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  1. MandalorianMoose

    Screed Strikes Back!

    Then engine techs are required. Glads capped at speed 3 have a much tougher time running away and/or arc dodging
  2. MandalorianMoose

    Angry triangles

    Thanks for the mention Bert! This is one of my all time favorite fleets, it just looks so janky and yet it works. So many dice flying around, decent damage reduction, high activations, universal rerolls- what more could you want? Don't sleep on QBT- this fleet slow rolls in formation so it almost always proc's, and with double arcs that's 6 extra dice each round
  3. MandalorianMoose

    Any Players in Munich?

    I'll be in Munich next week and would love to be able to get a game in with someone, is there an active player base or store in the city or surrounding area?
  4. MandalorianMoose

    Screed Strikes Back!

    No Tua, brunson, engine techs, or bid for first doesn’t seem like a recipe for keeping ships alive against ackbar/Vader double cymoon etc
  5. MandalorianMoose

    Dual Cymoons idea. . . help?

    So don’t lose that one
  6. MandalorianMoose

    Pair-A-Dice Store Champs Bat Rep - Vista CA

    Heavy ackbar that can strafe and out-dice at long range- if you can’t pin it he can be a pain. Congrats on the win Matt! Yea the last round opponent was Peter, he’s been playing Arcs since they came out, they’re his favorite ship (I think he ran a fleet of 6 one tournament?), but yea I think this version that rasp came up with is much more competitive
  7. MandalorianMoose

    Ordnance Pods vs. External Racks

    In that case I’d go exrax- Sato makes you look at squads very differently- you are not trying to win the squad game, just survive long enough to table your opponent. And if your opponent is smart they will be gunning for your squads not ships meaning you will get little use from ord porgs
  8. MandalorianMoose

    Ordnance Pods vs. External Racks

    Normally I would totally agree with you- it’s why I cringe every time I see a Kallus/Flechette Demo because the opportunity cost is so high on the slots you are giving up. However a Kuat/Armored 75 seems to be the sweet spot for me in terms of getting those AA upgrades while not gimping yourself vs ships. You can still equip leading shots to both and even a Turbolaser to the 75 so no need for OE, letting you toss ruthless strats in that slot. Exrax is good in the torpedo, but Ord Porgs isn’t really giving up THAT much compared to it on those ships especially since they don’t NEED crit effects like Demo or the Ordinance cruiser. Couple one of those ships with a pile of generic bombers and you have a very versatile little group. Against squadronless fleets you can bomb freely, and against squad heavy fleets you feast on 134 points of squads that can be burned down in a single round. And on the Imperial side you can pair with mauler for even more autodamage shenanigans
  9. MandalorianMoose

    Galactic Civil War 2.0 - Undeadguy's Custom Campaign

    It’s player vs player, not vs AI so the missions are seek and destroy
  10. MandalorianMoose

    Ordnance Pods vs. External Racks

    Ord pods really shine when paired with Ruthless Strats so you can proc it twice per turn
  11. MandalorianMoose

    Silly questions of the day

    It varies depending on first/second player. First player you can sort of form a “net” around the enemy fleet and then send ships in to last/first. As second player you need to think more along the lines of where is the enemy ship going to be 2+ turns from now? And how can I move to intercept without getting shot to pieces on the way
  12. MandalorianMoose

    Supersize Me: SSD + ISD theory list

    Not flying the isd away from the ssd? JJ to help you turn back
  13. MandalorianMoose

    Admiral Piett commander card spoiled (corrected)

    Then he would be busted as all **** lol. Devastator Piett= 16 dice attack pool
  14. MandalorianMoose

    Admiral Piett commander card spoiled (corrected)

    Piett and Tarkin could not be more different if they tried
  15. MandalorianMoose

    Supersize Me: SSD + ISD theory list

    Corner deploy with the SSD pointed inwards with the ISD protecting its outside flank ready to wheel around. Go ahead and try to wrap around it, it will blast you apart with it’s front arc all game. Or stay on the other side and engage the ssds side arc with a supporting isd