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    MandalorianMoose reacted to bkcammack in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    Well, he is “the most articulate” person on this forum. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to The Jabbawookie in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    You just made a punctuation error on the internet.  Do you know what this means?

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    So this is you informing us that you are indeed a sheep? Welcome to the flock I suppose. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Jansen007 in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    Hope our FFG Overlord will scrap all this Clone Wars nonsense and announce the sheeple/lemmings faction expansion soon. It will consist of a big capital ship that has to deploy at speed 4 backwards and 5 small based ships that come with, that have to follow their big leader over the edge of the flat galaxy we call our play area.

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to bkcammack in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    It’s not your thoughts and opinions that people are upset about. It’s your absolute lack of respect for anyone who disagrees with you. You have resorted to ad-hominem attacks on anyone who disagrees with you. Your tone conveys contempt to all the “sheep” that are unable to see things your way. That’s antithetical to how most people in this community treat others. 
    This is the type of community where people, at major tournaments no less, will remind their opponents of upgrades, even if it’s detrimental to themselves. Someone forgot a component? You’ve got lots strangers willingly lending rare cards. At LVO I gave an inexperienced player some advice that kept him from getting tabled by me. I’ve had opponents in casual games offer to use a different fleet because they knew the match-up was extremely in their favor. In tournaments missed timing windows are usually forgiven by your opponent. Every match I’ve played, especially against some REALLY good players, ends with “you know, if you did this it would have saved you from...” or some other form of advice. 
    You’ve got people like @Karneck and @Drasnighta who have donated I can’t imagine how many hours trying to figure out weird rules and card interactions. You’ve got @BiggsIRL, @shmitty, @geek19, @Snipafist (and many others who I’m too lazy to attribute correctly) creating blogs and podcasts for the express purpose of helping others, especially newer players. These players don’t have the community-at-large’s respect because they are super vocal, or are trying to show that they are smarter than the room. They are respected because they care about the game and, most importantly, care about helping the community. And when they are wrong, they admit it. 
    This is a community where people are largely selfless and try to lift up other players. We all know it’s just a game and try to have as much fun with it as possible. 
    So when you come in condescending and insulting others, you instantly lose any respect. It becomes obvious that you don’t care about lifting up other players and making the game fun. You’re posting to make yourself feel superior. That’s why people are annoyed. It’s not your opinions; it’s your attitude. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to The Jabbawookie in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    You don't tell me what to do.
    Only FFG can tell me what to do.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to The Jabbawookie in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    Don't be such a "snowflake."
    Is that the equal treatment you were looking for?  Did I do it right?
    Will FFG give me a cookie?
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to flatpackhamster in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    Is this where I sign up for the Internet Tough Guy competition?  I'm fresh from kicking chuddies on the PonyFanFic forum, and looking for a REAL TEST for my INDESTRUCTABUBBLE ARGUMENTATIONS!!
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to bkcammack in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    Even though I will probably not get a good response to this, I’ll try to answer some of your questions reasonably.

