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  1. In the Motti list I would take Avenger or HIEs in place of one OL/Pulse. Hyperspace Assault won't get three large ships anything. Capture the VIP on 14 hull ships is fun as is Contested Outpost. Minefields could bite you if the enemy have strategic and as you have no fighters to start with it is risky. Dangerous Territory is fun with 3 large base ships able to muscle enemies away from the tokens on their side of the board. In the other list remember that Konstantine needs Medium/Large hull ships to do the his speed modification ability and currently you have none. Switch him to Jerjerrod or completely redesign the Konstantine fleet. As the fleet stands it lacks fighter control. You could change the 3rd or 4th ship into a Quasar-I with Boosted Comms/Expanded Hangar or a pair of flotillas. Even then I think you may wish to substitute in a few Rouges like IG88, Mona, Bossk to take some of the strain off the carrier.
  2. Glad-IIs: They are ok if you use their strengths. You need an accuracy with the flank shot and alas that is only 1 in 8 chance through you could CF dial or token to double those odds. Taking Captain Jonus as one of your squadrons could be a good option to guarantee the red accuracy then use CF commands to add in more re-rollable black dice. You would then need a little intel to help Jonus get where he is needed. Kallus is good on Demolisher if it is a GSD-II or SFOs. If you don't go for Jonus save points with 2 GSD-Is. You can also ditch engine techs if you need to on one or both. ISD-II: classic load out. Squadrons: These are fine. For the Jonus option take Jonus, Jumpmaster and 2 TIE-F (also for 44 points) or spend more points getting the interceptors back if you dropped a set of ETs for example. Black squadron or Zertek may be good to keep the Jumpmaster alive but I think you will only need Jonus on 1-2 crucial turns anyway so you could do without. Objectives: Advanced Gunnery isn't great as the ISD can't benefit due to the word "cannot" on the Gunnery team upgrade. You could make one of the GSDs the objective but some opponents (Ackbar, BT Avenger) will love it more than you. Station Assault, Targeting beacons or even Blockade Run could be better. Fleet Ambush can catch you out as enemies place one Gozanti in the normal deployment zone and two ISDs very close to your fleet for example. Hyperspace Assault is deadly with Demolisher, Planetary Ion Cannon is always fun to add extra firepower and strain enemy defence tokens. If you face a bomber or a Sloane list Superior Positions can be a disaster. Solar Corona or Dangerous Territory.
  3. I love it, SFB term papers all over again... If your Arquitens has RBDs consider not redirecting and letting a few damage through to your hull. Examine further threats to you this turn and maybe let 2-3 damage in. You still have the redirects if some extra damage comes your way this turn. Contains could deal with a crit. Over the turn break discard the RBDs and now your shields are in better shape than if you had instinctively kept the hull undamaged. A milder version of this can be done when aproaching the base or a repair crew flotilla.
  4. Perfectly legal if only there was a ship with 2 Support sots so you could fit ETs an FCTs on the same vessel.
  5. I generally like to include 4-5 swarm squadrons as a minimum for Howlrunner. When Sloane first came out I used to use 4 Interceptors, 4 Fighters, Howlrunner and Zertek to protect her. At 107 points it is a little on the low side for Sloane and a lack of intel occasionally hurt on crunch turns. You can add to this a Jumpmaster and Mauler for the full 134. It hits other squadrons really hard. Quite good against ships but watch out for counter(1) ships and double dice flak generally. You see this more these days with double ISD + Gozanti support type lists, often fighterless. Flak isn't something your squadron build has to worry too much about. I have recently gone over to 5 TIE-Phantoms, Mauler, Jumpmaster, Sabre, Interceptor and Black Squadron as it hits ships really hard and the extra TIE-P hull means Flak shouldn't kill too many before large ships start to explode. SFO cards are now available as participation prizes for recent Season 3 Armada event so there are usually available on eBay for a small fee.
  6. Looks good. With only 3 other swarm fighters I would replace Howlrunner with Mauler Mithel. Maybe then move Hondo to the Flotilla and add a SFO to the VSD...
