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  1. My favorite Keyan build to use these days are VI, Firing Control System, B-Wing/E2, Hera Syndulla Being able to make any manoeuvers while being stressed is great for Keyans ability and the Firing Control System just makes him more accurate while using stress for focus tokens. This has been really effective for me.
  2. This is my core build -Wedge BB8 VI Intergraded Astro -BS B-Wing -BS B-Wing This leaves me with 24 points to play with and what do you guys think is better? - x2 Bandit Z-Headhunters or -GS Y-Wing Twin Laser Turret I have be using the two Headhunters and have had success,I have been 10-1 with that build playing with my friends. I do not have a twin laser turret to put on a Y-Wing but was curious to hear what the people had to say before I try it out.
  3. My friends and I had mixed opinions on this, is this legal? Jake Farrell with PTL -I take a boost action -I use PTL -I take a focus -I take a free boost -I receive stress. Is this legal? If not why? Thanks
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