    Actually, I do care about profits. And I don’t have any money invested in any of the companies you named.  While profit does go to shareholders and CEO’s, it also goes into expansion, R&D, customer service, and generally making the business and the product better. Research and development are HUGELY expensive, so if profit margins are thin the companies are less likely to fund experimental projects. Also, if I like the product and like the price, I want the company to survive and continue making more product. To do that, they need their product to be profitable. Profit=continued development and releases. No profit = discontinued products.
    2 releases per year is the upper limit of what I personally would prefer. I actually like armada’s slower release schedule. With a full-time job, 5 kids, a wife and other drains on my time, I’m lucky to get in 2 games per month. If waves were released once every 6 months, I’d get maybe 10-12 games (realistically more like 3 or 4) in before a new wave hits. If we had monthly releases, I’d be so far behind I’d get really frustrated. That’s actually why I stopped supporting Legion. So many new units dropped so quickly I figured I would never be able to catch up, so I just stopped. A too-fast release schedule can be just as damaging as a slow one. 
    Finally, everyone, relax. We’re (mostly) grown adults. It’s not worth getting bent out of shape over playing with plastic toy spaceships set in a fantasy universe of Space Wizards, Dark Lords, Heroes and Damsels in Distress. Armada is my escape from the children in my house. I hate seeing childish displays here. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to The Jabbawookie in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    Shall we assemble a panel to judge?
    Because I guarantee you’re the only person here who thinks you’ve won, which in a debate objectively means you haven’t.
    Not only have you not changed minds, you’ve been unhinged enough to make people argue in favor of the FFG release schedule.  That’s hard to do.
    Absolutely.  You don’t care about our opinions and mock people for them.  And the favor is returned.
    You’re not happy being equal, you want to stand, woke and red-pilled, above the faceless sheep.  Heaven forbid someone offer a dissenting viewpoint; you barely read it enough to refute it.
    Even if everything you said were objectively true, your complete lack of emotional intelligence or respect for others comes across as flat-out narcissistic.  That alone sinks any attempt you make to win anyone over.  At what point do you look at this thread and say “nobody agrees with my message, and many actively oppose it now.”
    Not from a point of self-reflection, but just a rational assessment of what you’ve accomplished.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to geek19 in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    You've convinced me! By calling all of us sheep 5 different times in this thread (I counted) you've sufficiently yelled at me enough to agree with you! I BOW DOWN to your mastery of argumentation and I RESPECT WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT IT TO MEAN AT THIS TIME.
    I know at the start we tried engaging you in good faith and said things suggesting they reveal new products at GenCon but you said you dont want it and you want like 4 ships a year, no matter how impossible that is to test or release and or make different from each other (did you read @BiggsIRL's post about testing or just skip it?) And you wanted FFG to tell you everything immediately to make an informed choice, even though their marketing strategy isnt that way anymore, but this was OUR MISTAKE! WE SHOUKD HAVE LISTENED TO YOUR UNASSAILABLE ARGUMENTS AND SAVED OURSELVES TIME!
    Guys hes right, we're too nice to FFG. Let's all start yelling about how much we hate this game we love because we're all sheep and lapdogs to our corporate FFG masters! By yelling EVEN LOUDER, FFG will hear us and respond by giving us exactly what we want, no matter how ludicrous our demands are!
    I call for a vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Asmodee! We free people of the Flat Earth Society SHALL BE HEARD! The reckoning is upon us! When will FFG reveal that they've been putting fluoride in our water to poison our minds to the thought of 12 expansions a year! THOUGHT LEADERS SHOUKD FOLLOW THE EBITDA OF MY DEMANDS!!
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to BiggsIRL in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    All on page 1.
    I guess we're just not inclusive enough to tolerate people namecalling and insulting others because they disagree with them.  Oh well.
    It must be hard to think of yourself as the smartest person in the room when no one wants to be in the room with with you.
    You go to direct, BOLD insults on page 2.
    No one has insulted you yet, merely disagreed with your obvious superior intellect.  How DARE they?
    It is only after your directed BOLD insults that someone calls you a troll.
    Go away.  We're not including you because you suck, and can't argue in good faith without insulting other people's intelligence.  And as it turns out, we don't have to.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to duck_bird in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    No one attacked you lmao.  There's no sass until your 2nd post where you proceed to lose your mind.
    You are a cartoon.  A caricature of of an internet tough guy fACts AnD lOgIc keyboard warrior.  Take a step back and look at your insane rants in this thread.  About toy spaceships.  I mean as a fellow oppressed gamer, I understand, but my word, pick your battles.
    Another libtard destroyed.  Noice.
    Definitely.  I'd berate anyone running their mouth like an insane person.  Seriously I can't fathom unironically calling people sheep, spineless, telling them to SACK UP and DEBATE you and your IMPENETRABLE ideas.  You're a clown.  This is the chillest gaming community I've ever been a part of and you're slinging s*** at a lot of very cool people. 
    No one's harassing you for your ideas.  They're reacting to your, again, insane ranting.  
    Dude we crap on FFG and asmodee all the time in this community.  Production issues, missed deadlines, wonky rules interactions.  These are all so prevalent they're practically memes at this point.  Whining about it doesn't fix anything. 
    I've seen internet gamers whine about the practices of the industry since literally the 90s, yet keep buying things.  All the moaning doesn't do anything if people still spend money.  Ask yourself if the company is still offering a satisfactory product that you consider to be worth the expense of purchase.  If not, don't buy it.  Simple as that.  
    Again that's on you.  No one gave you even a little snark before you went nuts.
    Sorry it's almost 4pm and I hear FFG calling.  Time for my d*** flattening.
    Stay woke fellow gamer.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to GiledPallaeon in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    The above assumes neither Legion nor X-wing had intentionally long development cycles (Legion's case at launch, X-wing during 2.0 reset) to have a backlog of product that is then released faster than it is actually created initially to help keep attention on the product. The two corroborating pieces of evidence for this tactic are Legion's slowing release rate (down from a unit a month), and that Armada Clone Wars, in the interview you dismissed, is getting two waves in two subsequent quarters, which is unprecedented speed for this game.
    If you read a **** thing, you'd know this is always put in terms of "We'll take one good versus five bad". That's the detail you're missing, or more likely intentionally excluding, because it doesn't fit your self-serving narrative of personal superiority over the general public.
    No one else likes this either, dude. There are entire channels of communication between FFG and the Armada community specifically to help keep us informed about their attempts to fix this. They have gone quiet recently, because if you haven't noticed, FFG was gutted, followed by a global pandemic. The former of which was met with absolute outrage that was expressed constructively, which is to say not here.
    This is the thing dude. Like above, you are actually in line with the sentiments of the community. However, UNLIKE EVERYONE ELSE, you feel absolutely compelled to be an unmitigated asshat. See exhibit below:
    Furthermore, this is, as @BiggsIRL said, absolutely petulant bull:
    What's your plan? You shot down reaching out to them here:
    So instead, your plan is to *****, whine, moan, insult the community around you, and generally raise all **** on a public forum owned by the company who you are trying to influence, in a completely unofficial channel that has maybe in the history of the company potentially caused change exactly once, when the feedback was positive? Are you insane? Are you on some Schedule 1 drug?
    I know third graders less whiny than you.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to BiggsIRL in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    We haven't had a wave with more than 2 ships since Wave 2.  All the waves are good.  People with names in the Playtester credits are telling you that time and energy is needed to release quality products.
    (bolding mine)
    And thus we reach the crux of the issue.  You're a spoiled brat that wants a Golden Goose NOW DADDY!  NOW!
    It takes time to develop a new ship.  Decide what the ship will be, design the model, figure out what sort of archetype you want it to function as in the game, and how it fits into the existing game state.  Then you have to test it to make sure it does what you want it to, test it with what already exists to make sure it doesn't break something, and then test it some more.  Then maybe revise it and start the testing all over again.  Then you actually have to make sure that you can produce it in sufficient quantity once the testing is finalized.  Then you have to ship that production out.  This takes even more time with Armada because pre-painted miniatures share a production facility with X-Wing, which is - forgive me for saying it - a much more popular game.