  7. I used to use Screed a lot but then Ordnance Experts came out and I sort of forgot about him. No more I say! 393/400. Opening Salvo, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona VSD-II, Screed, GTs, HIE, D-Caps, QBTs 135 Raider-II, HIE, D-Caps 60 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson 82 GSD-I, ACMs, SFO 64 Valen, Ciena, 2xTIE-Int 52 Not sure about where to place the commander. Should I increase protection by moving Brunson to the VSD or place Screed on the Raider as it is more able to power away and HIEs aren't needed as much late in the game? Opening Salvo with GSDs adding black dice to 2 red from the front at long range and guaranteeing ACMs with Screed seems fun but other ship heavy fleets may like it more.... Planetary Ion Cannon could be replaced for Hyperspace Assault which is always a laugh with Demolisher or maybe Insidious if I replaced a TIE-I with a TIE-F or Black squadron. Solar Corona is always nice to get the drop in deployment and keep the braces more protected from enemy accuracies.
  8. MC75 as your flagship it could use a defensive upgrade like ECM or RBDs to help keep the commander alive. If not consider moving Madine to the Liberty class. OL Pulse is ok but Mon Karren isn't that bothered by defence tokens so you could go for an Ord cruiser with APT, OE and E-Rax or O-Pods. Liberty is fine and your fighters aren't bad so you could downgrade to a star cruiser as the reduced flak is acceptable. MC30 - Yes you need to get some use out of the MC30 or drop it. APT, Ord Experts and Admonition would be nice. Eating into the squadrons is risky. The Star cruiser and MC75 suggestions would get you 11 without a defensive upgrade. Rogue squadron in place of the YT2400 gets another 2 which is APT, OE & Lando. You could also change to Dodonna or Raddus to save points or spinals down to DTTs. If you can't afford to upgrade the MC30 (as you wish to keep the big ships tooled up) drop it for a CR90, TRC, Jiana's light. Squadrons. Nice Objectives - Advanced gunnery won't work with the Liberty due to the GTs. MC75 won't benefit hugely and will give away points as it tends to get in close. I would go for Station Assault. Split the stations, deploy between them, then flank-rush the enemy when they decide which to go for. Contested Outpost is fine. Superior Positions is good but a fully bomber or Sloane fleet will relish it more. Solar Corona is a safer bet.
  9. I agree CR90s don't have the hull to survive long enough to be repaired. Have your thought about doing a similar theme with bigger ships such as AFIIBs with maybe a MC80 PE ship. Ackbar should concentrate on killing enemies before they can generate enough damage to degrade your ships. CR90A with TRC make excellent Ackbar harassers able to stay at long range and chip in 3-4 red dice with an auto double hit included. Staying at long range means the evades are better and enemy blue dice are ignored and this will be better than repairing each turn. Feel free to include a single CR90A with TRC, Jiana's Light and PE if you wish to lend shields to whoever is being shot the most whilst hiding at range preferably obscured behind other ships.
  10. OK so an example. An ISD takes a crit saying "cant attack a ship more than once a turn" and then both players forget due to some intense complicated squadron interactions elsewhere on the board, or the arrival of beer & pizza.... Next turn the ISD double arcs a target and fires at an MC80 doing 7 damage braced to 4 and then 3 damage redirected to the rear. Neither player notices the ISD's crit and play continues. A turn later the crit is spotted and the Imperial player must abide by the crit again, he cannot claim that as it wasn't noticed, once, it should no longer apply. The Imperial player should have noticed and shouldn't get any advantage from his mistake - and I think it is an Imperial mistake and the ISD owner cannot claim that it is the Rebel players fault for not flagging it up. If the original illegal shot results can be remembered by the players they should do their best to rectify it. They could remove damage cards from the MC80 or put shields back or maybe restore a discarded defence token etc. The Imperial player should not then be allowed to go back a whole turn and take his second shot this time against some squadrons etc. To rectify the mistake you may have to do some serious "what if" analysis such as "the MC80 shouldn't have died and would have been able to shoot at that Arquitens". If this happens in a tournament rather than a friendly game then the Judge should definitely be present. It may be that the mistake was too serious and this makes "What If" impossible and therefore the judge will have to rule and probably award a win to the rebels. 8-3 or maybe 10-1.
  11. It doesn't. It would move at 2 (assuming that was a clear landing spot) and then the ship being overlapped is removed.
  12. An SSD has a similar effect to the Strategic Adviser card and at 220 points you could also fit in, for example, a Cymoon with SADviser.
