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  1. What are you talking about?
  2. Nope, I do it to. Luckily i have a 30 card stack organiser
  3. Glad you received it. Enjoy! Also, i strongly suggest to begin with Azatoth for your first playthrough so that you learn the initial ropes without having too much concern over reckonings,hordes of monsters and fear of being swarmed from every corner of the earth. Leave Shubby for your second or third playthrough. Have fun!
  4. We already have Shub-Niggurath in the base game. Also, i don't know how things would work if they would start making local sideboards with places from the city instead of international locations . It will be difficult to make the transition from the sideboard to the mainboard that way.
  5. Hey there! I am interested in miniatures! Can you please send me a link with pics and prices? Thanks! Also, are you able to ship to Europe?
  6. No, i keep the rest as a whole. Spells you can't because there are cards that tell you to draw a spell (any) and this is the reason why. The asset deck can't be splitted because when you have to fill the reserve after buying if wouldn't be fair because you now what deck is what. Maybe the unique assets can be splitted in characters, tasks, and items but i couldn't bring myself to do it so far nor have i felt the need.
  7. Even kept by name it's pretty hard since it's still a huge stack of cards to handle. Instead,i've splitted the deck into types and made smaller decks which made my games a lot faster regarding conditions and shuffling time. 1. Injury/Inless 2. Madness 3.Bane/Boon 4. Deals 5. Everything else that is in a small number mixed together - Pursuit,,Exposure,Talent..etc- since they don't appear that often. This works for me.
  8. What's cool is that we stormed the topic to offer advice and the OP dissapeared. Maybe the AO got him?
  9. What do you mean you are doing mythos phases only every other turn? The turns of a round are Action / Encounter / Mythos. After that rinse and repeat. What AO are you playing ? I recommend starting with Azatoth because he is the most straightforward of the AO's (mind you, not the easiest to defeat but the easiest to understand). If you try playing Ctulthu first you're gonna have a baaad time (like I did in my first games so don't be me) For the first games you might want to try to remove the hard mythos cards (the ones with the tentacles) and only leave normal and easy ones (with the frostbites on them). Also, are you doing the mythos deck correctly? Assemble Stage one (shuffle), assemble stage two (shuffle only stage 2 and put under stage one) then assemble stage three(shuflle only stage 3 and put under stage 2). I am saying this because in my experience news players tend to assemble the mythos deck and then shuffle it as a whole and this will result in odd situations like 3 rumors one after another or multiple reckonings which shouldn't happen. Do you have any expansions for it or are you playing the base game? It also depends if you unknowingly ommited something from your playthrough and that's the thing that drags you down. Can you describe how a normal game is playing? Also, I would recommend going with 4 investigators rather than 3 and put Charlie Kane as your fourth. He is a very cool character for starter players who can buy and outfit every other player on the board wherever he is (on a city space though) and allow the other players to investigate other pressing matters than trying to buy stuff. Consider him like an innkeeper djinni NPC or something for the first games. In time you will learn how to manage your action turns that you can also buy stuff while exploring. Let me know if you need any other advice and enjoy the game! All the best, Cim
  10. I don't know the card but I believe it's the same situation like mysteries that tell you to place tokens on the board. Once you solve it you discard all tokens generated by it and continue the game normally.
  11. You can't go wrong with Azatoth. It's the most streamlined of all.
  12. Discard pile. Everything you use it is put into a discard pile(separate for each type of card) that gets reshuffled if need be.
  13. Those eyes that stare into your soul.... Great work Wario.
  14. @PzVIE : I would buy it but I can't seem to find it in my country at all. And i don't really want to pay shipping more than the product itself(IF it was an online store that would be willing to send it).
  15. Tell me about it. I play the game with all the expansions just like Mike and i find that a foldable dining table for 8 people is barely enough for Eldritch. FFG was evil when designing it (just how they should be, heheh)
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