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  1. I think maul will be too expensive. I am looking at Grievous, Fac and either the Int 5 Nantek, the Int 2 Nantek to help Sun, or go with 2-3 Vulture/Hyena VT Torrent style filler.
  2. That’s a negative Ghostrider. Ships are objects,
  3. As a Silencer user, I can tell you I don’t fly Kylo and Blackout for their mad pilot ability. It’s all about Int 5 on a good chassis. I hope Clarke Kret is cheap. Sun, Grievous and Kret could be the start of Separatist Aces.
  4. I think as a parent it’s important to track your kids how to win and lose equally, it’s easy as **** to comment when it’s not your child. It could even become part of his fun banter that time he beat dad. Its a difficult line though, I mean you shouldn’t be slam dunking in his face, but how do you encourage kids to be play competitive games? For you, you let him taste victory, which is cool too. Mat every tournament you are going to get bad and good draws, some people are just going to have a harder slog than most, but as you said, it probably was unethical, but in the scheme of things, it didn’t cost someone a top finish, didn’t cost prizes. I think I would have been cool with this.
  5. Because of the must rotate arc caveat, will we see people pointing the arc in a non threatening direction so when it’s important they can do the tractor trick and move the arc to where it’s needed? The arc synergy is going to be very important to plan ahead, the nantek May be harder to fly than initially thought.
  6. As there are 3 quadrants to choose from, you would be hard up to fail. You can’t voluntarily fail something if there are options you can take, even if you don’t want to.
  7. Something else I found out today, is that for bow tie turrets, they have to move to the arc previously not covered. When would this come up? Paige Tico & vet Turret Gunner Star Fortresses.... Pew pewing out the same arc multiple times may have been used against me a few times.... Now I know at least.
  8. Glad I asked the question. Obviously I was looking at it as an ability rather than a bonus attack.
  9. Doesn’t this fit the same argument as to why the YV 666 can’t take Outmanoeuvre? It’s 180 arc is not the required 90 arc. The ship Snap Shot comes in doesn’t have a 90 arc, only bullseye and mobile. So what gives FFG?
  10. You’re right, I was saying if you have a tractor token you can’t be moved again. You need to remove one before being affected by another.
  11. You can only be affected by a tractor token once, regardless of source.
  12. I completely agree, Fenn has a lot tricks and doesn’t have to have bullseye to get 5 die. I think Sun is going to be Wedge price, not Fenn price. I do think there will be a big difference in cost to the other Nanteks though
  13. You can ram someone, tractor yourself then be a sharing kind of bug to give them the token. It’s a 2 die swing. I think he will be costly compared to the others.
  14. What is the rest of the list? I like palp, can be good for close in aces.
  15. Because getting likes for Facebook is more important than truthfulness. A job as an editor on Fox is in your future.
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