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  1. Folks, I'm loving this on my iPad 2. However, my only issue is purchasing items with trophies in the Entrance. On purchasing one item it ends that investigators turn. If I press two, sometimes three simultaneously I purchase them with that one go but this can't be right surely? Isn't the idea that if I had 10 trophies I could buy 4 health and then go to the items tab and select 6 trophies worth of goodies?
  2. Ah Norgrath, you're right, I was being lazy and had read progresses as begins. I'm in the UK with English rules so it was my misinterpretation. The 8 rounds will certainly make the scenario quicker! Thanks for your patience.
  3. Norgrath, Thanks for the reply. What does the statement "The mission begins" mean at the virus event?. I'm learning that Ffg are pretty careful about their terms. The rules say a mission is made up of turns.
  4. Folks, We played this mission yesterday and it went on for quite a bit because I read the last paragraph in the mission briefing as rounds don't begin until the virus is uploaded. This meant the first part until the door opened took a while and then our two rebel characters just had to hold the one remaining terminal by resting around it. I was playing the wife who needed to get on with the roast so we just agreed that she would have done this for the remaining 8 rounds and so I gave her 8 tokens. Was I right? If so this goes on for quite a tedious time. I notice that initial setup gets you double the threat so you can deploy an extra unit (I didn't notice that til late so we agreed I could return a fallen tradoshan) Not sure the wife will ever play again
  5. Thanks for the clear answers folks, Yes we are playing the campaign. I was thinking along the lines that Garkhaan takes a swing which had (I can't recall the right physics term but I will call it) momentum. So say I rolled 2 hits and 2 surges, cleaving meant that one would be used up on the targetted st and the other hit and two surges were used on the adjacent st. I now understand that the 3 hits get used against the target but a surge allows me to inflict +1 damage to an adjacent. A surge "skill" can only be used once, except for left overs which can recover strain. Cheers.
  6. Hello folks, I'm fairly new to skirmish games and so on. So I can't make sense of what many of you might find simple. I bought SWIA to play with my family. One of my sons plays Garkhaan and loves getting stuck in. How do we resolve the following situation. Garkhaan wades into two storm troopers. One already has 2 damage. Garkhaan rolls say 2damage and 3 surges. We played it so that Garkhaans mighty swing killed the targetted damaged storm trooper ( may have rolled 1 defence) and then cleaved through his body dealing 3 damage to the one standing adjacent, thus killing the second. Is that right?
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