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  1. A guest in one of the podcasts I listen to (and I cannot remember who or which one) talked about playing in a dnd game that Scott Kurtz ran where he did this for all the players. Instead of a traditional session 0, they completely roleplayed building their characters. The example I remember was the player was walking down the street when a horse hitched to a wagon was spooked and started running toward him. He could have done anything at ti avoid or stop the horse. "I slowly reach out and make soothing noises to the animal to calm him down." Boom, sounds like you're trained in Animal Handling. I think he had chosen to dodge out of the way. They were using standard array, and with the nimble dodge they decided he would have a 16 in Dex. And they assigned every Ability and Skill this way, through the way the player's reacted to the world. I thought it sounded neat, but it did turn session 0 into a 3 session level 0 adventure.
  2. Wrenn

    Genesys Announced

    That is true. Savage Worlds got away with that by making a cheaper quality book (not judging content, merely the item itself). FFG may be able to slip that option in at a later date, or they may offer a much cheaper PDF. If we ask loud enough here, they may hear.
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    Genesys Announced

    Sure they'll remove the SW setting material. But I can't imagine they would release it without at least some bare bones setting info on the different genres they've mentioned.
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    Genesys Announced

    Savage Worlds - 192 page small size softcover. Genesys - full-size hardback and, if comparable to SW books, 400+ pages.
  5. And it's not like this is a unique approach. It's seemed to have worked well so far for Savage Worlds and Monte Cook's Cypher System.
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    Genesys Announced

    Sweet. And totally hacking this for a girl genius style setting.
  7. Wrenn

    Genesys Announced

    DarthGM, is you GM Phil? If so, I never listen.
  8. I understand your point Locket. But, it becomes a case of having your cake and eating it too. You can't have both party parity and a game that treats Jedi and non-jedi the way the prequels do.
  9. To expand: Always be sure to read the full description of talents in the talents chapter. Deadly Accuracy specifically calls out that it does not work with vehicle/starship weapons on pg 145 of the AoR corebook. Jury Rigged specifies a personal weapon on pg 150.
  10. It wouldn't take much to rewrite the duty chart so that it represented the Republic or even the Seperatists. Same goes for the Empire if they ever did an Imperial sourcebook.
  11. I was actually just listening to the Order 66 podcast where they interviewed two of the designers for this book. (Episode 80) Jason Marker did all of chapter 2 in this book and he said that this came from a Lego set he had. A variant 170, I don't remember what the set was called. But that's where he got the inspiration, for what it's worth.
  12. Yeah, that's the moment they would be asked to kindly leave my game.
  13. As far as rolling in secret, I don't like doing this. Rather, I use the rule of cool. Is it more interesting for the BBeG to have activated the ancient computer thingamajig? Then he did. Otherwise put it in the player's hands. As someone mention above, when you have an NPC slicer spying on the players, have the PLAYER roll to notice the camera. In short, I shy away from any instance that would leave the player staring into space while I roll dice and do figures behind the screen. Because they're dumb and start drooling if left alone for too long. I haven't done any traps in this system. Thinking about it, I like the suggestion to have them roll it and give a vague and mildly intimidating answer. Because while they may not currently be afraid, they will be. They will be.
  14. I had something similar happen before where a pc had guessed the plotline. So in a bout of GM anxiety I changed it all up because PCs can't know this stuff, right? Looking back on the experience, wrong. I wouldn't do that again for 2 reasons. 1 - The story just came out wonky. It was pointing to path A, then switched to path B, before a forced hard turn to path C. It came off forced and not near as interesting. 2 - I realize now I took away that player's victory. I mean, as much as you try to separate player from character there is and always will be some 'meta'. Because the player is the character. You can't help that unless you play by yourself, in which case, congratulations, you're a crappy novelist. By changing the story on the fly JUST because my Dbag player was smart enough to figure it out before MY select moment of reveal (how DARE HE) was just petty and took away what could have been a satisfying moment of victory for the player when it was confirmed that the player was right all along. So, for my own experience, I will just roll along as I had planned regardless of what the players did or did not guess ahead of time. Give them their victory and try to be more clever next time.
  15. As far as rules for racing, I like using the chase rules but set a round limit on it. So, swoop bike race through the city streets will last say 4 rounds. Then have each round move through a different section of the city. Round 1 - they take off on the highway, 2 sees them turn off on a curvy road introducing some environmental hazards, 3 is twisty alleyways, etc. They're clunky at first, but the chase rules are fun. The Order 66 podcast did a really good episode on them as well.
  16. I think the answer to this should come from the GM's side of the screen, rather than taking options away from the players. Alter difficulty to fit. Have encounters in places they can't openly carry their huge guns. Have encounters that can't be solved with guns. But, be sure to give them the chance to use everything they've invested in as well. Let them flex and feel like bad mofos.
  17. Do you have a PDF of the npc info you can share?
  18. Or if they aim at the head, assuming no helmet is worn, they can bypass soak from armor? It's a little complex for this system, might be easier to say they ignore all soak.
  19. Our group has just started playing. The campaign is a rebellion war campaign, though I've allowed Force Users from F&D. One of my players is an Artisan. He is heavy on the skills, weak on the offense and wanted to get the most out of Ranged Defense. At first I had suggested that he work toward a Curved Hilt and finding a Lorrdian Gemstone before realizing that Defensive and Deflection were two different things (as I said, brand new). So we went digging for items that provided Deflection. We found exactly 2, the Riot Shield and Cortossis shield. That was a long way to ask this question: Would it be overly powerful to homebrew a crystal similar to the Lorrdian and a hilt similar to the Curved except flavored for ranged defense, giving them the Deflection quality rather than the Defensive? Or is Deflection meant to be a rare quality for balance issues?
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