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  1. I was just trying to find a practical role for the XS based on its size and bulk, and it would differentiate it from the YT-1300. The non-canon version was almost 3x the size of the YT-1300, and although there's no info out there saying that it's not still that big it looks like they brought it back to the size of the YT freighters at least. Don't count it out as a Republic large base either. As for the Volt Cobra, I don't think there is any info out there about it to know for sure but I would speculate that it would be a turret primary with two arcs. It would be really cool if the two arcs were not fixed opposite of each other but moved independently.
  2. XS Stock Light Freighter: It's canon now and existed during the Galactic Civil War. The canon version seems to be smaller than the one from the Old Republic. It could serve as the Scum VCX-100. Volt Cobra: Medium base turret for Scum and/or Rebels with Lando as a pilot.
  3. If I pair Ketsu with an I6 like Fenn or Han should I take the title off? They would attack before the title tractor would be applied.
  4. I've tried both Asajj (Sense, Latts) and Ketsu (Fearless, Maul, Shadow Caster), and I think I'm still looking for my sweet spot between the durability of Asajj and the firepower of Ketsu. I agree with OP that Ketsu in particular is a challenging ship to fly due to the speed of the dial and only using the front arc. At least Asajj can utilize her Rotate action.
  5. It's unfortunate that they chose to permanently nerf the dial instead of using the built-in 2.0 balancing using points. I could see them nerfing the dial a little, but, c'mon. I think the JumpMaster could use the Sensor slot to give it a boost and an identity among Scum large ships. Imagine Dengar with Advanced Sensors or FCS.... it's thematic for a reconnaissance/scout craft and it makes the ship much more effective despite their best efforts to destroy it.
  6. Ughh a boring morally-ambiguous character in the well explored grey-area of the Star Wars galaxy? I was dying to find out how the recently victorious and reigning New Republic once again becomes underdogs to the defeated Empire or one of its fragments. It can be called Star Wars: Revolution and we could even get a new Stormtrooper armor design. Edit: I really enjoyed Rebels and am looking forward to Resistance but I can appreciate something different, especially in the Solo/Scum corner of the galaxy.
  7. I think this is the reason to not split up Scum into smaller factions. Of the 18 ships Scum has in its inventory, ~10 are from Legends, and many were added early on to catch the faction up to the original two factions. Only 7 ships from Scum are seen being flown by "Scum" in the movies or TV shows, and that includes the Escape Craft. And even more telling for the future of the Scum faction is that only 4 ships are *new* designs from any of the new movies or TV shows (and that still includes the Escape Craft). TLDR: Things are about to get really dry in the Scum pipeline.
  8. I prefer the Dengar build mostly because I prefer flying the JM-5K over the Firespray. Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter - Han Solo - 86 •Han Solo - The Corellian Kid (54) Trick Shot (1) 0-0-0 (3) Latts Razzi (7) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Engine Upgrade (9) Lando’s Millennium Falcon (6) BT-1 (2) JumpMaster 5000 - Dengar - 85 •Dengar - Vengeful Corellian (64) Expert Handling (6) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Punishing One (8) R3 Astromech (3) Escape Craft - Lando Calrissian - 26 •Lando Calrissian - Smooth-talking Gambler (26) Total: 197/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder You do have me looking at L3 on Han though, I might have to make the switch from Latts. That one use with L3 could prevent a lot of damage, and 0-0-0 is the only way I can put stress on the enemy with this list. And the I6's could use more of a bid.
  9. I think the JumpMaster could really use a Sensor upgrade slot. That would give it more of an identity as a large base Scum ship and help pull it out of the nerf hole that was dug for it during 1st edition and carried over to 2nd. Plus, it's thematic for a ship that was built to scout/map/explore.
  10. Yep, same Dengar with P1, R3, and Expert Handling for me too! The list I have him in is: 86 Scum Han: Trick Shot, 0-0-0, Latts, Rigged Cargo, Engine Upgrade, Lando Title, BT-1 26 Lando Escape Craft 85 Dengar: P1, R3, Expert Handling, Rigged Cargo 197 total. Could probably shed some upgrades for more of a bid. P.S. I think the Jumpmaster should be given the Sensor Upgrade slot. Let me know what you think.
  11. With TLT and a decent dial I'm hoping the H-6 can be a viable host for GONK! Depending on Nym's ability this could be the Scum version of Miranda, although I'm not counting on it having enough greens for Experimental Interface though.
  12. RogerWilco15

    I want YT scum

    I really really want this to happen, but I doubt it will. The only reason I fly Rebels at all anymore is because it has the freighters!
  13. Quadjumper : · Sarco Plank (18) Snap Shot (2) Spacetug Tractor Array (2) · Bossk (2) Pattern Analyzer (2) -- TOTAL ------- 26p. -- Ever since the Quad was revealed I was really hoping one of the pilots could be made into a pocket ace, which is something I've always been jealous of the Imps for having. None of the pilots turned out to be great for it, but Sarco's might be the most accommodating to give it a shot. This build doesn't really do anything great, but it does fit into the scum's awkward mid-20s price point. His upgrades will make him challenging to learn, but I think he could be worth it in the right hands!
  14. Huh. I've been trying to build a good Sarco Plank, and I've been trying to get Attani to work on the Quad. The ship just loves reds so much. But this has given me something to think about. I'm just not sure what a PS5 Quadjumper with good defense, minimal offense and a limited dial would do... but I'll figure something out. Thanks!
  15. This is my Rogue One list that I put together after seeing the movie. Heff here doesn't have nearly as much stuff on it as yours but the trimming was necessary to get the full titled Ghost. I wish I could put Zeb on Heff but he's the cheapest shuttle! VCX-100: · Kanan Jarrus (38) Twin Laser Turret (6) Sensor Jammer (4) Recon Specialist (3) · Jan Ors (2) · Ghost (0) U-Wing: · Heff Tobber (24) Enhanced Scopes (1) Ion Projector (2) · Hera Syndulla (1) Inspiring Recruit (1) Pivot wing (0) Attack Shuttle: · "Zeb" Orrelios (18) · "Chopper" (0) · Phantom (0)
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