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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Stasy in Wave 3 and 4 Shipping Now!   
    So by the time my shop has it, I'll be out of town for vacation. Awesome.
    At least it's a fun trip planned. 6th row near mid field for the Eagles/Steelers preseason game and wineries.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Vergilius in Starion Assault, Jamming Barrier, Salvage Run - Tactics.   
    That's exactly what the card says, so you're right in pointing it out.
    That makes it good against opponents who are throwing out large numbers of dice.  If they are just throwing in clumps of three, then half rounded down is just a single die, so they'll still throw 2.  Likewise, if they have one die, they remove .5 rounded down to 0.
    This is right at the beginning where we're just learning about these cards for the first time, and we don't always read them carefully or think through the implications on the first glance.  So we do need everyone to point out and ask questions without fear of being the guy who quibbles with the wording on the cards and without fear of being wrong, since this is how we learn and grow.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to PT106 in Tarkin's Pocket Carriers   
    I had some success with them as carriers/AS platform backed up by Corrupter. Essentially, keep the bombers protected until its time to throw them at enemy ships, then each raider activates 3 (with token) and disengages away.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Caldias in Gencon Wave 5 maybe...   
    I just went with the contest list for funzies, but will definitely by tweaking that.  I really want to fit five activations with some squadrons.  That loadout was the cheapest liberty with Spinal Armament, Mon Karren, Leading shots, and Gunnery team.  I believe that is 124 points.  
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from DOMSWAT911 in Gencon Wave 5 maybe...   
    Because if it was a large base ship Motti would grant it +3 extra hull, boosting it past a base ISD... Beastmode activated, especially with an engineering value of 5 it would be mighty hard to kill
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from mcworrell in Gencon Wave 5 maybe...   
    Because if it was a large base ship Motti would grant it +3 extra hull, boosting it past a base ISD... Beastmode activated, especially with an engineering value of 5 it would be mighty hard to kill
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    MandalorianMoose reacted in new titles   
    Thrawn: At the beginning of the command phase you may exhaust this card to win the game.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Caldias in Gencon Wave 5 maybe...   
    I did Intel Sweep as second player.  My opponent and I played a VERY close game.  His SW7 ISD with XI7s one shot both Yavaris and the MC30, even with my Landoing his red dice.  I tore up his squadrons and killed his raider.  End score was 201-201, with me getting the win if it had been a tournament or whatever since I was second player.  Madine plus the Liberty is pure awesome.  Clutch play was Dutch getting an accuracy and a hit on an activated Howlrunner to get the kill I needed in the final round.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Caldias in Gencon Wave 5 maybe...   
    Your wish is my command.



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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Thraug in Time for a point cap increase!   
    I wouldn't mind a point increase, even to 600, but only if they lowered the maximum amount of squadrons to 15%. Now that squadrons are valuable most fleets take some of nearly the maximum amount and these games drag. A 600 point game with a 33% squadron allowance would be too long for me to continue playing. 400 point games with two squadron filled fleets are already too clunky and slow to enjoy, at least for me.
    I love Armada, but games with a giant ball of squadrons surrounding multiple ships are just painful to play and often doubles the length of games. I find Armada much more enjoyable with little squadrons and/or when ships spread out all over the map.  Less fiddling around with pulling pieces off the map every time a ship needs to move and less fussing with squadron placement precision, a very important of squadron synergies.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to thecactusman17 in Time for a point cap increase!   
    I think a move to 500 points, with 100 points being exclusively for squadrons, would solve a number of issues and diversify many fleets.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to SkyCake in Wave 3 and 4 Shipping Now!   
    Wave 3 boat:

    Wave 4 boat:

