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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Church14 in Good Times on Twitter   
    I think it is some kind of need they think they have to always be on the cutting edge of tech or on the next platform and lose site of the fact that their core audience probably doesn’t give a flying **** about that. That or they try to capture the bleeding edge of cultural zeitgeist and miss that mark. That need to be the first to new market instead the the best in old market causes some serious PR blowback
    The twitter feedback is funny because some organization that should know better always does this same exact stupid act. The NYPD did this one year and people tweeted back picture after picture of the NYPD engaging in police brutality or otherwise representing the worst of policing.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to thestag in Good Times on Twitter   
    Looks like FFG tried to get some positive PR at the end of the year and that didn't go so well...
    Then FFG whined about it and that just made things worse:
    I don't use Twitter myself, but I would like to give props to all the Armada players for giving FFG some well deserved grief.
    Thanks to @cleardavefor posting these in the IA forums.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to IronNerd in Salt   
    How long before they just shut down the Armada forum? It takes more energy to lock threads than they have spent on community relations in the past 6 months...
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to EbonHawk in Salt   
    FFG Mods right now
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in Salt   

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in Dear FFG   
    We're on to it.

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Dear FFG   
    Maybe Nomemories is a sock puppet account of whoever was running the FFGOP Twitter?



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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Undeadguy in Dear FFG   
    Hi. You must be new here considering you low post/like count. Clearly you have no idea what the **** you are talking about. It took how many years for the SSD to be announced?
    Just to design one ship which will inevitably be in the FAQ, which is another 6 month minimum turn around? That argument has no merit.
    We, as a community from the very beginning, have been begging FFG for more articles and interaction with the player base. FFG has always had issues with releasing content for Armada. Whether it be articles, new waves, or FAQs. Armada has always gotten the short end of the stick because X-Wing has always been more successful. The reason people are making these posts is because we want the interaction from FFG. 
    And yes, I bet @EbonHawk could do a better job than FFG. Why? Because what have we gotten since the SSD announcement? Or the hyper-space report bull? Are you ******* serious @Nomemories? You think anyone could do a worse job right now because it's not FFG? Crabbok was the shining light for us because FFG was feeding him new content but he can't make new content to share if FFG isn't putting in the work to make new waves. 
    The only entitlement here is coming from you. How dare you walk into a community and tell people to leave because we are desperate to keep our game alive. A game we have spent thousands on. A game where we made friends and created a community.
    Honestly, if you stopped playing Armada the community would be better for it. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in Dear FFG   
    I'll concede the point, sure, but I don't think I'm wrong. 

    Don't let my friendly language undermine the opinion I have of you based on this thread alone.

    I've been a part of this community since late 2016. I have fought, laughed, argued, and learned from members of this community for years. In all that time I have only met a handful of people who have expressed that a player leaving would better the community as a whole. Very few of those few were EVER justified, and typically came from an individual who HAD to be right. Based on what I see now, I believe you to be one of these individuals. 

    So, you can choose to believe that calling someone out in public and passively suggesting they leave because their opinion doesn't match yours is civil. I'm not going to argue with a person who needs to be right.

    To be honest, I couldn't think of many things more rude than telling a person they are a detriment to a community.

    Congratulations on your victory. 

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Dear FFG   
    The key issue is this:  Do YOU think that FFG is doing a satisfactory job with their social media presence and handling of Organized Play, especially as it relates to the product line Armada?

    If you think the answer is "yes," many if not most of of us would find you to have staggeringly low standards for a professional corporation as large as AsmodeeNA/FFG.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in Dear FFG   
    I mean, it depends on how you perceive it. I think being brutally honest about FFGs polices based on 1st and 2nd hand experience is perfectly civil (based on repeated years of lacking support). Let's not forget that before the hyperspace report mix up there was the wave 7 delay, before that we had to wait for a wave 6 FAQ, and then before that we barely had articles, and before that we had to wait an insane amount of time for the wave 5 FAQ. It was so bad there were literal colored teams guessing how a card worked and TO's making judgements that sent folks into a damned frenzy.  FFG has had a bad track record with Armada since wave 5 dropped. These comments are just the pinnacle of all the BS.

    If you ask me, saying the community would be better if someone quit playing is far more uncivil, especially considering you have no experience with what this player may or may not bring to his or her community. 

    It all depends on how you see the world. 

