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  1. My wife and I actually made a box that holds the main game and all the expansions. There a link with pictures somewhere on this board.
  2. Who's the guy the won't roll ones, my wife always play him and the number gets used a lot due to the chance to get rid of illness.
  3. I would like to say awesome job!! You really put some great work and research into this project. I'm not sure how balanced it would be until I play it but it is very impressive. Keep it up.
  4. Depending on the AOL but definitely Jacqueline which fits with the clues. I like Charlie at 2 spot because of the assets, after that the AOs really affect the pick. Do you need more physical or magical assets.
  5. Wow looks great! I understand set up and stow away time, especially with little ones in the house. Anyway great job on the organizers!
  6. I know since my wife and I put together our organizer it takes a fraction of the time to set up and put away. If this is something you like I say go for it you won't be disappointed.
  7. Instead of another side board I wouldn't mind an overlay board. Something that changes the landscape, I think there is plenty of room on the core board. In addition a mechanic that will open portals in the wilderness or maybe move a portal to the wilderness or the open sea.
  8. Sorry for not answering the question, no I have not. I have seen it but have not tried it.
  9. Thanks! I actually had fun making the stands it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I will say that polymer clay does get extremely tacky after some use so it does take some patience but it's always fun doing a family event together.
  10. Another option is put an organizer together yourself. If your a little crafty then I would recommend that avenue, and if that's the case then foam core is your friend. Get yourself a good utility knife, a glue gun or Elmer's glue, and a foamboard and just go to town. There are a few YouTube videos and measure the box and cards. As a side note my wife uses a glue gun because he dries faster but it is a little messier than Elmer's glue. After the first expansion though you might expect to have to either get a bigger box or just store stuff in multiple boxes. Either way good luck.
  11. So the wife and I decided to make some gate stands for the game today and just thought I would share the results: This is the 15 gates for the main board pre-painted. We went to Micheals and bought some polymer clay to try it out. Then this is the gate stands after we painted. We used acrylic paint and it seemed to cover well. This is what they look like with portals. And finally the wife decided to build me a dice tower as well so I figured I'd show that off !! ENJOY!!
  12. Haha thanks, my wife deserves all the credit; she usually has some creative ideas. It saves a lot of room on the table.
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