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  1. anyone have any success with this against raddus? seems like you would probably want something hard to follow up with it, but one activation before the raddus ship can go doesn't seem like a lot of time to wound the raddus'ed ship... I guess best you could get off assuming he doesn't like to deploy right in your ships worst arcs would be a bunch of bombers and a few ship dice.... thoughts?
  2. Are B-wings dead?

    Guys, Hera! Cozy them b's up in squad phase with hera rogue ability, then double tap them beginning of next turn. Hera is the new fct.
  3. With a new faq coming in the next few weeks all but confirmed, and those speculators who are guessing big changes are in the mix, might big changes this close to the biggest tournament in 'mada be a tad irresponsible/disruptive? I guess I'm thinking that in a perfect world, your waves and faqs would drop in such a way that allowed people enough time to practice the new content and rules before major tourneys like regionals and worlds. If we get faq like 2 weeks before worlds, there are probably going to be a healthy number who will not be able to test out new rules before worlds, thus turning worlds into something of a test bed rather than a competition. Thoughts?
  4. Who is going to worlds???

    I'll be at Radisson. Last time I was there we went to a pub up the street. Was decent!
  5. Who is going to worlds???

    I'm in but where... Pub? Radisson??
  6. Smash mouth is vomit inducing
  7. Star Wars Icons Missing from Armada

    Just watched ROTJ... I definitely would like to see Lando on the falcon. Also Leia in bikini and no I'm never going to stop asking for that.
  8. Devastator is best defensive retrofit?

    Dev is ten but I know what you mean...definitely a hefty price tag... The times they focus though, you get quite a big perk. And if Devastator tipped their decision toward leave it alone then isn't that a win? Consider when Devastator is an objective ship... They might be leaving their major source of points untapped.
  9. Some games my opponents just flat out refuse to take shots at it. Can't imagine this is good for their scores in the long run. Though I can't really blame them. Leads me to wonder is the card just the best defensive retro out there?
  10. Worlds Tickets

    There is an opportunity in April???
  11. Who is going to worlds???

    went to a Vikings game in 2016 worlds and can confirm stadium is worth a visit... if only NFL were on.
  12. Who is going to worlds???

  13. Who is going to worlds???

    I get in around Going purely for a chance to get in side event... Jk, fixed.
  14. Who is going to worlds???

    I get in Wednesday around 4 pm... Go and check out the action at the Radisson around 5, and down for whatever Fixed.