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  1. Firefox same here double warning on entering this site
  2. But afterbuners states after you fuly execute a speed 3-5 maneuver,... so its not a activaton yet, it is not in your activation phase.
  3. I got question if i reveal 3 speed maneuver and use advanced sensors to do barrel roll before executing maneuver can i after the maneuver spend charge from afterburners to perform boost action ?
  4. Can Ghost with docked attack shuttle and Ezra gunner fire 3 times in one round ?
  5. Lore: Ghost In-Game: Ghost Looks: Ghost All-around: Ghost
  6. Shivaja

    Liberty Prime

    OMG there is quest with the Prydwen moving on the board, gota scratch build miniature airship to
  7. Shivaja

    Liberty Prime

    Just played The Capital Wasteland scenario and its truly dull move around game board quest marker representing the mighty Liberty Prime, so am definitely making some Liberty Prime miniature for future play so it can tower over the wasteland
  8. Shivaja

    Pipe Wrench

    Hi guys can some one please clarify the pipe wrench for me what spend a result mean ?
  9. Ezra and Maul on Ghost not only thematic but OP as helll.
  10. well i don't want more shields i just want to get rid of upgrade card that i no longer want on my ship
  11. Hi guys i got question can chopper astromech discard upgrade card even if i still got full shields ?
  12. when we can expect the next parts ?
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