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  1. I hope it's not too late to get into this game. I am looking at casual play, so I don't think it will be. I have the core set and Edge of Darkness. I have already played it with my Star Wars obsessed daughter, and we've had a lot of fun with it.
  2. Has anyone done the little checkerboard pattern on the Scum Binayre Pirate Z-95s? I was thinking of getting a decal for that and then painting to match elsewhere on the model, but maybe there is a better way.
  3. One of my 12-year-old daughters is getting into Armada. She likes to play the Rebel side, and I wanted to get another ship to help off-set some recent additions I've made to the Empire. I was at my FLGS and Lyraeus was there, so I asked him whether I should get the MC30c or the Assault Frigate Mark II. He recommended the latter, because it is forgiving of people who fly a bit on the erratic yet enthusiastic side. I get home, pull it out of the bag, and show it to her. She clapped enthusiastically and said, "A Deadly Nightshade Tuber!!!" Nicknames like The Whale and Space Potato are so 2015. What other nicknames do people have for this odd-looking creature?
  4. I just last weekend went to my FLGS, played the tutorial campaign twice through (once with my daughter playing two Rebels and once with her playing four rebels) with me playing the Imperials. The shop co-owner lent us his own set since he knew I was interested. We're hooked. I bought the core-set and two expansions. She picked out Leia Organa. Since I am fascinated with Scum, I picked up IG-88. Yeah, I know I probably should have held off on the expansions for now, but I didn't. We're heading to the coast for a three night trip this weekend. I am bringing Imperial Assault with us. This is going to be fun.
  5. I flew a mostly unscathed Boba Fett (S&V version) off the board because I got the auxiliary firing arc confused with the primary, and plotted a move based on the misconception that my ship was headed the other way. This confusion had me doing a straight-4 to the edge of the board. I noticed my error the moment I flipped the dial, and could see I had no way of saving it the next turn, so I just did as much damage to Hanna Solo (<- my daughter calls that pilot that when she is flying the Falcon) as I could and went on to lose the game. She got a good story out of it.
  6. (Reads this, then moves plastic ships around on table and makes pew pew pew noises.)
  7. Being a player of both I agree with this. I love both games, but Armada is more refined.
  8. I buy my Armada (and X-Wing) stuff at my FLGS (what does the F stand for? Friendly?) because my FLGS is the hub of Star Wars tactical miniatures gaming in my area, and I want to make sure they stay in business, and I live in a no sales tax state, and I can be impulsive and buy a ship on the other end of the shop I just saw someone use in a battle on the gaming side. Traveling around for work a bit I can see that not everyone has a FLGS. Such poor souls wander through a barren wasteland, hungry for even a morsel of Armada fellowship. With no center of the community, they shuffle along, too tired and exhausted to cry.
  9. This is like so many hobby boards. X company hasn't released anything new in Y category recently. Is this the death of this hobby?
  10. The thing my 12 year old daughter loves is flying the ships around and having a reasonably decent chance of beating dad. I let her pick out some ship, total up her points, and then reduce it by about 20% and consider that my point limit. This has crept up a little since we started because she's gotten better at playing. I want it to be enough of a challenge for both of us for it to stay interesting. She often picks the YT-1300, the Millennium Falcon title card, and Han Solo as her pilot (though she says he is now Hanna for the game). She then will pick some upgrades she'll often forget to use. Usually, she also flies Poe Dameron in a T-70 X-Wing. Lately, I have been flying against her using S&V ships. The last game I played with her was a hard fought battle until I blew it, mixed up the Firespray's firing arcs, and accidentally flew the Slave I off the board. Whoops. The main thing is that I am keeping her interested in playing miniatures games.
  11. I got into playing Wiz-War two decades ago in college, on a friends older set which had lots of custom cards. I then went to buy a set a few years down the road only to find that Chessex had the rights and wasn't releasing anything. I was excited when Fantasy Flight obtained the rights because I knew something would happen, and something did. The edition FFG released is nice, and I ordered it via a local game shop (which didn't normally stock it?) when I heard it was available. I have trained the next generation of gamers to play it. They (my daughters) were about 9 or 10 at the time and they still love the game as pre-teens. Almost nobody else I know in the local gaming circles has ever played it or even knows about it. I think it's time for me to take it to a board game night and introduce it to a few strangers.
  12. Lyraeus basically recruited me into the local Armada community last month. I showed up at my local game shop on an X-Wing night (because I was already playing that) and ended up watching him play Armada. Within a week I had the core set. A week later I was buying some additional ships. If you play it they will come.
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