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  1. Just finished our first few games and we have some questions. I couldn’t find answers on these specific cards. If there’s a card by card listing of FAQs (other than the official rules) please let me know. 333 Save the Pack: We assumed that “each damaged creature” was for both players. Is this right? Do both players also receive a chain? We assumed so too. 356 Inka the Spider: Poison - does the creature receiving the damage have to have damage tokens on it for it to suffer the poison ability or is it just an “instant kill” it the target receives a damage? ( We think the latter but we’re confused over wording.) 087 Overload Greking: What happens to the creature caught by Overlord Greking after it (not Greking) dies? Does it return to its owner or is it kept by the Greking player?
  2. Note: Other may have already discussed this so if so please let me know where. Thanks! So I was considering playing TS or MM with a new team of players. As I was reviewing the decks I realised that because Sentry Droids are both Troopers and Droids TS could make them somewhat unstoppable. They could: have up to 7 speed and become mobile (Technical support + Superior Augments + eJawa + Jetpacks) Focus and heal each other (Technical support) Add a white die to defense (Cloaking device) Negate multi-fire loss of damage (Superior Augments) Not to mention the extra surge, damage and blast available with some of the other attachments Has anyone done or discussed this? This seems frightening for the Heroes! I now want to do this so bad but not with new players. That seems just mean! And while I'm here, they seem somewhat less devastating but still formidable with a well thought out military might build. How have they gone with MM?
  3. So the first two were correct interpretations. The story cards confused me a bit because JR made it so clear to clear away Unplayed missions and I had seen an interview with a designer that said there were more choices. I was wondering if that meant you could back-track. After your post I peeked at the outcomes from the unplaced missions and saw the loop you mentioned. Thanks.
  4. So we stared HotE today and it raised some questions: Vibro claws: can the surge for a power token be used if the attack misses? (We agreed yes it could - not a condition) Stockpile: Only the one card or does it provide and additional one from the five? (We agreed only one) Story missions: what happens to the balance of the cards once a choice is made? I searched and couldn’t figure out if they’re removed from play or left in play?
  5. Playing the App tonight with some Family members and the new regular Officers are meaner! Their new abilities seem way harsh: cower becomes healing and focusing others, Order becomes Executive Order and without a distance limit (I can’t seem to find any answer to this) But they seem to loose the ability to order figures to move. Mercifully the still only have 3 hit points. Whew! Has anything else changed so much?
  6. One thing I had forgotten until I checked recently is that step 2 of the Campaign Set-up is choose the heroes and step 3 is choose Imperial Class. (LtPG p10) it’s too late for this campaign but don’t be afraid to enforce that next time if you are up against experienced min-max players. You don’t have to tip your hand and give them an insight into the class you would choose before they pick appropriate heroes. Also I know that this will generate some comments but Armoured Onslaught has one of the best anti-Fenn cards I know of: Power to Shields. (Arguably not much else is so fantastic.) It totally switches off his area of affect and you shouldn’t be afraid to spend the surge to reset it. Also if the player has invested XP in improving the Havoc Shot (say Suppressive Fire or Rebel Elite) they are going to regret it if they have or avoid them. Fantastic against Diala or any other characters with large cleave damage.
  7. Yes there is. The reason is that you cannot skip the “move 2 to reposition 4” action. Page 16 of the instructions states: “Imperial figures always resolve a reposition instruction as well as they can. If the Imperial figure cannot move far enough to satisfy the reposition value, it does not skip this instruction. If it is too close to the Rebels, it moves as far away from as many Rebel figures as possible.“ The tutorial enforces this: "Reposition 4" means that the figure will attempt to move to a space from which the nearest Rebel figure is 4 spaces away. Figures will always attempt to perform this action, even if the figure cannot get 4 spaces away.” So you have to take this action, and this becomes the second action. The only way you would spend the “move 6 to reposition 4” action is if you didn’t perform the “move 3 to attack” action. Which gave the storm troopers in question a total of 8 which is a normal double move. Panic averted! FYI the tutorial was helpful if very text heavy. You’ll read a LOT aloud if playing with others who want to learn the new rules.
  8. FFG would truly test their customer’s loyalty if they released a Jar-Jar Binks Blister pack!
  9. Thanks! I have not read through the information sheets in the packs for so long that I forgot the information is there. And as it applies to so few imperial and mercenary packs, “component limitations” isn’t a common feature on the sheets.
  10. So in the appendix of the LotA rules the new conditions rules leave me a little confused. Bleeding - I got it that the figure plays down to their last hit point but does the discarding of the bleeding condition count as an action? It doesn’t seem clear to me. Stunned - this is very confusing to me and it might be more clear when the list of actions are available. From what I read it seems to say that the figure looses the movement points it might have gained when performing a move and then once the move action is resolved the stunned condition is removed. It doesn’t seem to say anything about not attacking, which is a major feature of stunning a figure. Still, this in no way diminishes my eager anticipation!
  11. I have been looking around for an answer and can’t seem to find it as to how many blister pack units I can bring as an IP. i.e. Can I bring two deployment cards of regular hired guns? Or is it only one elite and one regular? Or is it only one regardless of type?
  12. I think there is still so much intellectual property that has yet to be incorporated into the game that there’s a fair chance of at least another box. I for one would still like to see 4-LOM & Zuckuss. And Ewoks…mustn’t forget Ewoks!
  13. Ahhhh got it! This could be rather annoying as an IP when you have a cheap but annoying (for the heroes) deployment card such as hired guns or a Jawa that the heroes take out of circulation for a round. Timing is everything in this game.
  14. Oh yes you’re right about return fire being limited! I wasn’t playing Han and laughing so much I forgot. It was so comical! I do love it when things get amusing just like in the movies. The points of damage were from the first parting shot. In the second Hired gun’s attack Han used a device token as an energy shield based on Saska’s card. It caused no damage and the (illegal) return fire killed him triggering a parting shot which Han dodged. It was so funny and slapstick even if it was illegal. I’m happy to let things slide from time to time if it builds morale with the players. Another card I have dismissed to my own doom is Murne’s “Lead from the front” - rather potent!
  15. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and am often surprised with cards or combos that other players make that I hadn’t considered before or just dismissed. One that surprised me recently was Saska’s Energy shield combining with Han’s Cunning. He became hard to kill and in one hilarious round returned fire on two hired guns taking them both out in a flurry of blaster fire and sustaining only 1 or 2 hits! Have you ever come across surprising combos that other players (or you) have tried that you thought “l’d never liked the look of that before but it works rather well!”?
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