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  1. Yes if you have a repair command or token use them before you are destroyed. After being destroyed they become almost useless, though you can repair a face up damage card to avoid its negative effects at least for the remainder of the turn.
  2. Here is another option. More specialised than the ISD-II above but one of the best carrier builds. ISD-I, Flight Controllers, Expanded Hangar Bay, Boosted Comms, Wulff. 132 points to activate 6 fighters a turn once you have banked a token on turn one. 5 TIE fighters and Howlrunner will get you up to 29 blue dice and up to 6 rerolls for only 56 points. You can drop flight controllers for gunnery teams if you want to get the most out of your front arc in the ship battle. Using TIE interceptors instead for extra speed, dice and counter (2) or (3) can make up for this. Obviously with no ECM option you need to be more careful and so Motti makes an excellent admiral for the ISD-I.
  3. All your ships at the moment can reroll dice via upgrades and that's what Vader gives. I wouldn't worry about not getting the crit as Vader allows demolisher to roll 4 black dice with rerolls so a crit is very probable. I would drop leading shots and all Ordnance Experts and just rely on Vader. Swap expanded launchers for ACMs and you save 22 points. APTs on the raiders could be fun, then upgrade the ISD-I to an ISD-II and put ECMs on it to keep the admiral alive. Engine techs is a great option for Demolisher but keep a decent initiative bid so maybe keep one or both the raiders vanilla.
  4. Yep the Aggressor's counter 1 doesn't really equate point wise to +1 hull and +1 speed. Perhaps upgrading one Tie-Int to Sontir Fel in your suggestion of 3 x TIE/Int, Howlrunner, Dengar would be a good way to get counter 4 (with a reroll) as the enemy might prefer to take out Fel first rather than suffer auto hits from attacking other targets. Fel also has 2 defence tokens and inflicting 5 dice + reroll on your activation plus several volleys of 4 dice + reroll counter attacks before he dies could easily tip the dogfight.
  5. Quite right I meant you should have an ECM on each ship. I have had Nym used against me several times and he has never rolled that blue crit to remove a defence token. The best use for Nym I can see is in a list with the Yavaris and Tallon (on a different ship). Tallon's ship activates him with squadron command to move and fire then reset him. Yavaris then activates Nym again getting 2 more shots.
  6. As soon as Mauler is engaged in combat he can't move so his extra damage won't occur until you win that fight. But to get the most out of him you should be running into 3+ squadrons at a time. Adding Dengar, a jumpmaster or Chiraneau really boosts his effectiveness. You don't have any crit dependant weapons which is the usual reason for taking Screed. Overload Pulse, ACMs, APTs etc. Warlord, sensor teams and the SW7s cost you 28 points and they (and Screed) spend dice to get benefits. I think you are better off ditching these and taking Admiral Vader to reroll all your shots on all ships, you could then drop ordnance experts from the raiders too. I know you don't have the pack but many players use 2 ISDs so ask around in your gaming group. If not Vader then Motti will boost defences and leading shots gets you the rerolls on the VSDs for a total saving of 22 points (add Dengar, IG-88 or Vader's squadron).
  7. List one: May want to move the intel officer onto the ISD-I. You will probably want to activate it first in the crunch turns when the lasers start flying. It is more vulnerable and if you see a target in black dice range for goodness sake fire now before it moves off. The ISD-II then gets a nasty volley against a target without a brace token. List two: Try to get Demolisher in there. Ditch one tie or an ordnance team from the other glad maybe.
  8. You will hardly ever get counter 4 as the enemy will just attack Howlrunner or Dengar first. 4 Tie-Int is my preference. You don't really need intel. Once engaged they are happy chewing on fighters and using counter 2 with a reroll to get more kills. Adding Howlrunner or Dengar gets expensive and unless you take 2 Tie Advanced to get the escort rule they get picked on. I have used Darth Vader on his own in the nuisance role. He can kill a fighter or two so making his points back as long as you don't pile into a massed swarm. He is reasonably tough with the braces. IG-88 can do a similar thing and is better at picking on a choice target like killing Rymer from the middle of a fireball, ignoring escort. It is just a shame he only has one defence token. Has anyone tried 2-4 agressors? Useful in a list without a carrier such as a mix of GSDs and Raiders. The rogue rule lets them move around without squadron command support but they are pricy. With 5 hull and counter 1 they may stick around a while.