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Jondavies72 in How to get 5+ activations   
    I like:
    One top of the range demolisher
    Four budget raiders
    One mini fire ball ( 3 fire sprays and rhymer)
    All commanded by Ozzie
    The strategy is simple place the raiders first in two pairs down the flanks, next if you have a flank with juicy targets place your fire ball on that flank. If not place demo and the the fireball supporting demo against the primary target.
    Raiders start speed two with navigate ( then spam nav until you need firepower) allowing them a 90%, full stop or full speed turn one.( always work the raiders in pairs) you are using them as funnels and blockers at the flanks, let a ship drift into them ( do not chase).
    Demo starts at speed 1, nav command, Nav command, firepower, nav..... Ozzie makes this guy as unpredictable as hell, you can go from 1 to 3+1, which is brutal hard to predict around attack run, fire ball can be used to add early damage to a motti ISD to ensure the trip tap kill, block fighters, Hunt out a small ship, support one of the flanking raider wings.......
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Caldias in Wave 3 and 4 Shipping Now!   
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Mad Cat in Wave 3 and 4 Shipping Now!   
    The Interdictor is no longer interdicted.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to MoffZen in Vader's soft carress...   
    Alright, so came back from the first game with this list ! Absolutely insane, with so far my best Imperial win with a 9-2 (according to the new tourney rules) with a MOV of 224 points. No ship lost, and only 2 TIEs down.
    My opponent was a primarily Imperial player flying a Rebel list he was not really used to fly (he's quite new in our gaming group, but he's a fast learner and I'm curious to see how far he goes ! ), so this skewed a bit more towards the high end of the MOV, but I feel that this list is 7-4 capable in tourney settings.
    A few key takeaways :
    1) Dominator with Vader is absolutely insane in dueling with the initiative. Even at medium range, it's capable of throwing 5 then 4 dice on a double arc at the cost of 4 shields which is not too bad considering you'll push as much on the enemy's own shields. With an Engineering Command, you actually trade 4 shields for 2 of yours, and then you bank on hull tanking. Absolutely amazing title for a Victory imho !
    2) Devastator with Vader is absolutely insane too. One shotted a Neb B with only a single extra dice on the front arc, shooting at the Neb's own front arc with full shields and getting double accuracies thanks to Vader's reroll. This baby could tank jousting with 2 Slaved Turrets Neb Bs pumping out Concentrate Fire Commands and is quite amazing. First time I think an ISD survived in one of my game, albeit with no shields and 3 hull. Starting to love these big buggers
    3) Even without the Demolisher title, the Gladiator I worked quite well. It spent 2 turns scaring away a flanking CR90 and ate a Neb in its activation.
    4) Can't really comment on Mauler's performance due to him only having Han Solo as a Fighter escort, but this fighter screen does work quite well.
    5) It was a pleasure to see another player field pairs of Nebs ! I feel a lot less alone than I used to
    Psychologically, the large dice pools actually scared him against ganging up too much (he'll learn how to survive against these larger attacks). It was a very fun list to play overall, really changed how I looked at the ISD in terms of performance, and the VSD still ain't dead !
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to KAGE13 in Testing Dice - Or, do my dice really hate me   
    I might actually try this. 
    I hate my black dice.  25% chance to miss and you would not believe the blanks I roll. 
    One game 10 Y-wings.  I rolled 9 out of 10 blanks. 
    another game, 5 A-wings attacking ships.  over 2 turns I rolled 10 black dice...again 1 hit. 
    I will rarely take anything that rolls black dice anymore. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to GrandMoffMatt in Ozzel vs. Ackbar AAR   
    Clearly this was the mission that got him the job on the Executor.  Man was a victim of his own success.
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from PT106 in Ozzel vs. Ackbar AAR   
    Turn 1
    Ozzel opened and dropped to speed one in order to cut off access to behind my other Star Destroyers. Thing 1 and Thing 2 both jumped up to speed three, eager to get into the fight. No shots were fired this round.

    Turn 2
    I committed an egregious error with my first activation this turn, which could have lost the game (potentially) for me. I chose my flagship as my first activation, and had my opponent chosen to activate the MC80 as his second ship instead of his third, I would not have been able to block him and could have been picked apart by his AG enhanced Ackbar cruiser had it gotten behind me. Instead, he activated his second AF and gave me back my missed opportunity, upon which I pounced. Thing 1 jumped ahead into the front arc of the MC80, where it remained pinned through the remainder of the battle. Thing one dropped to speed two and set up for an attack on the rear assault frigate on the next turn.

    Turn 3
    This turn began with my opponent activating his far right Assault Frigate in an attempt to avoid my front arc, which was unsuccessful. Thing 1 then blasted 10 damage into the front of the MC80, who chose to not use the brace I had targeted with my Intel Officer, instead utilizing advanced projectors to spread the damage to all hull zones. Ackbar then activated, firing from his front arc to my front arc. The ISD had no troubles handling two red dice and a blue… Thing 2 then unloaded a devastating front arc shot into the side of his Assault Frigate, crippling it by putting 4 damage cards onto it, including a depowered armament that prevented it from taking another shot for the duration of the match. After it’s shot, Thing 2 moved into position for shots on the trapped MC80.  My opponent then had no choice but to move his Assault Frigate into the waiting maw of my Advanced Gunnery Flagship. Ozzel then activated, pumping two front arc shots into the side of his Assault Frigate, which he was able to survive (just barely!), with one hull point remaining. 

    Turn 4
    The final round was filled with absolute carnage. He activated his doomed assault frigate first, swinging around to the side of Ozzel, avoiding another front arc volley. I then activated Thing 2, because at this point he only had two hull points remaining, and I had a feeling that he would not be surviving through this round. He blasted 8 damage into the side of the MC80, which was braced to four, but all four hits found their way onto the hull as the Cruiser’s shields had been completely stripped the turn before. Ackbar then activated, blowing apart Thing 2 with a massive side arc shot before double ramming Thing 1 in a Kamikaze fashion. The flagship was the last to activate, finishing off the wounded Assault Frigate with it’s double side arc shot. Upon it’s destruction, my opponent conceded and the game was over.

    All in all this is the most fun I have had playing armada in months. Big ships, fistfuls of dice, and high levels of mayhem and destruction. God I love this game…
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to thecactusman17 in Ozzel vs. Ackbar AAR   
    I find that Ozzel is in his own way the best defensive upgrade in the game, letting you engage for maximum firepower while limiting return fire.  he basically turns every ship into a version of Demolisher shooting into range and booking it back out after delivering the pain.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Blail Blerg in Ozzel vs. Ackbar AAR   
    Same.  I love big ships and I cannot lie.  
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Blail Blerg in Ozzel vs. Ackbar AAR   
    (Small ships are ok too.  They're ships. *shrug)
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to thecactusman17 in Ozzel vs. Ackbar AAR   
    Told you. Ozzel.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Cubanboy in A request for IFF and an Apology   
    Hello friends,
    First and foremost, sorry I have been living in the X-wing forums because I have gotten in some X-wing games and not posted or followed what is going on.
    Second my IFF PODCAST sense is going crazy so where is the new podcast,
    See you guys on the flip Side.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Netace in Imperial Cheese Wedges   
    I was waiting for this suggestion. I think the easy cut is Quad Laser turret, as the ships need to be the Marks they are in order to function. The raider having counter is good, but I really only need the raider to hold the sqadrons long enough to get on with the blasting the opposing fleet apart with the biguns'.
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