    Would I like more expansions each year?  Yes. 
    Am I going to be a petulant child demanding more NOW!?  No.  Heck, we really haven't had the time to get our Starhawks and Onagers down on physical tables enough yet to really shake out the non-online Meta.
    If you're that upset, go back to X-Wing / Legion.  And leave us alone.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to geek19 in GenCon 2020 Cancelled -- When will Clone Wars Armada be revealed now?   
    so your plan, just making sure i understand this, is that instead of talking to a bunch of reporters and distributors during virtual GenCon, they should just release it when no one is watching them, and then advertise it SOMEHOW even though you ignore all ads and actively ignore companies that advertise to you?
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Bipolar Potter in Overlapping in the setup   
    Says the kettle to the pot.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to DiabloAzul in Overlapping in the setup   
    I for one think it's entirely fair to mercilessy mock Lyraeus now...

    ...but only if we're willing to eat crow in the (ridiculously unlikely) event that FFG agree with him
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to ScottieATF in Overlapping in the setup   
    That it is unlikely to happen because the ship's that you are typically utilizing happen to be on smaller bases isn't relevant, because if it is legal for those small ships that can get out of the way of each other it is just as legal for those large ships that can't. Creating a situation in which you can not resolve the maneuver.
    As per the overlap rules a ship that overlaps another can not finish it's maneuver. You reduce speed, even to 0, in order to find a maneuver that would no result in an overlap. In this situation you can never do so, thus you can never complete the maneuver.
    Just on that basis, nevermind the introduction of measurements on an axis this game never tries to include, there is no grounds to conjecture that this type of deployment is remotely legal.
    But if you need FFG to tell you as much I am beyond sure that they will. If they don't also think that you are pranking them with the question.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to ScottieATF in Overlapping in the setup   
    That you used it in 2 games with no issue, doesn't mean it doesn't create an issue. It means that you aren't looking for the issues you are creating.
    Take two Corvettes and deploy them with one propped up on the right side of another (meaning that the example ship has it's left side up in the air). Set the propped up ship to Speed 4 and try to preform a maneuver turning the example ship to the left. You can easily notch the template in for both the beginning and end of the movement , but the resulting (legal) manuver ends with the template sitting 3-4 inches above the table. You have no way to remotely estimate or execute that legal maneuver because you have a side of the ship propped up at an angle.
    Now take two VSDs prop the example ship up so it's front pegs are sitting on the back of the other VSD. Set it's Speed to whatever you want. No possible maneuver will result in you being able to clear the base of the underneath VSD, and reducing Speed temporarily still results in an overlap at 1 and even 0. You can never resolve what are completely legal maneuvers because of the manner in which the ship's are set up. How is that suppose to work?
    The deployment you are suggesting as possibly legal in no way works with the rules of the game. You can not have the above highlighted issues and act as if you aren't suggesting that the rules of the game function in a manner which leads to situations in which they litterally can't work. The VSD example above highlights specifically that this type of deployment creates a situation in which legally under taken activations and perfectly legal maneuvers simply can not resolve themselves.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to GameCafe in Overlapping in the setup   
    I will simply take the time to revisit the lack of rule stating I can't pick up my opponents ships and throw them accross the room. Obviously I have found a loophole and will now win worlds. Mwahahahahahaha
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