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  1. At lesst Cobben is good and goes in a list well. Most of the pack was a complete waste pilot wise...
  2. Because it has to come off an action - can't help after a bump and because it's at the PS of the ship getting the action, not at Poe's PS6. It also only allows white actions, not red ones, and also only works during activation. I'd rather take Cova and Leia I think. Poe is already pricey in resistance and needs to heavy lift - a coordinate won't help enough of the ships in the faction. I can see him with Rey and that's about it. What is boils down to is that Poe is already overcosted and this doesn't change things. Targetting himself is neither here or there - old Poe does that every turn.
  3. A not as good coordinate every other turn seems worse than Poe being able to push the limit every turn 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Do you think the LaaT is gonna change the republic meta? I'm been pretty unimpressed with it, particularly at it's fairly outrageous points cost.
  5. Making new Poe 2 point cheaper gives no breathing room cos he's worse and not only 2 points worse.
  6. My view is that the complaint is not 'Poe is unbalanced and should be' but more 'I wish Poe was one of the better options, not one of the worse ones.' In an ideal world, everything is balanced but that's just not possible. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Nonsense. All competative games have clearly more powerful options and clearly weaker options. Poe just falls into the latter category.
  8. I disagree but whatever. They put in a good showing at the UK system open. I'd also argue that they remain a good choice as a competative Resistance list. Better out of faction options sure, but good as resistance. Thirdly, I've found them a good cookie cutter list. Sure they have bad match ups but I've never gone into a game thinking it's over before it's begun.
  9. I'm not really taking sides in this debate, I was just laughing at the pathetic responses... However - 1) As a two player game, people can't fly something something they find fun and interesting if they'll get smashed off the table every time. I want to fly Poe, and do, but he's just not good and even semi-good lists can take him down without too much trouble. 2) Competitive racers are just that - competitive. They cold probably find a competitive VW Bug racing circuit if they wanted to but they need everyone else to do that as well.
  10. Most of the resistance ships are good, but not many of them are great. Rey is finally there now she's had enough points decreases and A-Wings are clearly the best ships in the faction. T-70s are.. meh, for the points they pay. The transport is rubbish outside of Cova (who has one build) and I've yet to be convinced by the fireball (although I so want it to work). It's not that the ships can't be run, but to compete with the best lists you are limited (as are most factions to be fair). I continue to find resistance in a funny spot points-wise, where nothing quite matches up. That's why the A=-wing are so popular, their points let them slot into almost any build, and the five with a selection of varieties combines good points with the best chassis in the faction.
  11. Makes a lot of sense😉 Hope you're still fitting some X-wing in though!
  12. I think a lot of people consider RZ2s undercosted.
  13. I don't disgree it's clever, or good for the faction. I just don't like it 😉
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