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  1. SkyCake

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    Raiders... Don't mind them just haven't really wanted anything from them... If I took one it would be an HIE DCAPS II... Or a naked raider I lifeboat... Got into AF and actually bought a second last week...their pretty good with Ackbar n squads...
  2. Nice article, good to see other players using WAB... cheers
  3. Yes ha ha!!! Let us burn through those double contains with vigor!!! Sato, hammerheads, and wicked amounts of crits! That'll show em! 😄😃😀
  4. As Dco becomes more prominent I'm thinking people change out their crit effects for more dice... Which sucks cause crit fishing is an exciting element of the game both for the giver and the taker... but what are you gonna do when half the lists are immune to crits?
  5. SkyCake

    Just how it is here.

    15 regulars to 1... Sounds like those fifteen were never really in it for the game...more like they just like to buy shiny new toys...
  6. If your going to worlds you'll probably have to beat yik on your way up so listen good... Unless this is some elaborate scheme to shape the meta at world's and then counter hard...in that case listen good then do the opposite!
  7. SkyCake

    Steel Command Editorial: Armada 2.0

    I was thinking a separate commander just for squads with the commander card having an ability and an upgrade bar with one or two slots...pretty much then generics as is, no aces, with the commander ability playing the dominant role but in a much more streamlined way, the upgrades adding some spice here and there
  8. SkyCake

    Steel Command Editorial: Armada 2.0

    Might be worth a try... Usually though one activation of these effects is enough change the game... Disclaimer I'm not saying they need or do not need a change at this point.
  9. SkyCake

    Steel Command Editorial: Armada 2.0

    1. Sure... With the caveat that there might not be enough ways to deal enough damage in a fight to knock out ships if you take these out...Might shift the balance too far away from quality to quantity.. 2. And 4. Seems reasonable and worth a shot... Keep in mind that Pryce and Bail are actually kind of versions of overwatch already... 3. Probably the best idea of the whole article...is it possible to get grit to stack so multiple jumps can have a bigger effect? Or ships that have grits already can get a boost? 5. My biggest beef! Armada's dice rolling is the most exciting portion of the game and fishing for crits takes that to another level...any ships getting a free pass against crits seems against the spirit of having random chance determine damage outcomes in the game. And again, we needed to be actually able to kill things in the game...as well, having that mechanic in the game again may unbalance the quantity of dice versus quality of dice relationship... 6. I think flotillae are fine now... Uncapping and increasing points kind of does the same thing anyways, but the cap has advantages.. A. The game just looks better... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I doubt there can be much to disagree with here...close your eyes and imagine star wars... 99 percent will see star destroyers,x wings, tie fighters... Tokra will see 8 gozantis... B. Just speeds up the game..less fiddling about and more pewpew 7. Total agreement here, there are cards that are otherwise good that are sidelined purely due to cost... App is the best way to address this. Thanks for a great article! Cheers
  10. SkyCake

    Spokane Open Armada Tournament 2019

    already in the cloud talkin' phase, next is the spit ballin' phase.
  11. SkyCake

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    If FFG axed it yesterday the answer would still be yes!
  12. SkyCake

    Contain: A second class defense token

    hmm yes perhaps I worded it poorly... and your right I could just take add dice upgrades instead of crits… my problem with this is : crit effects provide a fun and interesting aspect in the game. there should not be a cheap, zero opportunity cost hard counter( in the case of the SSD) to anything in the game... all the counters we have now(Brunson, admo, lando, etc.) have ways the crit player can try and get past them... and wave 7 DCO hasn't been a problem because not all ships your opponent would take would have it...
  13. SkyCake

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    13 hour drive one way.... spent the weekend in a car essentially but is was good company and the regional was sweet too so worth it imo...
  14. SkyCake

    Contain: A second class defense token

    Actually no. When you go squadless there are at least upgrades you can take that will help mitigate damage from bombers and deter them from attacking you for too long... So there IS something you can do about it... When you go crit heavy and the guy throws an SSD with DCO on the table there's nothing you could have done differently, no upgrade you could have brought that can mitigate or challenge that... DCO in that case is going to save him significant amounts of damage against crit fleets but again maybe not significantly change the out come of the game... So why have it...
  15. Let it die. Kill it if you have to!