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  1. Insidious : "It came from....behind...."
  2. Drop h9 and leading shots for HEIs and QBTs then upgrade all APTs to ACMs. Add to this a little bombardment from the Planetary Ion Cannon as your yellow mission and enemy ships will start to fall apart.
  3. "If you Slicer Tools my command dial I shall grow more powerful than you can possibly imagine...."
  4. Play a 300 point fleet game. Let him go first player and don't do a mission to start with. On each ship limit it to 1-2 upgrade cards per ship. Include a couple of fighters and a couple of bombers on each side to give a flavour but without all the intricacies of maxed out carrier war. Second and third games play a mission with you, them him, as first player. By game 4 use full 400 point fleets and start to put normal levels of upgrades on them.
  5. List 1: If you have two sets of ACMs in a fleet you are abrading away a lot of enemy shields so the XI7s on the ISD don't really fit. So I would drop XI7s and take Gunnery Teams on the Imperial. Howlrunner is good if you have 4+ swarm squadrons and preferably a little escort to keep her around for at least 2 turns. Mauler Mithel too is good with a little escort and a source of intel to get the second ramming attack. With Thrawn giving you 8 squadron activations on turn 2 or 3 (assuming you don't loose a Glad that is) I would look at Howlrunner and lots of TIE-F or TIE-Int. Drop ETs on the non Demolisher to get more. SFOs are fun on GSDs to plot alternate Nav/CF dials but with Thrawn I suppose you can do without. List 2: Only one set of ACMs so XI7s could stay but GTs are still great on ISDs. Now you really have to get more use out of the squadrons to justify the firepower reduction of loosing the GSD. Quasar 1 to get more points for squadrons. Drop Kallus and the ETs from Demolisher too. Now you have 74 to spend on squadrons. Again benefit from 1 or 2 squadron dials from Thrawn to activate large numbers of cheap TIEs say Howlrunner 3 TIE-Int & 3 TIE-F or eat into the bid a little for more. After turn 3 you will have lost some squadrons so the Quasar itself can control the remainder.
  6. If you re-valued Dodonna & Ozzel as zero points, then Motti as 4, Vader as 16, Tarkin as 18 etc. you still keep the points balance but then you are back at the same place as we are now, apart from requiring more FAQs and reprinted cards. In addition it hampers the designers for all the (MANY THOUSANDS of) future wave releases from designing a commander with worse abilities than Dodonna unless you wish to introduce negative point costs into fleet design.
  7. You could change the Raider-I into Instigator with Flechette Torps & Ordnance Experts (& Kallus?). With your decent bid and high ship count you could nip in and shut down bomber concentrations on a crucial turn. With no fighters, Slicer Tools could be fun on Suppressor making carriers wary of having their top dial set to repair or navigate. Missions look good but bomber fleets could be a problem so the suggestions above should hopefully buy you a little time while you kill carriers as quickly as possible. Other options: Have a think about Jerjerrod as a commander. Motti is fine but you have lots of small ships so not quite the best for this fleet. Jerjerrod can really get you places when doing fast speed and can get you out of (or into) difficult situations. You could ditch XI7s and go for ACMs on Demolisher. You could change Relentless into Avenger then when your Suppressor exhausts the brace token you don't really need the Intel officers as much. I like Intel officers but they are expensive and it would let you get another activation from Strategic Adviser and/or Brunson on Demolisher for survivability. Change both Intel Officers for SFO & SADviser, Drop TUA/ECM, Relentless and take a 5 point bid with 4-5 TIE-fighters as a fighter screen or take more/better fighters with the SADviser making up for ditching the second Gozanti.
