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  1. I'm advancing the Act deck at the end of the round. I find the problem is more the retaliate keyword which often means that I don't in reality get three attacks to make the kill; I've usually got one or two damage or horror by the time I fight him and therefore a couple of missed attacks means I get killed before I can finish him off.
  2. Hi, This is more of a cry for help than an actual discussion point but I've played the first scenario in the base set about a dozen times and lost all but one. I play solo as Roland and each time get to SPOILERS the ghoul priest END OF SPOILERS and then I just get walloped. I've tried taking time to build up a good character and I've tried using skills etc but to no avail. I'm pretty confident I'm getting all of the rules right so there's no easy excuse for my failure there, does anyone have any particular hints and tips? I understand that the difficulty really ramps up in the second and third scenarios so I've no idea how I'll cope with them! Thanks, Asokn
  3. Hello, I will probably play the game solo 90% of the time and am looking for ways to increase replayability. I was thinking of creating a list of 'achievements' in the model of video game achievements (Steam, Xbox etc) to try and complete to add a meta game. I suppose some obvious achievements would be completing the base game with each investigator on hard difficulty but does anyone have any other ideas for interesting ways to try to play the game to keep it fresh?
  4. Hi, The title says it all really. I was wondering if I had missed a mechanic which involves shroud but it seems to only be for investigating. Is there any point to shroud values in such locations? Also, if the answer is a story spoiler then please let me know without giving the actual spoiler! Thanks!
  5. Thank you, and will do. How do the Vallejo washes compare? I will post the next batch of figures I have painted soon I'm afraid I've never used Vallejo so I can't help with that.
  6. They look very good. I would suggest that, if you can pick up a single wash like Citadel's Nuln Oil and apply that before a simple white drybrush to highlight the modes they will look even better for very little extra time or money
  7. As promised, here is Boba Fett. He took quite a long time to paint but I think that the end result does his character justice.
  8. Does anyone have any tips for taking better photos of models without buying any equipment? I only take photos for this thread so I don't want to invest. I use my phone camera (Samsung Galaxy). Thanks! P.S. I'm finishing Boba Fett today so pictures will be uploaded later on!
  9. I'd be very interested in getting those supply crates too!
  10. Very good work! I would suggest that you consider making or buying a wet palette as this will ensure that your paints are properly thinned all the time (there are youtube videos on making wet palettes from a few household items) Of course, also check out Sorastro's tutorials on YouTube.
  11. It's from a Citadel basing kit. Amongst other things the kit contains a pot of sand and a pot of small stones so I mixed the two together for texture. Once it's applied to the base I apply nuln oil and then highlight it with some white paint. I hope this helps!
  12. Thanks! From memory, I painted C-3PO in the following way: Black primer Paint all gold areas (i.e. not the leg!) in Balthazar Bronze, I may have done a few coats for a strong base Then paint all gold areas with Ghenna's gold ( probably more than a single coat in the larger areas like the chest plates) Wash with Reikland Fleshshade (that is what gives the model a warmer, redder tone to the gold) Highlight the raised areas with Auric Armour Gold For the silver leg, I applied a few coats of Ironbreaker (the silver is difficult to get over the black primer) Then wash with agrax earthshade Re-apply Ironbreaker Highlight with Runefang Steel The only other area is the middle between the chest and legs which has exposed wiring. For that I tried to pick out a couple of the larger wires in Macragge Blue and Mephiston Red (you can just about see the red in the picture), then wash the whole region with nuln oil and then reapply a slightly lightened blue and red to re-assert the colours over the wash. I hope that helps. Let me know how you get on with C-3PO yourself, I too was pretty worried about doing a model without having the safety net of a Sorastro tutorial but it worked out O.K.! I would be interested if anyone has any opinions about C-3PO's eyes as I just left them but I'm sure there may be some clever way to add a light up yellow effect, perhaps a glaze? EDIT: One other slight tip is to try to do the middle of the 'kneecap' area on the silver leg in gold, you may be able to notice this in the pictures. I think that this gives the effect of the silver leg being interlocked with the rest of the gold model as if the leg has been attached separately.
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