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  1. There is a topic above called Dark Heresy that implements the Magic System as Psyker powers.
  2. I bet holocrons are mostly inert, and the act of applying Force wakes and opens it. Stop applying Force, and it goes back to 'sleep'. Current data storage doesn't require power to keep state, only to interact with it. Since wookieepedia says it's kyber based, requiring Force to power a holocron doesn't seem that far out.
  3. Also, Rickmans Sheriff of Nottingham has nickcage level of scenery eating. Such a bad movie for him to buoy though.
  4. Dunno about the need to nerf Stimpaks. Crits, dump stat targeting, strain strain, skill barrier; there are many ways to hinder besides wounds=money. Seems unnecessary bookkeeping for little narrative gain. You also are impacting Stim Talents, so some Specializations will feel hurt, while others won't care.
  5. I play minis, need tokens, a punch and buttons and printouts = $aving$ (well, more $ for minis, anyway)
  6. O.o This is nice. Bet epoxy bottle cap stickers would make em look pro.
  7. So add the Talent(s) you want, add Adversary, and narrate.
  8. Yes, this is an OP NPC tree. It is also kinda useless, since Adversary is easier to use and possibly more effective.
  9. They should have called 'wound threshold' 'stamina threshold'.
  10. Also, 'Force and Destiny' graphic above the small print is TM, it also could become an issue at FFG/Asmodee.
  11. How could there be direct evidence for Sense? It's invisible. It just seems obvious if they're deflecting the kind of barrage they handled in the first few minutes of the film, it wasn't just a rank of Reflect... all just MHO of course. "I'm one with the force the force is with me" -Chirrut Imwe
  12. Rescue civilians Extract High Value Target Plant Evidence Investigate anomaly Mission Impossible/A-Team/Person of Interest/Xfiles/Firefly, even Star Trek, they all had 'missions' that used 'specialists'.
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