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  1. Didn’t she line it all up after like 12 transports had already been shot down? I thought I remembered her just standing at the bridge watching them get blow’d up for like, a long time, before she started making any moves
  2. That was for sure my favorite part of the film. Visually it was beautiful, and how the sound cut out like that? Amazing My only question... why wait so long? Shes on a suicide mission already, why does she need to watch 90% of her friends die before she has the bright idea to ram them in a ship named after the dude that pioneered that move?
  3. In terms of double arc/positioning, I like to form the rough two points of the ships base on where I intend to go with my index and middle fingers. It’s not exact but I think helps me picture the ships base under my hand
  4. Victory front arc- Bigly
  5. Because Abrams did it one way, so Rian Must do the opposite... JK- I just think that these days directors are more interested in making cool shots stuffed with CGI and effects rather than establishing mythical universes with their own rules/stories/backgrounds
  6. I appreciate you sharing our point of view and agreeing to disagree with me and explaining why. I could even get behind most of your logic/explanation- if we were dealing with OT Luke... But this was Jedi Master Luke who had been training under Obi Wan and Yoda (maybe even qui gon?) for how long now? Again, I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree here, but your explanation as calmed me down, even if it’s just a little bit lol
  7. I’m more upset with how they handled Luke. I could have even handled Space Leia it they hadn’t been **** bent on destroying everything Luke stood for
  8. You give up some AA firepower but will hit WAY harder vs ships
  9. I mean the way he said it even it was like a throwaway line.... literally like Rian told his actors “have no emotional investments in the story Abrams tried to set up for you in TFA, were getting away from all that so I can pull a bunch of “gotchya” plot twists”
  10. After having a day to digest it, the more I am thinking about it the more upset I am becoming with Rian Johnson. It really feels like giving a giant middle finger to all the previous set up of all 7 previous movies and then making a battle star galactica.... so many unresolved plot points.... Even if he had a momentary lapse in judgement, you really believe Luke wouldn’t work his hardest to fix it? where are the knights of ren? snoke gets trixxed by an emo kid after chillin ‘somewhere’ for over a hundred years? reys Force visions and connection to obi wan/Yoda mean nothing? Maz just sorta has Luke’s (Anakins) lightsaber for no reason? Fuel???? porgs every 30 seconds... no character development just punch lines every 3 minutes on que... am i watching a guardians of the galaxy movie? CHROME DOME?!?!?
  11. I’m sad about what they did to Luke... he goes from someone so idealistic and dedicated to the light, to someone that got scared enough to almost kill his teenage nephew, and then just shuts himself away from everyone and off from the force? come on... They completely negated everything Luke stood for in the original trilogy....
  12. It’s not that I didn’t like him or his character, I actually think he did a great job and made his character very interesting with good depth and intruige. Its just that that whole story line was irrelevant.... They go do this secret mission looking for the one dude who can help them, see him for a split second and then magically happen to find an equally skilled code-Breaker in jail? And then when they weren’t able to disable the tracker and Poe’s all “JK brah we called an audible and are all going to the planet don’t worry about the tracker anymore”... it just seemed very drawn out and ham handed for litererally no pay out other than “Rose and Finn are crushing on each other now”
  13. Out of curiosity do you play exclusively aceholes? I know a few players who play nothing but this archetype and I think that could exacerbate some of the frustrations people have with facing these types of lists
  14. I also REALLY enjoyed the visual representation of the Turbolasers hitting the Mon Cal’s shields. It’s the best that has looked in any of the films