander ability only works for any ship or squadron at distance 5 or less. - Small ship, the commander ability only works for any ship or squadron at distance 1 or less.
  12. So you allow Texans, against the law, to vote that, but what if Dallas want to secede and Houston don't. Should Texas be divided between those teritories, as in those places their humans beings have " right to decide how they want to live" ... and what if those rich parts of Dallas want to seced but those poorer doesn't, shouldnt be divided too? Of course it's nonesense, and doesn't exists that thing you call "right as human beings to decide how they want to live" in the way you want to apply it. NOT EVERY THING can be voted, and of course, there are many matters that can be voted , but not only by part of a nation against the other part.
  13. "Some" say... fortunately most people doesn't say that. But do you mean that you should allow texans to vote their secesion? Or Alabama, Virigina, Carolina, and the rest to vote to form the CSA? Are Obama or Trump those who you call "some"? No, of course they are not nazis, they don't have such status, are still learning... they behave like nazis, look this video on how they celebrate the "national" catalonian day with torches like the nazis And this is only a very little example. And about Spanish Police, they did their work, to enforce the laws as dictated by the Constitucional Court, in a very gently way ... the day after there were only 2 persons in hospital due to those "beatings"! And those persons looking for "free speech and assembly"( something they had, have and will because that's not what was forbidden) , see how a police was after stones were thrown at them: But if you want to see real beating, look what the regional police did 5 years ago against the same groups: Most of the images shown the last days by independentist media is in fact from 2012 beating by regional police direceted by the local goverment.