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  1. SkyCake

    Ordnance Pods vs. External Racks

    Unfortunately pods, like other anti squad upgrades, come with the caveat that you may never have meaningful targets for them. Because of this they will always be inferior to something like racks which will always have targets no matter what...****! Racks can even be used against squads, not just ships... Pods should have been like racks in that regard, retaining the functionality it has now, with the added ability to be discarded to add a black die to a roll against ships.... That way you aren't punished when your opponent shows up with non threatening squadrons... But they missed the boat on that one as they've done with strategists, QLT, raider titles, etc. The game strongly favors flexibility and these hard counter type cards that pigeon hole you into one specific type of counter run headlong against that axiom, more often then not unsuccessfully.
  2. SkyCake

    SSD and Objectives

    Dangerous territory with SSD is episode five flavor win!!! Obstacles do not concern me!
  3. SkyCake

    Should FFG increase the official points limit?

    You could place other restrictions in points usage , squads don't necessarily have to be one third points, and you can have a limit on activations
  4. SkyCake

    SSD Measurements

    2 feet is one third of the table lengthwise so it's going to have the desired effect for anyone looking at the table me thinks which is something along the lines of "good Lord! Look at all that ship!"
  5. SkyCake

    Should FFG increase the official points limit?

    Played a 500 tourney and it was great, barely noticed increase in points time wise, and it opened up some possibilities I.e. Konstantine
  6. DCO sounds likea great upgrade here... No crit effects for you!
  7. SkyCake

    You guessed it ... New Mon Cal Ships...

    I just like seeing more canon ships in this timeline... More ships equals more expansions equals more 'Mada!
  8. SkyCake

    Giga Store Championship live stream

    Lists please???
  9. For quick reference in the thread, would it be possible to post the lists? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  10. SkyCake

    Hello Boys! I'm Back!!!

    Sounds intense! The fighting I mean, not the lionhouse rolls. Those sound delicious!
  11. SkyCake

    Hello Boys! I'm Back!!!

    welcome back! Will you regale us with tales from your travels?
  12. SkyCake

    If there's no Gencon update...

    Honestly I could care less about an announcement happening in terms of bringing new content to the game... The general consensus seems to be that wave 7 Armada is fantastic! I'm still creating new stuff, trying it out, updating old lists, trying them out, tweaking stuff here and there... There is a pile of content here already and Armada seems to be far from solved imo, as much as some parties seem bent on declaring otherwise. That said I do believe an announcement at a big convention is highly important at this point because if armada needs anything at this point, it's exposure. This is critical to bringing in new players, which is imo the only thing armada really needs at this point... The scene is fairly healthy in general, and where I live even casual tourneys have strong turnouts... But When I go to play at the store there are still a lot of people playing other games which baffles me... Armada is the greatest game on the planet, why anyone would want to play anything is beyond me! More people need to see this and that is what a high profile announcement can do, far beyond a casual article release on a Monday afternoon... So yeah, here's to hoping for something big at gen con!
  13. You'll find you get the same effect with Devastator... Opponent: "I'm not going to shoot your ISD so you can have more blues" Me: "Uh.... OK!"
  14. SkyCake

    Armada is Dead should die.

    Armada is dead... IS DEAD!!!!
  15. Best game of Armada I ever played against Jimble game 2 at world's. So close, even though a 9-2 for Jim.. I think it came down to rolls since we each played near perfect imo... I'll never forget it! Cheers!