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  1. I'm a newb and I don't play Imperial so here's what he's got Force awakens core Imperial aces Lambda Tie punisher I have both core sets, an extra tie/fo, and slave one he can borrow. He also wants suggestions on what to buy next thanks for the help
  2. I'll be playing in my first store tournament in a couple of weeks and was just wondering what you guys thought of my list. It's as follows Poe Dameron 31 Autothrusters 2 R2-D2 4 Juke 2 Comm Relay 3 Han Solo 46 Veteran Instincts 1 Hull Upgrade 3 Jan Ors 2 Gunner 5 Millennium Falcon 1
  3. Very interesting. Thanks a lot. I'll definitely look into it.
  4. Just to get some other thoughts going in yalls expert minds, I have three weeks until the store championship. I plan on spending at most 100 more dollars on expansions by then. If you have any opinions on what I should buy to make a perfect list please let me know. I would like to get a lot of practice in though so guess around 30 dollars a week. The sooner I could get it built the better.
  5. No PtL but my brother in law has it so I could bum off him if he's not using it.
  6. I went with the original core set for the r2d2. I am planning on playing in a store tourney here soon. So, any ideas with that added?
  7. Thanks guys. I'm thinking about going to buy a couple of small ships this afternoon. Any ideas?
  8. I'm looking into building a competitive squad. My expansions are as follows. Force awakens core set Falcon Slave 1 Rebel aces Ig 2000 Is there anything I could do with this? I don't want to have to spend much more. (the wife is getting a little fussy) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Me and my brother in law each bought a force awakens core set. I have since bought a Millennium falcon and slave one expansion. Are there any cool squads we could put together with this to play against each other?
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