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  1. Well, unplayable for Lion, but if you're splashing Lion in Phoenix or Scorpion you'll... Hm. I mean, you can use it there, but I don't know if it would be worth the influence. Basically the only thing I can think of is splashing Honored Blades as well and using it to run for an honor victory as Phoenix. The extra honor might also be helpful in Scorpion, but I feel like you have better things to be doing.
  2. Hmmm. Would Altansarnai's ability work with Endless Plains? It only specifies that you have to break a province and that it's during a military conflict, but I don't think the timing structure works out since you would have to trigger it in step 3.2 of the conflict resolution and you don't declare defenders (which is when she would actually be participating in the conflict) until 3.2.1.
  3. Well, looking at the event, it looks like it's been updated and... https://www.gencon.com/events/113643 Holy crap, they added 354 seats for it.
  4. Link to the Article I'm pretty stoked to see this information. The painted model shots are of particular interest, but also just getting a better idea of what each unit can do in the melee. It sounds like what we saw of the Rune Golems earlier was correct, in that they'll be really hard to move suddenly, but when you slam a line of them into an enemy formation, depending on how the tokens fall you'll be very glad you went to the effort.
  5. 20 million kilograms is probably what they meant. It'd be 20 thousand tons, which is close enough to the 19 thousand tons listed for a GR-75 that it makes sense.
  6. Huh. I was looking at the product page for the expansions again and they're showing the price as $24.95. Think it's an error, or was the earlier price an error?
  7. I don't see the picture This is why external hosting is important. I also can't see it. Yup, I work at a pretty fun place. And here's the external host I used for the image, thought they would just hotlink and include from there.
  8. Here's a shot I took when I got mine, to give you an idea of the various scales. In order that's a T-65 X-Wing, K-Wing, YT-1300, Ghost, GR75, and CR-90.
  9. After a little more thought, I ended up dropping the Gunner for Lando, and used the extra two points that gained me to upgrade the Zs to cluster missiles. I feel like the extra punch those give will be worth the slight loss in control from having the ions, and Lando's action will generally end up better for me than the extra attack from gunner on that K-wing.
  10. Why would the "range one" tactic not work for the K-Wing? I believe it's because the K-wing still throws a two dice PWT attack out. Not quite as consistent as the TLT damage, but still capable of chipping away at your ships.
  11. Thanks for the response! From what I can see, the two shots of the TLT are treated as separate attacks, meaning that I would be able to trigger Gunner on either attack if I desired, am I reading that wrong? As far as the missiles on the Zs, how does their lower PS make it difficult to get a target lock? As long as the enemy is within range I should be able to get one, or is the trick in getting a higher PS pilot in arc to spend the target lock?
  12. Hello! I'm rather new to the game, so I was wondering if I could get opinions on the following list: B-Wing - Nera Dantels (32) Flechette Torpedos Flechette Torpedos Deadeye Munitions Failsafe K-Wing - Guardian Squadron Pilot (36) Twin Laser Turret Gunner Z-Wing - Tala Squadron Pilot (16) Ion Pulse MissilesZ-Wing - Tala Squadron Pilot (16) Ion Pulse MissilesIt's 100 points total, so no initiative bid here, but at the mid tier PS range I feel like there's not going to be a lot of difference since I'm always faster than swarms and always slower than aces. The core of the list is Nera, whom I found was surprisingly potent in my last match. (The rest of that list is going to sit and rot for how effective it was.) The K-Wing is in there to provide another decent threat at range 2-3, with the potential for more damage depending on how Gunner ends up working out. I'm thinking the Zs will be moved as a pair whenever possible, with the missiles there to make them just dangerous enough to register as something to deal with. What do you think?
  13. Something tells me that even after Wave 8 launches, it won't be long before we're all sitting here waiting for Wave 9 news.
  14. Well my cat is Star Wars themed! He's not as good at keeping me warm as you'd expect though. What, isn't lukewarm good enough for you?
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