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  1. Well... yeah? Leia could be an N1 pilot for the Rebels - she flies one in a canon comic strip. But why would she be a Republic pilot, at any point? The Republic is over by the time she would be old enough to fly.
  2. Yes, that 3 minute old baby will be a pilot...
  3. Is AP-5 allowed to perfirm a focus action if Jake performs a boost or barrel roll at range 1? I think he can, but our local TO rules that because he doesn't have a focus action on his action bar, he cannot. My view is that it states perform a focus action and therefore is irrevevant to the action bar... Thanks!
  4. If you're off the play area, do you count as fully executing a manouver? Pattern Analyser requires the red move to be fully executed while you perform the action, which is why you can perform the action after bumping...
  5. I found it pretty weak tbh. Now, Cienna in Lost Stars (which is the best book in the new canon by quite some way) was really interesting and compelling. But, they really had to shoehorn in the idea that she put duty above morals and it still didn't quite work. Great book though, brilliant point of view from the cogs in both the Empire and the Rebellion. Part of the problem is that Star Wars, at its core, is aimed at a lot of children who want the bad guys to lose and the good guys to win. To be honest, I'm the same.
  6. I quite like the retconn they did, to say that midichlorians are just attracted to the force and are therefore more present on powerful force users. Although not having them at all would be better
  7. I'll tell you one thing. That's no moon...
  8. It's not great, but you CAN make it work - I have. The problem is, as I've pointed out, is that there are not very viable wingmen. Losing the A-Wings (which do need a points increase), will punish the YT unless it's reduced by a similar margin.
  9. A few people on this thread have already mentioned the Resistance?
  10. Resistance 5s won't survive the next points increase. Which is a shame, because 2 A-Wings is the only thing that seems to work with Rey, so unless she gets a points decrease, there's nothing out there to fly her with when the As inevitably go up!
  11. Again - Juke is not the problem. It's a problem on a chassis that has the evade for free, as well as a focus and the cloak/decloak. I agree that Phantoms are probably OP, but it's not because Juke is 5pts. How many other ships take it?
  12. 2-0 with this, although swapped Tucker for another goldie to get BM off more reliably. Obi has 7B, Spare parts and the droid that lets you do an action after a red. beaten two vulture swarms, but I think it would just get horrendously burned down by some of the higher PS alpha's out there, without doing enough in return. I'd like to experiment with clusters as well. Having said all that, it's been a lot of fun - although not enough to tear me away from my beloved Resistance list at the moment...
  13. The moment republic drops in the UK (tomorrow), I have the following: 2x Gold squadrons with Concussion and sync console Tucker with Concussion and sync console Obi-Wan with Battle Meditation, Sync console and other upgrades (no sure yet) Interested to try it out, not sure it'll be brilliant...
  14. The Penguin UK

    YT-1300 models

    I believe Nathan Eide did so in the Krayt Cup - not official X-wing tourney, but the principal stands.
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