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  1. The core book states that the Logis Implant talent is: The character’s logis processors work with preternatural speed, filtering sensory input and allowing the character to analyse and anticipate the actions of those around him. By using the character’s Reaction for the Round, the character may make a Tech-Use Test to make use of this Talent. The character gains a +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests until the end of his next turn. The character must pass a Toughness Test when he uses this Talent or gain a level of Fatigue. Am I missing something or is this the worst talent ever? You have to spend your reaction and succeed two rolls to get +10 for one action. If you fail the toughness roll, not only does the -10 from fatigue cancel your bonus, the penalty lasts longer than one turn. If you fail the Tech-Use test, do you still have to make the Toughness roll? If so, you can end up immediately giving yourself -10 from fatigue and still have spent your reaction. What?!?
  2. I had read p. 126, but it just doesn't seem very clear. The prerequisite for Signature Wargear (Master) says "Signature Wargear for the item selected". Although, I suppose all that really means is that you can't get a second item with the Master talent... So I would have to get the Signature Wargear talent first, grabbing any item whatsoever? Then, I buy Signature Wargear (Master) and replace that item with an Omnissiah Axe (still benefitting from the bonus effects in Table 4-2)?
  3. The core book seems to imply that a single cybernetic arm costs 15 Req, while locomotion (legs) also costs 15. Do legs come with a 'buy one, get one free' deal?
  4. If a tactical marine with the Defensive Genius deed activates one of his brothers' chapter defensive squad mode abilities, can he then share it to the rest of his team using the Tactical mastery special ability? If so, what would be the complete sequence of required actions (free or otherwise)?
  5. If I understand the rules for signature Wargear correctly, you take the talent and obtain an item of up to 20 requisition. Then you can take signature Wargear (master) and upgrade your original item to a variant costing up to 40 Req (by making it higher quality or by adding modifications). Does that mean it is impossible to ever obtain something like an Omnissiah Axe, which costs 30 Req? It is too expensive to buy with the lowest signature Wargear talent and there is no lower quality version to be bought before it. Or would I need to find some awkward logic like buying a combi-tool for 15 Req and then upgrading it to an Omnissiah Axe (which can serve as a combi-tool, I believe)?
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