  9. I was thinking of a 5 Neb build with some fighter support. Neb B Support, Salvation, Slaved turrets 64 Neb B Support, Mon Mothma 81 Neb B Support 51 Neb B Support 51 Neb B escort Yavaris, Antilles 69 B-Wing 14 B-Wing 14 B-Wing 14 YT2400 16 Falcon 26 Total 400
  10. Looks nice. I meant to say the Veteran Captain was a cheaper alternative to Wulf, giving a Nav token to activate engine techs at the vital moment. On your other Gladiator he isn't needed so take an 8 point bid or maybe the instigator title. If you are the first turn player with Demolisher you activate it last to keep it at longer range until several of your enemies move and they will probably try to deal with the big nasty ISD you are driving at them. As your final ship you fire 2 red die at long range then rush in using engine techs if needed and put a vicious flank shot onto a target after you move and try to double arc it for next round. On the next turn you activate Demolisher first to fire both a flank and a front shot into the same victim then race a way or possibly ram to finish him off. Engine techs can get you extra rams and the APT crit results can get you 2-3 face up damage cards on top of that. If you are second player with demolisher all isn't lost but the enemy can see what you have lined up the Demolisher on and activate that ship first to either kill Demolisher or move out of black die range of it.
  11. ISD-II is perfect, the classic build. Vic-I is very expensive but lets leave that a moment. It is slow and everyone knows not to go toe to toe with a ship with that many upgrades. Rebels will easily avoid it with speed and the fact their ships rely on broadsides so they can keep away while pounding it. Other imperials tend to approach you just to keep their firepower maximised but they will still kill the Vic first as it has the highest threat to kill-ability ratio. For the cost you can get a vanilla ISD-I or ditch Mithel or IG-88 and upgrade fully to an ISD-II with ECMs. You could also go the other way and get Demolisher with engine techs, ACM/APT and an officer like Intel, Vet Captain or Wulf. Fighters: I like the theme of applying damage from Mithel and enemies not shooting Sontir every turn. I also like IG-88 for tweaking Jan Ors from out of a bunch of X-Wings. Objectives: Hyperspace assault is good if you have the demolisher. With a tooled up Vic-I however the enemy just hit the accelerator and run away from the arriving ship giving you 3 red die at medium to long range. Admiral. Vader is better in 3-5 ship builds. With 2 ships you could substitute him for Motti and then take leading shots on the ISD-II and Ordnance Experts on the VIC or demolisher. This almost makes up for the drop in firepower and saves you a couple of points while also giving your ships extra hull. It also allows you to drop 2 Tie advance for Darth Vader's fighter meaning you now only have 4 non rogue fighters easily activated in a squadron command.
  12. Looks good but as Green Knight says an initiative bid would really help get the most from Demolisher. I would drop Wulf and the instigator title. Demolisher tends to be a suicide ship and with a NAV token banked early on he may not last long enough to use the engine techs a second time. If you really have a need to do so then veteran captain can be a cheap alternative. You could move the Intel officer to the Demolisher or the ISD. Overall aim for a 6-11 point initiative bid so after the above savings consider Relentless, that Veteran Captain or the odd tie interceptor upgrade to a fighter.
  13. With Vader's rerolls you can drop Ordnance Experts and try to get the Demolisher named ship upgrade. One set of Boosted Comms can probably go too, whichever ship is deployed closer to the enemy or on the "inside track" can do without. If the VSD-II drops to a VSD-I you don't loose much in the carrier role so with 10 points to spare you could upgrade the ISD-I to an ISD-II but only do that if you can get ECM on there too. If not, then look at officer Chiranau to get some fighters to disengage or maybe put flight controllers on the VSD as with no intel you must win the fighter battle before attacking ships.
  14. Removing the Nav token will stop engine techs and prevent (or at least delay) future acceleration, so still well worth doing.
  15. I signed up. Looking to make a card for my resin super star destroyer.
  16. Its a personal preference but I would take ECM over Projection Experts every time. Also in a Dodonna list Luke would be better than Nym, especially earlier in the game. It gives you more fighter punch and an extra escort.
  17. I used a very similar list recently and the "overload pulse before Avenger" trick worked like a dream! It will probably do this in only 50% of games however. I would move Intel officer to the Demolisher as it gives a real dilemma to the opponent when a nasty 4-5 black dice volley comes in. Also consider dropping NK7s to upgrade screed with Vader. I know it is a little risky, not getting the blue crits, but the extra damage on the rest of you firepower shines and who needs evades at knife fighting range anyway. For fighters just take 4 TIE-fighters. Giving Intel to 2 flimsy fighters won't help more than once as they will die soon. 4 TFs gives more hull and allows you to drip feed them or just jump on a choice target. If you wish to free up commands then 2 aggressors may last a while with counter-1 and the extra hull.
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