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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from CoffeeMinion in Solo - An Underappreciated Gem   
    I was originally worried about someone besides Harrison Ford playing Han, but I think Alden nailed it. He wasn’t doing HF’s jaded Han, he was still young and idealistic. It let him show the characters growth and development into the scoundrel we all know and love, without awkwardly trying to replicate the character we see in 4/5/6. 
    Loved the movie, watched it many times and will watch and enjoy it many more!
    My favorite part is the deconstruction of Beckett’s carbine into the iconic DL44 he gives Han. **** that thing is gorgeous with the stock and scope on it
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from Indecisive Mogwai in Looking for videos with 2-ship   
    I think some of my cata/squall games are up there from the Worlds replacement tourney 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to RealVeers in Looking for videos with 2-ship   
    Gencon 2019 has several of Sams games (which is Dictor Quasar). And I think @Karneck has some on his Amrada Channel. 
    also check 2018 Autumn Vassal Cup, it has some of the games of one of the masterminds, @BrobaFett
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Ginkapo in Looking for videos with 2-ship   
    @MandalorianMoose Did any of yours end up on youtube?
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to bkcammack in Let’s play a game- making it just a bit better   
    Sensor Team:
    Remove “spend 1 die.” You could actually flak a scatter ace. Or guarantee your desperately needed accuracy.

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Divad in Should Mon Mothma's Commander ability be updated for Extreme Range?   
    That is fair enough. It sounds like we are using different definitions after all.
    I consider an ability restrictive if it has a significant downside. I'm including indirect downsides, such as ease of counter play, or poor reliability to consistently activate.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Divad in Should Mon Mothma's Commander ability be updated for Extreme Range?   
    I'm not saying it's a bad idea to update old upgrades to account for new mechanics. In fact I appreciate the discussion as Mon Mothma is underutilized.
    This wasn't my point, but I agree with the person originally making it. And I disagree with your list. Konstantine has a restriction so heavy with payoff so situational he isn't viable, Piett needs a token and is exhaustible, Sato is one of the most restrictive commanders out there needing both significant fighter investment (though unlike Sloane he does not synergise with those fighters) and needs a fighter at range 1, Madine needs Nav dials or tokens and Leia deny's the use of any token you are holding onto.
    I do believe this particular change is bad. It shoehorns Mon Mothma into a bad design state where she hard counters lists or ships that fight at long range, both Rebel and Empire lists. But if you adjust her points, then she becomes even worse again the lists she currently struggles against because she flat out costs more without any improvements against these lists. Hard counter/hard countered lists are bad game design, no one wants to face a 80% chance of win or loss just based on which list they are facing. The ONLY ships I'd consider with enough long rage firepower to put meaningful damage out is Ackbar HO-MC80 and AFII, MC-80 BC, Starhawk or ISDII with Spinals, Cymoon with whatever, SSD, and Vic II with D-Caps (for 1 turn only). But all those ships will do only 0-2 damage max out of their non-primary arc, as would ALL ships not on that list. Imagine on top of this a list with Shields to Maximum meaning your tiny damage is mitigated further.
    Not really anything thematic with points costs. Palpatine isn't 50 points after all. Intel officers are 7 points and Ashoka is 2 points, Officer Vader is 1 point!... The ability is thematic and the points are simply balance.
    Your odds of rolling a red accuracy are poorly though out. It uses underutilized/expensive/situational upgrades. And each has a trade off. Varnillian means you don't take gunnery teams/alternative on your stacked red dice ship. And she can only guarantee one red dice accuracy. C.F and going slow with Quad Battery Turrets mean you won't turn as fast and the CR90 can more easily get into the side arc were you suddenly find your 3 dice tops are trash. Plus even with all that (except guaranteed upgrades like Varnillian), your odds of an accuracy are still far worse then you make out and certainly not reliable. 6 red dice being rolled have like a 55% chance of rolling at least 1 accuracy (Math: 1- (7/8 ^6)).
    It also means you aren't locking down the Redirect token, which can spread literally all the damage to the shields, biding time for the CR90 to escape the front arc, which is now almost inevitable.
    Finally in your scenario you are using a 54+ point Arquitens plus another ship probably a 100pt VSD 2 or 120+ pt ISD, to get a single round of damage to a 51pt CR90 that realistically is just going to strip it's shields.
    As I said, I like the idea of improving old commanders that have fallen by the way side. An advantage Mon Mothma has from a design perspective over others is that she synergises with Evade. Any new upgrade that improves Evade, improves Mon Mothma. For example you could make a defensive retrofit like "Emergency Thrusters" that allow you to spend a Nav token while defending to perform an evade action. Or a Officer like Han Solo that lets you spend a second/multiple evade token/s to affect additional dice. Perhaps Solo could instead give a ship an evade token but not allow evade tokens to be refreshed (representing his unorthodox bag of tricks, but somewhat reckless and limited). Useful for everyone, but Mon Mothma does it better.
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from DR4CO in GenCon Online   
    @ovinomanc3r I think it’s really cool how you learned English as a second language and now are able to participate in discussions with the greater community in a common language. Sure some grammar is rough, but you don’t come across as a raving lunatic with giant walls of text so that’s cool
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from DR4CO in GenCon Online   
    What are the chances FFG doesn’t participate in this at all and instead decides to reveal clone wars on their own private stream that has much less of a draw and audience because one guy said it’d be be the way to go and then yelled at everyone who disagreed with him?
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to The Jabbawookie in Clone Wars Commander Predictions   
    He implied another user should die.  That behavior is not equivalent to (or better than) the behavior of his critics.
    It is also in violation of the user agreement for this forum.
    It's not enough to put him on my ignore list while he treats others that way, and I'd like the mods to do their jobs (I assume we still have them, but we live in unusual times and I'm beginning to wonder.)
    Also: a tolerant environment can only be tolerant of tolerant viewpoints.  It's a bit of a paradox, but otherwise you're making the forum less welcoming for new arrivals who don't like insults, ranting, and thinly veiled death threats, ignore button or not.
    It was a little fun at first, but now it's just cleaning up a mess.  I do agree that he's not going away by our actions, though, unless those actions involve the report button.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to BiggsIRL in Un-Named Steel Strategy Armada Podcast   
    Bold of you to assume we even think about what we say when we are saying it.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Darth Sanguis in Most Thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique Upgade   

