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  1. Biggs v Sam finishes 241-120 to me. He picked my Station assault and killed both stations, Soontir and an Advanced. I killed the Liberty, Garms flag, and his squad wing. Good game and best of luck in the rest of the tourney!
  2. @xanderf vs MM finished 354-0 to me. He won the bid and chose second. I picked his Advanced Gunnery. He made me start working on the lead generic ISD while the other two were somewhat boxed out, when it was about 2/3rds of the way dead it ran off the board and I was able to start working on the objective ship that came trailing in behind it. Some sub par rolling on both sides was highlighted when the objective Cymoon was unable to secure the acc needed on 2 AG front long range shots (with Vader rerolls) into my 1 hull objective BCC flotilla. The Interdictor then joined into the fight with two double arcs into the objective Cymoon after dodging its front arc. The quasar dodged just out of range of the objective Cymoon and sent the bombers in for the killing blow turn 5. Vader lives to fight another day after we called it with nothing else at threat of death. Good game and good luck in the rest of the tournament!
  3. Double Pelta (400/400) Rebels Commander: General Rieekan [flagship] Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60) - General Rieekan (30) - All Fighters, Follow Me! (5) - Boosted Comms (4) - Adar Tallon (10) - Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 112 total points Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60) - Phoenix Home (3) - Toryn Farr (7) - Flight Commander (3) - Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 76 total points Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) - Yavaris (5) - Flight Commander (3) - Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 68 total points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) - Bomber Command Center (8) = 26 total points Squadrons (118/134): 3x YT-1300 (39) 1x Moldy Crow - Jan Ors (19) 1x Ten Numb B-Wing Squadron (19) 1x B-Wing Squadron (14) 1x Dagger Squadron B-Wing Squadron (15) 1x Gold Squadron Y-wing Squadron (12) This has been my go to ball recently. With all the speed shenanigans these meatballs just zoom across the board
  4. What are these house rules y’all are playing with? Good to see you back!
  5. MandoMoose vs @itzSteve ends 356-157 in my favor. MOV 199, he picked my Station Assault. We split on stations and he almost tabled himself but the Raddus escape wagon juuuuuust managed to not run off the board. Good game, best of luck in the rest of the tournament!
  6. Still only the one gozanti. The only difference between my VWC list and what I brought here is that I swapped Gamma for Black, and I remembered to submit/bring the right objectives which ended up helping me a ton ( ❤️ Salvage Run) I was the guy that played @Tokra round 4 of day one and completely botched my opening. Taking nothing away from Tokra- he deployed perfectly in a way that made me think hard about pryce turn. I opted for 2 as he would clearly be able to out-delay a turn 1 Pryce. In theory this may have worked, but we will never know as turn one I squalled Jendon and Mauler directly in front of myself for some reason I will never understand. This let Tokra put Jendon and Mauler into alpha range for turn 1 and 2 nuking while I could do nothing but watch. It ended up being my only bad loss at 3-8, my only other “loss” was vs Truthiness round 3 day two when we went 5-6 after an absolute bloodbath of a match. I think there was one actual ship (one of his TRC90’s) left on the table at the end of the match, and with both of my stations staying alive the mov split was suuuuuper close. All in all I played 7 very fun games with 7 great opponents, and was lucky enough to finish with 50 points, good enough for 7th and better than I ever expected to finish!
  7. I mean..... don’t they have everything in a PDF in addition to the app
  8. I mean, you’re not required to do anything really. If you want to play the game with Monopoly models and cards against humanity cards as upgrades you are free to do so. I on the other hand think that being able to points/slot adjust cards in the future as metas shift/content gets out into players hands is a pretty cool thing. Being able to handwave Tarkin down to 30 points, add a dretro to the vic, get errata out into the Wild quickly all sound pretty nifty to me. Also- do you guys just not play with any of the FAQ or updated rules? Cause, ya know, the only place to find those are shudder... Online
  9. By far my favorite part about this whole thing is how y’all are complaining about having to use the internet on the internet
  10. In an ideal world only the assault pelta would get one to prevent this very thing. The assault frigate already gets pushed out of so many roles by more specialized ships, flight controller platform is pretty much its last use outside of Ackbar
  11. If you have the latest set of points costs/upgrade slots via pdf then it’s no different than buying an out of print game and using those components....
  12. I actually prefer quad battery turrets on it. The blue will always provide a non-blank result which is nice. Salvation is usually slow rolling (at least for me). And it adds dice to both shots on a double arc
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