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  1. Only really on certain ships - Vader is the main culprit and Whisper appears from time to time. You don't tend to see PS on other high Int pilots.
  2. Except the falcon already has a red boost. So all that would let you do as a benefit would be to also rotate your turret as another red move as long as you had the title.
  3. Correct - the lesson being, don't land on the rocks 😉 But in all seriousness, that's part of the learning curve, and it'll come with practice. And even then you'll still hit them on occasion. If you have them, try flying with debris clouds or gas clouds as they're potentially less punishing to land on.
  4. No. The best in the world should have all options available to them.
  5. Falcons yes. But, every premier FFG event has specifically clarified that transports need pods attached. I don't agree with it, but it is what it is. For other events, I'm sure TO's won't mind.
  6. That's barrier to the game, not a tournament. I turn up to chess having done no research and want to play all queens. Don't overegg it.
  7. You cannot make more than one bonus attack in a turn, so neither.
  8. It does mean, however, that Greer can rotate even while stressed should that occur. And it's still a great ability due to triple actions.
  9. To be fair, you're not giving them much to go on. If your response to a lot of very reasonable answers is 'I don't care', then there's not much they can do - certainly not attacking your personal preference. I feel your pain to a point - no Anakin or Rey makes me very sad to fly hyperspace. But I'm taking the opportunity to fly some other stuff, even if I don't like it as much. And extended remains an option. I suppose the question really is what could we possibly say that would make things better? Also, why don't you fly Vader - he is Hyperspace legal.
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, wasn't it you who made this point? 🤣🤣
  11. Here's hoping everything is legal. A-Wings are so much better with the new pilots 😉
  12. If you're willing to go full bloat: Kaz with R5, coaxium, heroic, title and advanced slam comes in at 52. Expensive, but the potential to be another version of Lu'lo, who remains strong. I'm looking forward to trying that along with Poe and some toys and double PS1 A-wings with heroic and optics.
  13. Hi Alex, A specific question and a more general follow up! 1. Can we expect the Hotshots and Aces card pack, Vonreg's Tie and the Fireball to be legal for the X-Wing UK system Open, assuming they are released before the event? Or will we need to follow the US 11 day 'cooling off' period? 2. More generally - is there are way to better communicate with players about which stuff will be playable for a tournament when there are new released with imminent, but no actual confirmed, release? I feel this is especially pertinent in the run up to large, important tournaments where players are trying to practice lists but don't know if certain things will be playable. On the back of the moved forward hyperspace points, it would be useful to know this sort of information. Thanks.§
  14. The Penguin UK

    WTH FFG!!??

    Although this doesn't necessarily apply to European tournament, which I think are legal on release? Could be wrong...
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