    They literally do the game version of their movie gimmick. lol
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Admiral Calkins in Updating Weaker Commanders: Challenge: Terrible Answers Only   
    SSD Executor I (381)
    • Admiral Ozzel (19)
    = 400 Points
    At least I probably won't forget to use any of my upgrades...
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from BiggsIRL in Clone Wars Commander Predictions   
    You probably think Gaston was the good guy too don’t you....
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to geek19 in Clone Wars Commander Predictions   
    He wasnt? But he had a song praising his merits and EVERYTHING!
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to eliteone in Rapid Launch Bays and...   
    running a Glad without Demolisher, son? 
    That's an automatic 10-1 with a big ole' L for you. 
    Meow you better think about your list building priorities and get back to fundamentals right meow. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Packerman29 in Rapid Launch Bays and...   
    When I see this topic headline:
    littering and....

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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Stefan in Most Thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique Upgade   
    I think most upgrade cards are very thematic. I'll elect the most tiresomly thematic card: Han Solo. The "he shoots first" joke is really getting old. 
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from Admiral Calkins in Most Thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique Upgade   
    Lando, both the Officer and the Squadron. Ever the gambler
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from bkcammack in Most Thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique Upgade   
    Lando, both the Officer and the Squadron. Ever the gambler
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to bkcammack in Most Thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique Upgade   
    I like Hondo Ohnaka officer. He’s always playing both sides of the conflict. 
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to Admiral Calkins in Most Thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique Upgade   
    Time for a different, fun, and hopefully more positive topic.  We may have already threaded this before (and if we have, it's been a hot minute since we did it last), but in your opinion, what is the most thematic Commander, Squadron, or Unique upgrade in Armada and why?     I'll go with the Darth Vader Officer upgrade.  To me, nothing is more thematic than Vader choking out his own officers (particularly in The Empire Strikes Back) to improve the Imperial Navy.  Just love it.   Honorable Mention:  Admiral Konstantine.  I am currently a little more than halfway through Rebels; he is worthless in that series and he is worthless in Armada.  Well done, FFG.   Edit: Just watched the episode with the Battle of Atollon… Admiral Konstatine was worthless to the very end.
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    MandalorianMoose reacted to bkcammack in Clone Wars Commander Predictions   
    This is crossing a line and completely unacceptable. Discussion, debate, even heated arguments, sure let’s have those all day long. Calling people who don’t agree with “sheeple,” completely trolling behavior, but whatever. Just ignore the trolls. I’ll grant that some people, myself included, have worded some posts specifically to p*** you off. It’s been meant as a way to tell you that no one really cares about what you have to say, largely because of the pompous, arrogant and insulting way you express yourself. I’m probably wrong to try to provoke you, and I’m sorry for that. 
    What you just posted, however, is completely out of line. Actively expressing a desire that other people on this forum die is so inappropriate I can’t begin to express how I feel. You’ve crossed from being an annoying child who always has to get his way and is seeking attention to being abusive and potentially threatening. Stop it. 
    Please remove your post. It’s already been flagged. 
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    MandalorianMoose got a reaction from c5alinas in GenCon Online   
    K2-SO is my favorite droid in the entire SW universe (sorry HK)
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