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  1. MandalorianMoose

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    I finally reached out to PT, the last two weeks of my life have been incredibly hectic and I had no time for armada. I think we are finding a time that will work this upcoming weekend
  2. MandalorianMoose

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Don't worry, it was consensual nibbling
  3. MandalorianMoose

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Maybe, I’ve nibbled my fair share of sisters
  4. MandalorianMoose

    It’s (American) Football Time!

    I have a buuuunch of best ball drafts that woulda been good
  5. MandalorianMoose

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    With three 10’s in our pod I’m not sure how the matchups will be determined
  6. MandalorianMoose

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    @Mogrok @Angry Ewok @Captain Weather @themightyhedgehog Any word on if these games are scheduled? Last two in our division
  7. MandalorianMoose

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 2 Fight!

    Mando Moose v Rhysen ends 480-79 in my favor. It was a very fun match, though he was in a bit of a bad spot with no squadron cover. He took first player and picked my Station Assault. He killed my quasar and the game ended turn 4 with table and both stations still alive. Thanks for the game and best of luck in the rest of the tournament!
  8. MandalorianMoose

    Rieekan Aces

    You don’t need Jaina’s on a cr90b, and you probably want Adar so you can triple tap keyan or ten. I’d also consider dropping Biggs to a generic X wing as you don’t really have any important escort aces you need to keep damage off of
  9. MandalorianMoose

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    That’s a big ol’ negatory. However garbage fleet IS still undefeated while Tooks handed me two ships first loss the other day (albeit it happened after a “I wonder what would happen if my ISD charged the yavaris ball”) - spoiler alert, the ISD died
  10. MandalorianMoose

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    Can... can I plug garbage fleet again?
  11. MandalorianMoose

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    All VSD’s are bad if they’re your first deployment of the game..... Barring something like contested post or salvage run where you know you have to be you should be delaying your vsd’s deployment till last. And even in those scenarios I’d try to drop it last so that you can set up the ideal approach for shots later in the game It’s hard capped at speed two. Don’t drop it somewhere and get counter deployed and then say it’s bad cause you couldn’t strong arm it to speed three.
  12. MandalorianMoose

    Teach new player.

    Single reroll like leading shots, DTT, (or Vader for imps) is good for their only upgrade. It gives them the feel of “oh I can do tricks with my ship” without overwhelming them. Gives them a small taste of how different upgrades can give ships flavor and choices