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  1. I think some of my cata/squall games are up there from the Worlds replacement tourney
  2. You probably think Gaston was the good guy too don’t you....
  3. Lando, both the Officer and the Squadron. Ever the gambler
  4. Agreed. There are just so many decision points in every phase of the game. Determining how many clicks of nav to use and where would be a nightmare alone
  5. My guess would be emphasizing teamwork/coordination for the clones and a way to simulate a central command structure for CIs
  6. Really no need to keep this thread going, may as well let it die and fall off the front page. we’ve moved here now
  7. “Add a black from Romodi” ........ ”Ummmmmmm what?”- everyone watching the stream
  8. TBH I’m expecting a reveal of the ships and models, followed by a game with said models by the devs with no fewer than 4 rules/card mistakes
  9. @shmitty you must feel like a proud papa for creating a thread with so many good ideas and varied discourse on how awesome Disney Star Wars is. If I knew how to link pictures on this forum I’d attach one of Gatsby cheersing you
  10. Yea as a scavenger of spacers for years it’s awesome she taught herself to fly the ships while she was taking them apart
  11. Rey is super cool. I like how she really developed her survival and combat skills while abandoned on Jakku. Much more believable than just being “born with the power” like Mary Sue Luke and Anakin
  12. @ovinomanc3r I think it’s really cool how you learned English as a second language and now are able to participate in discussions with the greater community in a common language. Sure some grammar is rough, but you don’t come across as a raving lunatic with giant walls of text so that’s cool
  13. Idk what you are talking about, we’re just in here discussing the merits of our favorite droids
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