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  1. SkyCake

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    *litre of wine in me* My question is why are their so few? Can't be that women don't enjoy playing games, because I know a lot that do... Can't be that women don't have the skills for something like armada, cause I know a lot that do... Can't be that women don't like star wars cause I know a lot that do. Likewise, for the reasons most armada players would say they like the game, you don't find any reasons that would be biased based on sex... Not sure what it is and I don't have any theory behind the reason it's this way. Kind of perplexing when you think about it. If I had to guess though it would likely be some sort of social programming during gen x and previous that divides the sexes more distinctly so that there is very little overlap. Along those lines then it may be that women are taught to favor status highly(nerds being the bottom off the totem pole the last fifty or so years), and so to be seen with nerds, let alone identify as one is tantamount to social suicide in the female mind. Or perhaps it's the one on one confrontational nature of armada that females dislike... I work in a casino, amongst slot players I'd say there is an even split amongst the sexes, if anything it's more female. At table games it's perhaps 80/20 in favor of males.. At poker it's like 98-99 percent dudes...remember at poker it's patron vs patron, not patron versus house... That dynamic changes things a lot, the intimidation factor goes way up...typically females are brought to poker by a male..the rarest of birds is the female that shows up on her own volition. One could easily view game stores that way...Lord knows there are a lot of armada owners who are loathe to show up to the store to play because they feel the same sort of intimidation factor, this before sex even gets involved. Whatever the reason is, I'm not sure that this trend is reversing any time soon. Which sucks cause if this game needs anything it's more players, male and female!
  2. SkyCake

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    Not to derail thread but ya, the way that worlds tickets get distributed is bantha poodoo 100%
  3. SkyCake

    Public apology

    When I saw the title I thought it was ffg apologizing for General Organa's cost
  4. SkyCake

    contested outpost losses

    This is all very helpful and informative. Seems like the majority would say holding shouldn't be the plan and that's been my own experience as well... The grav shift issue is something I'm also interested in discussing in more detail... Is this too much of a liability these days? Brunson GS Interdictors are popular it seems and their effect on this objective is real... Would you consider it enough of a deterrent?
  5. SkyCake

    contested outpost losses

    this isn't a "make CO great again" thread, or "I wish CO was this" thread. this is a "I pretty much get nothing from this objective as second" thread or a "how the heck do you play this as second" thread my plan is usually dump some ships on it and hold hold hold but how it usually ends up getting played is screw this im outta here! because speed is life I find, and standing still feels like death to me. is there a good way to deploy, play this objective??? I want it to be good and im thinking there is probably something im missing....
  6. SkyCake

    hardened bulkheads

    75's are good, ISDI maybe
  7. SkyCake

    hardened bulkheads

    typically I only really care about that one ship... if you ram something and get rammed twice we're talking RBD territory
  8. SkyCake

    hardened bulkheads

    between a 5 point bid and HB you would rather have?
  9. SkyCake

    hardened bulkheads

    is anyone else impressed by this? the damage savings seems to come up at least once a game! if your opponent has a small/med engine techs rammer then its golden bears! thoughts?
  10. Reflecting on the last run up to worlds there was a huge push for an faq and we did get it a month before worlds... I was wondering if the community at large felt like another faq would be due or what types of issues they felt needed to be addressed... Deposit gripes, grudges, and beefs here.
  11. If you table your opponent on say round 4, do you get outpost tokens for rounds 5-6?
  12. SkyCake

    Choosing objective cards??

    Man for a second there I had hoped everyone was doing it wrong and second player got to pick the objective... What a world that would have been to live in..
  13. SkyCake

    Assault pelta: how to use

    My main beef with assault pelta is squadron one. This is the squadron general's expansion and ship and you are giving it squad one?! Ok then... No weapons team? Fine. Speed 2? Sure. Squad one?! No sir, I don't like it!
  14. SkyCake

    Storing/transporting the mc75

    I use the plastic it came in shame free...
  15. SkyCake

    Assault pelta: how to use

    I used one in a Sato fleet with wab on it as well as intensify firepower and engine techs... Intensify allowed the WAB carrying ships in the fleet to maximize barrage potential... Engine techs for killing off admos or flotillae.. Sfo good choice to give you what you need when you need it... Could also take Raymus or Phoenix home to have both. It's not the worst... If oe didn't exist I'm sure people would use it a lot... That fleet command can be fairly useful...