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    Forget about my initial post: it now works
  2. Did we play together? I'm asking as I played against a Bossk list? If it's you, we talked about Greedo and I tried (and I think succeeded) to explain why he is so fantastic to play
  3. I had a really great time. Not having played for about a year before the event, I wasn't expecting to win loads of games, but still managed to go 3-3 after shamelessly netlisting DT scum list... I just missed out of top 32 (coming at 33 in Swiss). All games were really good (maybe the last one was disappointing as I misjuged line of sight on the map and got killed before the game even properly started ).
  4. Same here, looking forward to seeing you!! No: I'm still to play on the new maps, but the Bantha doesn't look too good now (but it was a loads of fun at the time!)
  5. I'll join in as well. Haven't played the game in about a year, but that won't stop me from having fun hopefully!
  6. I don't know the player who wrote on the slip but it seems harsh to directly assume it was made on purpose and not an honest mistake...
  7. Expertise on Vessery was really good to keep the focus for defense! Having deadeye and LRS is a bit strange, but it worked quite well against TL removal (like Black One or CM), insuring I got 2 TLs on my target (boat+Ryad) for Vessery to use... I'm not sure this build is 1st tier at the moment, but it felt quite optimised as it is
  8. I played recently with a similar list, but x7 instead of Tie-D and did quite well at the Cardiff Regional (well, actually **** good compared to my usual mid-table results :)). https://force-is-strong.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/welsh-regionals-firestorm-games-cardiff.html?m=1
  9. Thanks for the interesting battle report. I don't know that you can die from r2d2 crew like this? Your hit should have removed your newly gained shield, no? I also misplayed it recently and lost Vessery to a major explosion and a direct hit that should have just been a shield off!
  10. I lost twice to this list in the Cardiff Regionals. The list seems very aggressive and really gave me pause in how to approach it. I lost because of my own mistakes though: my list should be able to pull out a win (Vess/Ryad/Rho), but it needs a really good approach. I think you need to jump in range 1 asap and then kill Nym as quickly as possible. Then it's just how many ships are left (from the harpoons, TLTs and bombs), before Nym's go down. The risk is to never be able to kill Miranda if you haven't got enough guns left. Only go after Miranda at the beginning if you're confident you can remove her quick. But that'd be the preferred scenario! (Removes Sabine and regen). I think at least TS and Genius should be changed. I don't understand why we would have had Genius and slam bombs nerfed, only to give Nym a brand new tool, arguably even better Still, it's definitely beatable. And now everyone knows it's there, I expect lots of counters to appear! If it's of any interest, I posted a battle report of my games here: https://force-is-strong.blogspot.co.uk
  11. I think you'd open the doors before the end of round effects (as it's a mission effect)?
  12. Hi all, The app is really good and the perfect add-on to the existing campaigns. Do you think there's any chance we get at some point tools from ffg to create user content for the app (missions or even a full campaign)?
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