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  1. When I've run Devastator with an Interdoctor it's been a terrifying presence. ISD-2 Devastator Gunnery Team Spinal Armaments Leading Shots (Season to taste, probably Intel Officer) Interdictor Projection Experts (Season to taste, could probably just be an Arquittens now) Devastator can take a huge pounding when you're freely spending tokens and getting 'free' shields on the most important hull zones. Then, since it can happily pump out a huge volley, even at long range, and with the extra shields (and possible/probable Repair commands) can keep it going strong for several rounds pumping out very powerful attacks. With the right list, you can really capitalise on the huge holes it tears in ships. And a 9 dice medium range ISD front arc with rerolls will obliterate small ships without the need for Devastator. That said, I haven't actually played in a while, so my theory is rather far behind the curve!
  2. I strongly disagree with the bottom that running any kind of Bombers without Rhymer is either playing wrong or intentionally inferior. Having played without Rhymer many times I've used non-Rhymer Bombers reasonably successfully (I'm by no means an exceptional player) and the inclusion of Rhymer would have constituted an unacceptable change in the make up of the list: either by significantly reducing the Bomber continent, and thus making it not nearly effective enough for its intended purpose; by reducing my Fighter element and making the Bombers far easier to isolate and destroy; or by creating weaknesses in my capital ships that would similarly alter the design of the fleet to the point that such a change would require an entire rewrite and create a wholly different list. Rhymer is an exceptional piece, not denying that, but he is far from the only viable method of using Bombers in Imperial lists. At 16pts he is incredibly useful, but does constitute an investment into a specific type of squadron building, which then generally informs how that fleet is going to operate. By not using Rhymer, you choose to operate within different parameters and thus choose to use different, but equally useable strategies/tactics.
  3. Pilot's Imaginatively Named Fleet (397/400) Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (120 + 33; 153) + Skilled First Officer (1) + Gunnery Team (7) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Leading Shots (4) + Spinal Armament (9) + Avenger (5) Interdictor Suppression Refit (90 + 11; 101) + Skilled First Officer (1) + G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) + Grav Shift Reroute (2) + Projection Experts (6) Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 + 26; 49) + Admiral Motti (24) + Comms Net (2) Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 + 4; 27) + Admiral Titus (2) + Comms Net (2) Squadrons: Tie Bomber Squadron x3 (27) Tie Fighter Squadron x5 (40)
  4. Glad to see this thread FINALLY starting to actually talk about the Interdictor and not lists/experience or bloody Rebels Personally, I feel like the Interdictor is going to play best when you build it for a specific purpose. Yes, it does have lots of options like Protection Experts, G8/Q7s, etc, but after list building a bunch a fully spec'd out Interdictor is just too expensive. Take advantage of its flexible potential to build a particular strategy for it. For myself. I'm quite enjoying a minimalist approach: Suppression Refit G7X Grav Shift Reroute Protection Experts (optional) Skilled First Officer (optional) Minimal turn by turn interaction with a large game-start manipulation. With PEs added on it can support mid game too, otherwise it is a tanky mid firepower ship. I'm liking the look of the Interdictor and think it will add a lot of interesting options to Imperial fleets.
  5. Daht is a highly suspect ruling. I think Daht we should get an impartial second opinion.
  6. Madine's final command was recorded and sent to all ships in the fleet: Salvation's Captain at the end of round three:
  7. Have you never gotten a double arc in your Armada career? Because that's basically what you're saying.Without possible last/first activations (which is what EasternKing was saying) getting a double isn't too difficult, but even without last/first you can still engineer it. Particularly with Imperials in Wave 4 with all the potential slowdown shenanigans.
  8. That's immensely reductionist. Yes Slicer Tools can hurt it but what you're saying here is that Relentless (a 3pt title) is basically moot because one more expensive ability on a specific kind of ship that has to manoeuvre in relatively close and can then choose specifically Relentless to change the dial of. Not only is Slicer Tools not the be all and end all, it's not entirely uncounterable - the best counter, of course, being to blow it out of space. In all likelihood, Slicer Tools will affect Relentless probably once before the ISD or another ship removes the threat. Or Relentless speeds off, or Slicer Tools has another target. Assuming that Slicer Tools will target Relentless to the degree that that title is basically worthless is beyond wrong, especially when the cost of the title is tiny compared to the investment in Slicer Tools and the ease of removal of each. If it's so predictable, then surely your response will be equally predictable? If you're positioned to take advantage of Avenger going second always and forever without fail, then it would follow that anyone expecting that can in turn be taken advantage by a canny player by actually activating Avenger before and getting a better than expected shot off . But of course, I'm sure that not using an ability for one turn will render it obsolete as well Devastator isn't great, I agree. My point, however was that it has some advantages over Dominator namely that it can get more dice and gets more powerful as the ship becomes more fragile through the course of a battle, whereas Dominator is actively making a ship weaker. Again, point being that while I'd probably agree with your assessment that VSD titles are generally better overall, they're far from just straight up better; they are situationally a lot better, but situationally a lot worse and, debatably, on a far worse platform.