  8. I would go for QBTs, E-Rax and SFOs on the VSDs. It will free up enough points for ECM on the flagship.
  9. 1. Andy R, 399/400, Most Wanted, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions ISD-II, Sloane, Avenger, GT, ECM, LS, Boosted Comms, SADviser 175 Quasar-I, Flight Controllers, Expanded Hangar, Boosted Comms, SFO 70 Gozanti, Comms Net, 25 5 TIE-P, TIE-Int, Mauler, Black, Sabre, Jumpmaster 129 2. Luke P, 397/400, Most Wanted, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions Interdictor-S, Screed, Interdictor, Brunson, ETs, D-Caps, HIEs, Target Scrambler, Grav Shift 151 GSD-II, Demolisher, Kallus, OE, ETs, Flechette Torps 90 Gozanti, Comms Net, Hondo 27 Ciena, Jendon, Steele, Firespray, Bobba, Morna 129 3. Tom M, 388/400, Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory ISD-C, Vader, Avenger, Intel Officer, BT, Spinal, XI7s, IF 184 Raider-1, Instigator, Kallus, Flechette, OE 58 Raider-I, E-Rax 47 Raider-I, E-Rax 47 Gozanti, Comms Net, Hondo 27 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 4. Jamie H, 400/400, Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Intel Sweep Raider-I, Vader, Hondo 82 ISD-C, Spinal, XI7s, Intel Officer 134 ISD-C, Spinal, XI7s, Intel Officer 134 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 5. Alex S, 389/400, Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona ISD-K, Ozzel, SADviser, BT, Avenger, EWS, LS, E-Rax 158 GSD-II, Intel Officer, OE, ETs, APTs, Demolisher 96 GSD-II, Kallus, OE, ETs, APTs, Insidious Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 6. Neil K, 393/400, Targeting Beacons, Planetary Ion Cannon, Dangerous Territory VSD-II, Motti, Brunson, Flight Controllers, D-Caps, XI7, LS 133 Arquitens CC, Centicore, Intel Officer, RBDs, TRCs 81 Arquitens CL, Intel Officer, RBD, TRC 73 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Steele, TIE-D, 4 TIE-Int 81 7. Neil D, 400/400, Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, Sensor Net ISD-K, Ozzel, SADviser, BT, ECM, Avenger, LS, E-Rax 158 GSD-I, Demolisher, OE, E-Rax, 73 Raider-I, Hondo, OE, EX-Hangar, E-Rax 58 Raider-I, OE, EX-Hangar, E-Rax 56 2 Lambda, Jumpmaster, Tempest 55 8. Kris M, 400/400, Advanced Gunnery, Capture VIP, Nav Hazards CR90A, Ackbar, Tantive, Raymus 92 AFIIB, RBDs, Chart Officer, TRCs 86 AFIIB, RBDs, Chart Officer, TRCs 86 GR75-T, BCC, Bright Hope, Boosted Comms 32 8 X-Wing 9. Chris M, 396/400, Advanced Gunnery, Hyperspace Assault, Minefields ISD-II, Motti, SADviser, Hard Bulkhead, ECM, LS, XI7, Devastator 180 VSD-II, Intel Officer, GTs, D-Caps, QBTs, SW7 120 VSD-I, Intel Officer, OE, QBTs, E-Rax, Dominator 104 10. Johnny H @Touston. 391/400, Opening Salvo, Planetary Ion Cannon, Dangerous Territory Arquitens CL, JerJerrod, Needa, TRC 86 Arquitens CL, DTT 59 Arquitens CL. DTT 59 GSD-I Demolisher, OE, ACM 77 Raider-I, Vader(boarding), E-Rax 50 Ciena, Valen, Steele, Black 60 11. Daniel S, 395/400, Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, Sensor Net Arquitens CL, Vader, Brunson, Slaved Turrets 101 Arquitens CL, Slaved Turrets 60 Gozanti, TUA, ECM, Slicer Tools 39 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 2 Lambda 30 (Note 140 points missing from list) 12. James M, 397/400 Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, Superior Positions MC80-A Ackbar, ETs, EWS, ECM, LS, H9, Defiance 191 AFIIB, GT, ECM, DTT 91 CR90A, Leia, Projection Experts, TRC, Jiana's Light 62 GR75-T, Comms Net 20 Shara, Tycho 33 13. Jamie S, 394/400, Station Assault, Contested Outpost, Minefields VSD-II, JerJerrod, Brunson, GTs, D-Caps, LS 127 VSD-I, Pryce, Flight Controllers, EX Hangar, E-Rax 94 Gozanti, Tua, EXM, BCC 40 Steele, Jedon, Dengar, Rhymer, TIE-D, Tempest, 3 TIE-B 133 14. Hamish D, 387/400, Advanced Gunnery, Hyperspace Assault, Solar Corona MC80-B, Madine, Raymus, Ciatken & Shollan, ETs, SW7, Spinal, Xi7, Mon Karren 182 MC30-T OE, E-Rax, H9, Admonition 86 Hammerhead Scout, Slaved Turrets, Garel's Honor 51 GR75-T, Leia 21 Shara, Tycho, Rogue 49 15. Andy W, 392/400, Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona ISD-II, Ozzel, SADviser, GTs, QLTs, ECM, XX9, LS 172 GSD-II, Kallus, OE, APTs 74 GSD-II, Demolisher, Intel Officer, OE, ETs, APTs 96 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 16. James M, 378/400, Most Wanted, Hyperspace Assault, Intel Sweep CR90B, Raddus 65 CR90B, 39 MC80-B, Intel Officer, Ciatken & Sholan, ETs, Spinal, XI7, SW7 144 MC30T, Lando, Admonition, OE, APTs, XI7 90 GR75-T, Comms Net 20 GR75-T, Comms Net 20 17. Simon F, 395/400, Precision Strike, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions ISD-C, Sloane, Avenger, AFFM, Boosted Comms, SADviser, XI7, Flight Controllers 165 Quasar-I, Squall, Ex Hangar, Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers 73 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Jumpmaster, 5 TIE-P, 3 TIE-Int, Mauler 130 18. Ray R, 399/400, Most Wanted, Hyperspace Assault, Intel Sweep ISD-II, Sloane, Brunson, Boosted Comms, EWS, LS, Avenger 169 Raider-I, OE 48 Gozanti, Comms Net, Tua, ECM, Slicer Tools 39 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Jendon, Saxon, Steele, Jumpmaster, 3 TIE-P 118 19. Ewan D, 391/400, Advanced Gunnery, Jamming Barrier, Dangerous Territory ISD-K, Motti, OE, ECM, ACM 154 Interdictor S, Grint, PE, Scrambler, Grav Shift, HIEs, Interdictor 120 Raider-I, Kallus, OE, Flechette, Instigator 57 Arquitens CL, Slaved Turrets, 60 20. Eli W, 397/400, Advanced Gunnery, Fighter Ambush, Dangerous Territory ISD-II, Vader, GTs, Pylon Q7, ECM, Avenger 181 VSD-II, Boosted Comms, OL Pulse 97 Arquitens CL, Enhanced Armament, Hand of Justice 73 2 TIE-F, TIE-D TIE-P 46 21. James Q, 400/400 Blockade Run, Hyperspace Assault, Intel Sweep CR90A, Ackbar 82 CR90A, TRC, Jiana's Light 53 AFIIB, GTs, Walex, ECM 91 GR75-T, Comms net 20 MC30T, Lando, Admonition, Enhanced Armament, APTs, Ciatken & Shollan 93 Jan, 3 X-Wing 58 22. Dom S, 398/400, Advanced Gunnery, Fighter Ambush, Dangerous Territory MC80-A, Ackbar, Vet Captain, Projection experts, Redundant Shields, ECM, XX-9, Home One 188 AFIIB, GT, ECM 89 CR90A, Enhanced Armament 10 GR75-T Leia, Comms Net, Bright Hope 25 Han Solo, YT-2400 42
  10. ISD-II with Sloane, GTs, ECM, Officer Palpatine, NK-7s, Avenger & Boosted Comms..... Oh yes and with Suppressor nearby and a bunch of TIE-P and TIE-Ints. If they shoot at you, they spend a defence token. If you shoot at them, they discard a defence token. If they move nearby, you spend one of their defence tokens. If your fighters attack them, you spend one of their defence tokens. Profit.
  11. Yes indeed, as the black dice are now in your attack pool - so you can choose that colour to add for Concentrate Fire. Even without Sato you can do this with upgrades like Paragon, QBTs, Defiance and the Opening Salvo scenario.
  12. What about 400/400 Most Wanted, Hyperspace Assault, Solar Corona VSD-II, GT, D-Caps, LS, QBTs, Motti 128 VSD-II, GT, D-Caps, LS, QBTs 104 VSD-II, GT, D-Caps, LS, QBTs 104 Gozanti, Comms Net 25 Ciena, Valen, Black Squadron 39
  13. I would like a version 1.1 refresher pack for about £15 or $20. New rulebook containing all the updates and newer rules like Contain, Raid, Flotillas, Tournament regulations, 400 point MOV chart etc. Reprinted FAQed cards like TRC, Most Wanted, Rhymer, Avenger, Rieekan etc. 1 of each unique and two of each other card. Point reductions on some of the poor upgrade cards like QLTs, Sensor Teams, Devastator, Redemption, Tagge. Again 1 of each unique and two of each other card. 2 new officers and 2 new ship titles for each faction to give veterans a little present and another reason to buy this product. A second interdictor title for example.