  13. I would drop all your Intel Officers and look at replacing hammerheads for TRC CR90s. The one with Dodonna on board should be Jiana's light. TRC90s can keep the range more open than hammerheads. They don't get run over and can soften up targets for the big hitting MC30s or polish off crippled victims of them. Switch to MC30Ts as you don't really need the long range fire. Since you have no fighters you need to get close and clobber ships before carriers kill a ship of yours each turn with boosted comms bomber strikes. Take Admonition rather than Foresight and maybe use Lando on the other for a bit of protection So this saves you 47 points, 45 with Jiana's light or 41 if you include Lando too. You could buy a flotilla with slicer tools or a cheap Hammerhead with Garrel's honour or some A-wings or YT2400s to take the edge off fighter strikes. Put an Intel officer back on an MC30 if you like or just a SFO for command dial flexibility. Contested Outpost is risky as your fleet needs speed and manoeuvre to fight well and the outpost becomes a ball & chain. Hyperspace Assault or Planetary Ion Cannon would be better. Intel Sweep is ok but fast big ships with fighter support can muscle your objective ship off the 5th objective, Solar Corona or Dangerous Territory are good alternatives. Most Wanted is good, even better if you have a flotilla.
  14. If you suffer from PCD there is a little blue pill you can take for the condition. But don't overdose, it can have side effects.
  15. As 2018 draws to a close I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our living list of (nearly) all UK Armada events. I have tried to compile them all but no doubt some will have slipped through our targeting arrays. To stop things getting too long we will let this thread drift off the bottom of the page and fade into obscurity.... Ahhhh.... But fear not! There is another (Skywalker) in the shape of our 2019 Compendium of UK Armada Events thread. Praise the Force. There will be much rejoicing and singing of "Yub Yub". So before we move on, a few statistics on who ran what. 105 events in stores around the country. 20 Store championships. 5 Regional championships. In addition to this, the Nationals and European championships. The 2018 leader board looks like this... Venue Events Element Games, Stockport 11 Firestorm Cards, Basingstoke 10 Firestorm Games, Cardiff 9 Magic Madhouse, London 6 Beanie Games, Stockton on Tees 6 Common Ground Games, Stirling 5 Wayland Games, Hockley 5 Warboar Games, Bromley 4 Alpha Games, Bury St Edmonds 4 Just Play Games, Liverpool 4 Knightly Games, Lanark 3 Dark Sphere, London 3 Travelling Man, York 3 Chimera, Nottingham 3 4th Planet Games, Wrexham 3 Athena Games, Norwich 3 Bristol Independent Gaming, Bristol 2 IbuyWargames, Woking 2 Red Dice Games, Edinburgh 2 Gamers Hub, Edinburgh 2 Entoyment Games, Poole 2 Phoenix Games, Stourbridge 2 Mountain Gremlin Games, Chesterfield 1 The Gamer's Emporium, Swansea 1 Alpha Games, Bury St Edmunds 1 Lost Ark Games, Stevenage 1 The Hive Gaming, Banbury 1 Rebel Base Gaming, Macclesfield 1 WWG, Worcester 1 Kirton Games, Exeter 1 Patriot Games, Sheffield 1 The Game Store, Aldershot 1 Kirton Games, Crediton 1 Grand Total 105
  16. Drop an ISD to a victory and it gets you some fighters and better upgrades. ISD-II, GT, ECM, HIE, QBT, SADviser, Screed 178 VSD-II, GT, HIE, QBT, D-Caps 109 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACM, OE, Brunson 82 Cienna, Rudor 30
  17. Posted this before but I developed it when @ovinomanc3r started his tripple Cymoon thesis. So here is my Garm-lead, Ultimate Repair, liberty list... 398/400, Station assault, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona MC80 Star Cruiser, MC Exodus, Garm, Projection Experts, XI7, Lando, 142. MC80 Battle Cruiser, MC Exodus, GTs, LS, XI7, SADviser 129. MC80 Battle cruiser, MC Exodus, GTs, LS, XI7, Ahsoka, 127. So if a ship does a repair command it gets 6 repair points for 3 shields. It can be lent another 2 shields from Projection experts from the flagship flying in the middle of the formation. You also have plenty of tokens from Garm and Ahsoka can change their flavour to get you more repair or at least conduct 4 repair point repairs whilst doing another command dial. Ahsoka turns any token into repair on whichever ship is taking the most damage and PE also chips in even if you don't have repair commands plotted.  Apart from the potential 5 shields a turn the battle cruisers have decent flak and GTs to use them and shoot a ship. Or double shoot ships from the front with XI7s meaning you can concentrate on one hull zone of a large target with several shots. Strategic adviser stops you being completely out activated and Lando is a last defence for the flagship which can always slow down a little compared to the other two ships if it feels threatened.