  9. I have many issues with those comparisons, Lyraeus. Particularly the titles. VSD titles: Corruptor is great, but is specifically Bombers and then semi locks you into Squad commands for that VSD. It's a role defining title, which is fine but rhag should be noted (something that you definitely skipped happily past.) Warlord is also great, but limited by the VSD's not that amazing firepower. On a 1 it's generally shoring up a weaker long ranged game and on a 2 it's on an expensive platform (when considering cost per laser bolt.) Definitely a great and useful title, but hardly definitively better than Relentless. Dominator is much better with the advent of Projection Expert ITDs. That said, it's still expensive and costly (cost Beng the reduction of shields and potential exposure to enemy fire), and it also relies heavily on a second ship to shore up its newly added defensive weaknesses. Again though, it can be good but is hardly a no brainer. ISD titles: Relentless is an amazing title. You say that Slicer Tools make it irrelevant but I would argue strongly against that, especially if the Relentless player can angle to remove that threat after its first run. Relentless is an incredible adaptation tool and is also very cheap. Avenger is also a very powerful tool, much like Dominator is, but instead of reducing your own defences to fuel it it relies on hitting your opponent earlier. Or does it? One of the threat vectors of Avenger is that people are wary of spending their most important defence tokens against earlier fire (like a Gladiator, or a red range VSD) just to keep their Braces available for Avenger's knockout punch. If someone specifically avoids spending early Braces, that can be enough benefit from Avenger alone, as it can net you the same kind of benefit without ever actually triggering! And while that may never come to pass, it is something to bear in mind...and you can of course aim to trigger it yourself with an Overload Pulse Raider-2/ITD, and get a nasty hit near guaranteed. Finally there's Devastator. Definitely a title black sheep, but it has some value compared to Dominator. In a meta where we have Intel Officers flying around and lots of small hits courtesy of TRC90s, Devastator can benefit from its own failing defences. While no player ever wants to sacrifice their defence tokens sometimes it's the best move (against an Intel Officer or OLP you might be forced into that decision) and the advantage that Devastator bring is that while it is getting weaker and weaker - defensively - it begins to hit harder and harder in return. That said, it's still a ballache of a title thanks to the front arc/once per turn limitations, but it's not quite as clear cut as you make out. Anyway, that's my title counter spotlight, tune in next week for probably nothing
  10. Apologies to Clontroper5, my internet has been extremely dodgy over the past couple of weeks. Am trying to sort it and should up and running properly by the weekend. That being said, the game is probably going to be a 9-1/10-0 to Clon anyway
  11. Actually, no I do see it now. I mean, I didn't think it was as good as it sounded but I did initially find the wording vague.
  12. Hah, two different opinions immediately. At least you validated my asking for a TO ruling Actually, he doesn't have "[Nav Icon] [colon]" it's just straight up talking about what the things do, which is why it's a bit of a grey area.
  13. Doobleg, would you mind ruling on the Madine/Nav Token interaction for the tournament, for me, please? Link below, but basically, how does Madine work with Nav Tokens, because his ability says: "When a friendly ship resolves a Nav command, if it spent a Nav dial it may increase 1 additional yaw value by 1. If it spent a Nav token, it may either change its speed or increase 1 yaw value by 1." Since it is not specifically a replacement of the Nav token speed up/down, is it in addition to or is it a replacement of (just poorly worded)? As reegsk says below the Token Speed + Speed/Yaw is very potent, but the ability suggests that that's actually how it works. Would appreciate a TO ruling before I run it one way or the other, as I plan to run Madine
  14. I am calling out the unholy abomination that is #22, the ClonTurin. This unspeakably grotesque amalgam is a blight upon our fair star fields; spice miners lament when they hear its call; smugglers dump their cargo to run faster when it approaches. I vow to face the corrupted and gruesomely twisted form that the beast has chosen to manifest in the hopes that others may avoid its build-naming wrath!
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