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  1. Works for me, just had to save the file locally (and whitelist macros for this sheet). Thanks for making (and sharing) this !
  2. Well, it's never too late in life to get rid of the prejudices Kidding aside, I was raised in the same gender stereotypes (go go 80ies), but then again wearing pink shirts was THE fashion the last 5 years for business man...so times change, cultural values might change, too.
  3. A pure Spike would be 0/100 as you explained in your first post - he'd play whatever necessary to maximize his chances of winning no matter the clan. That said - and to answer your first question from the OP - only the rarest of persons are pure 100% spikes, normally everyone has either weak or strong tendencies towards the other classes. On top of that there was no "pro scene" in L5R where you could live from playing alone. So there was less need to make ur living by winning stuff, thus less 24/7 testing/building etc. (although alot of the good player came bootcamped alot as well). If it was looked down upon to have no clan loyalty? It depended mostly on your playgroup - and I guess the time you played in: E.g. in the 90ies there was no internet for netdecking nor huge.sized tournaments (well, kinda like MTG in the beginning as well), so your playgroup and perhaps those in your proximity shaped if its cool to be clan loyal or not. Also it was not uncommon that you had 1 guys/girl for each clan only in your playgroup, to share costs of cards and making trading cards more easy. Unlike MTG you could really specialize well into collecting all cards from a clan quite cheaply. All the stuff you hear around clan loyalty etc formed and reached a high in the 2000ies, when Kotei's (comparable to like national championships outside the US, interstate champ. in the US) started to meld the players from all over the country together. There you'd meet "other crab clan players" all of a sudden and could whine with them about the imbalanceness of Crane , thus you sharing a common topic to talk about easily . As mentioned above, certain clans also corresponded to certain playstyles for the first ~12-15 years, so ppl loving the same clan also loved the same playstyle and not just the flavor. Thats abit simplified , but I hope I could show the points why people were clan loyal and organized (on top of the obvious "I like the flavor") sufficiently. At 2nd question: I guess time will tell and also the game that FFG will produce. Theres more netdecking than ever, so I'd expect more "I play the best deck" ppl than ever. Also, during the time of oldl5r where the DT started to implement more keyword relevant playing, clan loyalty (esp of newer players) faded imho. People played e.g. a magistrate deck (dishonoring ppl, then punishing them for it), which could be played out of Dragon, Phx, Crane or Scoprion. Ofc some clans used that to win by honor, some by dishonor, so the intent of the decks changed, but you could then easily make decks for 4 clans from your cardpool. As clans became more interchangable in a gameplay-sense, they lost abit of their importance and their identity. So if FFG rather sticks to closely set definitions what a clan can/should do, we'll get a stronger clan loyalty. If the colors of your dynasty cards are interchangable, we'll get a weaker one. My 2 cents, in the end, time will tell :-)
  4. Daidoji Redshirt ? Can someone translate that to Japanese please
  5. Kage as "cage" is funny I can share "A-ko-do" as "ey-cow-doh", but then again, the japanese "a" does not come easily to most native english speaker that are used to their pronounciationAS.
  6. If you dont mind waiting abit (until the first expansion packs hit), then I'd bet you need ~0,5 boxes for each of you to have fully playable 40/40 decks each. I'd up that to 1 each if you want to change factions between games freely w/o having to fish cards - unless you want to severely optimize each of your multiple decks.
  7. It does not have to be strictly contradictive, if you e.g. assume "playable" means "playable without using competitive rules" (aka e.g. 30/30 or even 20/20 decks sizes) , which seems a nice way to do starter decks to teach the game. Then you can define "competitive" = use the full non-starter rules of 40/40 deck size now. I think FFG suggested to start with lower deck sizes when the LotR LCG started out as well. Theres a good chance that there will be an influence system like you described as well, yeah.
  8. Horiuchi Shoan - its the little stories that count. For bigger names, for sure (Kitsune) Ryosei, Isawa Kaede, Togashi Mitsu, Akodo Toturi - heck, even Ginawa as a personality to be inserted into the Fate deck would be awesome
  9. Seven months to go I cant wait any longer Longing for the game
  10. As another example, The previewed Ring of Water has such a mechanic printed unto it: If you win the challenge you can either unbow anyone or bow a character without fate on it. BANZAAAIIII !
  11. Ohman, I don't miss those "what a dumb deck, nothing I could ever do"-comments when people totally overcommitted and didn't care at all how you might possibly win vs them
  12. Mil vs Mil might also be about bluffing your way into a honor/dishonor victory - "can you survice militarily with just getting 1-2 vs 5 cards twice ?" While the Lion clan got a starting honor of 12 I can imagine the crab or unicorn starting with 10 or even 8, so a double swing of -4 honor might terminate them. Or a double swing of +4 honor puts lion into the 20 range, close to winnning. Also quite alot of the ACtion cards previewed cost Fate, so if there is a hand limit it might be not wise to draw 5 just to have to discard them because you lack the fate to play them (and new personalities!). In general this bluffing system rather leads to deck types and deckbuilding decisions like "do I play lots of cheap actions and draw 5 each turn, accelerating my opponent --- or do I rather play action cards that cost money and rely on personalities more and just play 1 or 2 each turn, thus maximizeing my value and robbing the opponent of free honor gains/being able to win by honor" Agree on the Dis/honor vs Dis/honor matchups. Mil vs Dis/honor I disagree that only Mil is hungry for cards. In old L5R the dis/honor decks needed fate cards to compensate the lack of military prowess / power - not sure if being able to make a political challenge changes that race against the clock aka "need moar cards". Also as a dis/honor deck you can crack provinces with courtly challenges too now ,so it looks like the problem got mirrored here. I can see some weird province races taking place here as the mil deck might not be able to stop losing provinces in court challenges while the dis/honor cant stop the military in strenght challenges.
  13. The article is well-written and reads well-researched Also like structure - its clear and follows a logical path. Any chance to redo abit of formatting though ? Just using the current headlines and using the web format to separate those into 6 linked pages would help tremendously to tear apart the wall-of-pictures-plus-text-feeling the current iteration has. Not sure what can be done with the blog software though...
  14. Corrected that for you random fun fact: Gandalf was a dwarf as well norse mythology
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