  14. Two enemy TIE Interceptors = dead Jumpmaster = Locked bombers and the fleet falls apart. Tempest squadron could help but I would prefer 2 escorts and a small fighter wing. Drop a Raider for Tempest, Zertek and Mauler.
  15. BT Avenger with the Demolisher rule. Flight Commander could make things even worse. BT Avenger with 4 TIE Bombers.... Eeek! I'm not keen. Why don't you arrange a 400 point game and see how it goes. What special rule would you use for Demolisher in this game? You could allow it to make both its attacks after its first move.
  16. Change to Admonition, drop XI7, ECM. MC75 needs ordnance experts and ECM and save a good chunk of points with E-Racks instead of ELs. Think about ACMs in place of APTs, they kill targets faster. Hammerheads are excellent. Comms net on the flotilla so you can hand out repair tokens for extra shields even before you are damaged. These savings could get you 2 A-Wings or make them Shara & Tycho or Shara & Green Squadron by eating into the bid. First or second player is fine with this list so don't give away too many points. You can always set Bail to turn 1 or 6 if out bid.
  17. Sloane Fleet. 5 Phantoms, TIE-Int, Sabre, Mauler, JM-5000 & Black squadron. All 10 squadrons attacked an MC75 and got no accuracies. Avenger was nearby with an itchy trigger finger. Still, plenty of single hit damage accumulated and the threat of future accuracies stopped him spending redirects.
  18. I own 2 of each ship apart from 1 Chimera to go with the 2 normal ISDs 3 CR90, Nebulons, VSD, Rebel Squadron 1, Imperial Squadron 1 4 Arquitens Bought 2 extra TIE-Phantoms and 2 Firesprays from eBay. 1 SSD on pre-order (Two spikes would be an extravagance) That's about all I want. I've thought about a third Liberty for a nice Garm list but I could always borrow one for an event.
  19. I'd change Aresco into Wulff to let you bank a CF token on turn one - then do whatever command you like for the rest of the game. With your Navigation theme have you thought of Jerjerrod instead. Change the Support Officer into a SFO to get the points. Changing from speed 1 to 3 with ISDs is a nice occasional gimmick but a Speed 3 ISD with 4-5 points of yaw can run rings around people.
  20. Change NK-7s into Leading Shots and Enhanced Armament into QBTs. With Defiance adding a blue and a black dice twice a turn against an activated opponent it is very deadly. Then look at adding Engine Techs allowing you to go speed 1+1 if you need to stay slow for QBTs. Hondo on a hammerhead can be a good emergency nav/repair token for the flagship and to get you a boarding engineer squadron token on whichever hammerhead finds itself close by a large target. I would probably eat into your bid a little to get 3 X-Wings + Jan to lend them defence tokens.
  21. I suppose if you already have the cards in English from a set you bought years ago but just want a second set to get you more A-Wings for example, you could just get the Spanish set. The models are the same and I don't think there is any words printed on the squadron disks. Even without the cards some friends with large collections will be happy to give you a spare set of squadron cards from their second set. This sort of thing happened with the Arquitens several months ago. They were not available for ages then UK stores and UK eBay had a delivery, but those sold out quickly and they were out of print for another 3 months or so before FFG declared them "In stores now". I think the distributor may have held on to say 10 Arquitens from years ago to use for example if someone complains about an omission or miscast. Once the product is "on the boat" the distributor no longer needs this emergency supply and so releases most of them to shops before the reprints arrive.
  22. After everyone has played maybe two games you should have a nice spread of tournament score totals with some players near the top of the rankings and some struggling at the bottom. To keep interest at a reasonable level offer a bonus in rounds 3+ to any player who beats someone say more than three places above them in the league standings. So if a player 7th in the league beats a player ranked 2nd in the league with a 7-4 win they could get 8-4 instead (not 8-3, don't punish the looser just reward the winner). This keeps things interesting for those at the lower levels. They know a decent win could get them back up to mid table. It also adds a small incentive to play the more experienced players in your group and not "avoid" certain matchups.
  23. Looks ok. I would try to squeeze in Boosted Comms on the AFII and then add Ray Antilles or even Hondo/Veteran Captain on Yavaris to get an extra squadron token to occasionally double tap with three squadrons a turn. FCTs on Yavarris can also help shunt B-wings forwards on the initial turns to get them into a better position. To free up points you could change TRCs into DTTs and maybe ditch the Y-Wing. Or you could replace Salvation with a TRC armed CR90A with Jiana's light maybe. Missions look ok. Minefields may possibly bite you back if the enemy have strategic squadrons but your ability to sweep the skies clean should help you out most of the time. Dangerous Territory would be my other choice.
