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  1. Wondering if there is anyone else from Brazil here in this forum...
  2. In my group we choose the characters randomly, but if someone picked a character that he had played with the game before, he may change if he want. Sometime ago my group played with all the expansions that we have, but the game became too long, even boring, and the "thematic"/"flavour" of each expansion disapered in a large varaety of adventure cards and spells. So nowadays we play with only one expansion per game. But I think in the near future we'll play with one big and one little expansion together.
  3. If you play with only 2 characters at once I think you shoudl look for any expansion except The reaper or Blood moon. BUT if you play with more than 2 characters you should buy The reaper (one of my favourits of all time).
  4. I didn't imagine how many people play Talisman alone! It seens to be a lot! In my case I play alone only to playtest some rules and see if I understood them before teach my group. And thank God we now have IOS and Steam Digital Edition when there is nobody to play with!
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