  18. Let's focus on list one which I think is better. 4 activations is good but Pryce and only a 3 point bid isn't that great, maybe go for SADviser and just activate the ISD last of your 5. The lifeboat isn't great so I would risk the commander on Avenger. Traditionally changing a flotilla for a quasar or scrape up more points for a supporting Arquitens or cheap Demolisher. Boosted comms on the ISD is useful for flinging out advance fighter strikes or continuing to squadron when you dash past after a kill to avoid retaliation. Jendon can always relay for the flotillas so you don't need boosted comms a second time. 117 points of squadrons is ok or maybe a bit light for Sloan particularly with no flight controllers. Dengar isn't that needed unless you have Mauler, he would help sweep away fighter opposition quickly. Missions look good but AG can be relished by a few builds like Ackbar MC80. The benefits also never stack with GTs. Most Wanted is safer and can allow GTs on Avenger.
  19. Just imagine making a British 3 pin plug out of Lego and then standing on that. Always someone worse off than yourself.
  20. If Doddonna is fighting against a 30 hull SSD with APTs & Garrels Honour you could rattle through a damage deck before a ship is destroyed.
  21. Gunnery teams & Leading shots on the Battle cruiser. Xi7s and XX9s is a good Doddona combo but your Intel officer and Mon Karren mean spinal are good too but you certainly pay a lot for it. Ordnance experts on Admonition and drop the turbo laser. Hammerhead doesnd have the firepower to get 2 face up cards through the shields so go for E-Rax or APTs possibly with OE but that is a bit extravagant. Could go for a TRC90 Jiana's light as an alternative and could put the commander here. Point savings above could get you Jan & 3 X-Wings to lend braces and Intel to keep moving. Dangerous Territory is nice with Doddonna bot so is moving rocks around. There are massed bomber fleets out there who will relish precision strike more than you, most wanted would be safer.
  22. As second player in the Contested Outpost mission you can use Grav shifts very effectively to build a wall of obstacles so you have more of an idea which approach route the enemy will take. On the other hand if the enemy bring a Grav shift then I like to play to the Interdictors greed. Wherever he places an obstacle you add to it creating a close pack of rocks and debris preferably in one half of the table. If the rocks are on the right side then finally place the base on the left of the table alone in open space. Now the enemy can grav shift 4-5 obstacles which wont really have any effct on the game or he can move the base slightly closer to their own deployment zone (still annoying but not a disaster).
  23. I've played quite a few 800 point games and the objectives I think are all fine at this level. I don't think you need to redesign the missions or make contested outpost into 30 points a turn for example. Missions like Superior positions will probably involve more bombers to attack rear hull zones and more rear hull zones per side increasing target selection. At much larger point values like 1500 or 2000 the advantage of first player diminishes as there are more likely to be several areas of intense combat and you only get to activate one ship at a time which is a smaller proportion of your fleet compared to at the 400 point level. If this changes the balance of first player to second player then so what? Players can just increase or decrease their bids accordingly to get their preferred initiative. We may more often see people bidding to go second rather than first - but as both sides are free to choose their own bid, it will all even out. We did increase to a 6x4 foot table but still place the deployment zones the same distances from each other as on a 6x3. So each player has a 6" deep zone behind his deployment area that cannot be used until turn 1 begins. This keeps units the same distance apart and stops you needing to add a 7th or 8th turn to take into account the further distances to cover but also gives a bit extra space to overrun into after a battle pass. In Blockade run it is just a slightly wider table. Oh yes and watch out for Tarkin/Sovereign and Garm as commanders. They really start to shine at larger point levels. Garm giving 50+ tokens to a fleet is roughly a tooled up ISD-II's worth of points if you had to buy it all with veteran captains.
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