    Either way, equivalent or not, it is a bit hypocritical to be rude to someone while claiming that they're being too rude. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to xero989 in Dear FFG   
    Not going to lie FFG retweeting "we just want to hear what you liked" I mean you need to be able to take criticism, to improve. I like organized play and the highlight for me is that it exists, and has prize support, and organized play should be more organized as everything just feels thrown together. You ask for highlights, and we say we think this aspect could be improved, then you just say that's not what we want to hear tell us how great we are seams a little big headed I'm sure that's not how it was meant but that's how if feels. They just need to say well if the most memorable things are these bad things maybe we should do something to correct them and if they did retweet it should have been more along the lines of Thank you so much for voiceing your concerns about organized play, now that we know how we can improve, what did you enjoy about organized play last year but the way they handled it feels kinda like a "you guys have phones right?" Type of attatude.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to cynanbloodbane in Dear FFG   
    I have no problem being positive about the product FFG puts out. I even understand the lack of new releases because X-wing 2.0 and Legion are priority. 
    Now let's get a bit less positive, the lack of reprints of out of stock expansions is just plain stupid. These dead times for new releases is when it is easy to convince players to buy multiple expansions they already own, just to try new things! It also keeps New players from fully investing in the game. 
    Now we get to the marketing team fo Armada... You suck at life. At this point, the local groups get Armada more sales than anything the marketing team does. Seriously, just hire some local TO and you will at least stop insulting the fan base.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in Dear FFG   
    I'm ready to hop on board the salt express. CHOO CHOO mother ****ers, here we go.

    I wouldn't be so pissed that they've let Armada go down to a single release a year if it wasn't for the fact they can't keep the essential packs in stock. I mean, I've seen the molds, it CANNOT take more than 8 months to inject a few thousand tie fighters and x-wings so the new players getting in to this awesome game don't have to deal with the scalpers so notorious for your ******ed brand. I can't help but wonder if this isn't actually part of FFG policy.

    1.) Make a semi-popular game
    2.) Wait till it's balanced 
    3.) Let an essential unit go out of print 
    4.)  self-aggrandize
    5.) ????
    6.) Profit?

    Not to mention the OP kit release schedule and press... late as always. 

    I'm on board with @EbonHawk, I ain't shutting up about it, they CAN do better, proven by the fact that they HAVE done better. 

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to IronNerd in Dear FFG   
    I know you're going to catch flak for this, either from the "This topic has been beat to death" or the "Be nice to the people that make the thing we love" crowd. 
    Personally, I don't see why we should stop pointing out their incredible blunders until they actually do something to fix it. So... Amen to that! Couldn't agree more.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to EbonHawk in Dear FFG   
    Please, just give me a job in your marketing team, because yours is ******* useless 
    sorry not sorry
    But Real Talk: I could do a better job lifting at least 400 pounds and that's with the left arm alone!
    What about the right? Writing poems...
    The twitter debacle is one recent highlight: I bring to attention your reply
    "In case there was any confusion, we understand your concerns, but voicing these concerns (again) does not provide us any valuable insight into the moments and events you viewed as your 2018 highlights. What did you enjoy and want to see more of?"
    While being wilding condescending to the players, and **** right rude, your 'marketing' team fail to actually see the problem that maybe there weren't many highlights, and instead of writing off criticism, use it. Because they are valuable insights into the moments and events of 2018  from your players and if you fail to see that, you shouldn't be working in marketing.
    So to sum up, stop pumping **** to us and step your game up and do your jobs. Because right now your company is a joke
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to BiggsIRL in Vassal World Cup Results   
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to BiggsIRL in Fourth Annual Star Wars: Armada Vassal World Cup (2019)   
    I... I warned everyone?  Like 3 days ago?
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from Ardaedhel in Is Tagge secretly better than Motti?   
    How does one remove ramming from their list?
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from Admiral Theia in Rebel version of a Triple ISD build   
    I like this a lot- if you drop the flag to an ordinance cruiser you can put leading shots on the second armored
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from RyonOlson in Never have I ever...   
    Never have I ever ran away an entire game and wasted everyone’s time.
    Even in tournaments. I’m there to play the game and watch ships go pew pew with fistfuls of dice
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from RyonOlson in Never have I ever...   
    Never have I ever ran away an entire game and wasted everyone’s time.
    Even in tournaments. I’m there to play the game and watch ships go pew pew with fistfuls of dice
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from RyonOlson in Never have I ever...   
    Never have I ever ran away an entire game and wasted everyone’s time.
    Even in tournaments. I’m there to play the game and watch ships go pew pew with fistfuls of dice
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to OutboundFlight in Never have I ever...