  24. I took this fleet in a game against @Touston at the weekend. I made a few tweaks putting an extra SFO on the VSD and changing the blue objective from Solar Corona into Salvage Run. My 6 point bid was no where near his 20 point bid and he chose first player and Salvage Run. I was against a Thrawn 2 ship. From memory he had something like... ISD-II, GT, LS, ECM, Pryce, Exhanded Hangar, Thrawn Quasar-I, Flight controllers, Boosted Comms, Squall, Brunson Jendon, Steele, Mona, Mauler, Jumpmaster, Sabre, Valen, Gamma, Black squadron(?) I placed the base in the centre with a dust field at 4 O'clock radiating out and a bunch of rocks at 11, noon and 2 O'clock blocking his path. Tokens were on my side at 4, 5, 7 & 8 O'clock. I deploy speed 2 VSD and Demolisher facing the base with the other GSD speed 3 close on my left and the Raider-II on my right hidden by the dust also at speed 3. His ISD was to my Right on a route direct to the base and the Quasar further out than that planning to orbit around the dust cloud but still able to control squadrons through it, both at speed 2. He declared Price on Turn 2. Turn 1. He spend up to 3 with the Quasar and Squalls Steele and Sabre and Mauler forwards then Squadrons them into my fighters killing an interceptor and removing Ciena's Scatter. Reasonable Counter back form me. I move the GSD. ISD comes in still at speed 2 and lines up for the gap between rocks facing the base, Ciena dies. Raider Flaks and speeds up to 4 landing on the dust with a clear shot to the ISD for next turn. VSD squadrons my fighters and flaks killing Steele and Stripping Mauler's scatter. Then plod speed 1 towards the base. Demolisher double flaks and follows at speed 1. Turn 2. Quasar squadrons fighters at my squads killing the second TIE-I. Mona and Gamma attack the VSD dropping a side shield. My Raider shoots ISD Screeding to get the crit and using HIEs to strip shields, also flak out the rear into the interloping imperial squadrons on my VSD's nose. I then collect all 4 tokens with my ships - Raider goes to 4 to get on the ISDs right flank but is now going a little fast to come back. My other ships are out of range and creep forwards with more flak and a final squadron command killing Gamma and Mauler. Demolisher did one damage after moving with 1 red dice to the ISD. ISD shoots at long range on both GSDs with GTs doing little with the base in the way, my evades and Brunson. Jendon makes Mona shoot the VSD again and my last squadron dies. ISD lines up a medium range shot against the VSD and close range against the GSDs. Turn 3. ISD fails to kill anything but the VSD now only has one redirect left and 1 rear shield. It couldn't get the double arc due to the Dust field off his side. He then moves over my Glads turning away to his right but with his rear still in the VSD's front and flank arcs, takes 2 to the front shield for landing on debris. VSD repairs 2 shields (discarding the SFO to do so) and shoots with the flank obscured but QBTs doing 3 and screeds the HIE to strip shields. Front volley exhausts the ECM and does 3 after bracing. VSD lands on the base repairing a crit. Quasar gets fighters to attack the VSD removing all shields again and doing 2 hull damage. My GSD flank shoots the ISD hit + hit/crit + ACMs = 5 damage. Then rear shot, screeds into a hit/crit + ACMs and the ISD explodes. Wow! a Raider shot, double arc VSD and flank/rear GSD just took out a fresh ISD over 2 turns. I still had Demolisher just in case but he accelerated and ran after the quasar. Turns 4-6 the VSD has constant repairs plotted and crawls across the base surviving. I chase the quasar but we only remove its shields with D-Cap Flank/rear shooting from the VSD. I call off pursuit when Demolisher gets a bit damaged from fighters and so we turn off as the quasar runs for open space.
  25. Changing the Contain basic rules would probably make the Damage Control Officer redundant and hurt the power slightly of Dodonna, APTs, Dodonna'd pride etc. May I suggest a new officer like a milder, cheaper version of the DCO. e.g. Damage Mitigation Droids: 2-3 Points. In the spend defence tokens step you may exhaust this card to look at the top damage card before spending a contain token. Contains of course have other uses. Spending them on Vader/Cymoon fleets to reroll attack dice is one. The other is replacing them for an evade with Captain Needa to use with TRCs.
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