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  1. I prefer list 1. Needa often combos well with turbo laser reroute circuits if you can find the points. Move Motti to the ISD for protection. I would drop a tractor beam from the VSD to get Insidious upgraded to Demolisher. It is such a good improvement. All upgrades on the raider can go. Your ties won't last long enough for ruthless strategist to work more than once and for better anti fighter just upgrade the ties to interceptors. their better attack and the counter attack mean as they die they will kill more.
  2. As a group we skipped the introductory game and went straight into 300 point battles. Boy did we get many things wrong in those early matches. Tie fighters were throwing 3 blues including crits against ships, Wulff Yularen was my admiral etc. If you can't get an experienced player to take you through the first game then go through the introductory game to learn the mechanics. By your 3rd game it will all sink in.
  3. I would buy an ISD pack as the cheapest way in cash terms to get to a 400 point fleet. 392/400 ISD-II Vader, ECM, Gunnery Teams, Intel Officer, Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, Avenger 188 VSD-I Expanded Launchers, 92 Raider-II Overload Pulse 56 Howlrunner 16 5 Tie Fighters 40
  4. Sure will. Looking at the mould lines on an X-wing I think they may have been cast "nose down". This may explain the lack of a cockpit detail, if most of the front fuselage is buried in a steel mould.
  5. 395/400 ISD-I Motti, Flight Controllers, Expanded Hangars, Boosted Comms, XI7 155 VSD-I 73 GSD-1 Demolisher, ACM, Engine Techs, Vet Captain 84 3 Tie Fighters 24 2 Tie Interceptors 22 Rhymer 16 Tie Bomber 9 Tie Advanced 12 ISD makes the fighters and interceptors deadly so sweep away enemy squadrons. VSD can activate Rhymer, bomber and an Advanced to escort them. Once squadrons are dead tie fighters can swarm ships or join Rhymer's blob to fire at longer range. Deploy ships to one side but not right in the corner facing slightly toward the table centre. Enemy will not wish to come along your shorter flank and get squashed along the board edge so you know where they will approach from. Slower VSD can take the inside track while the others with faster speed wheel round.
  6. Named squadrons have a nice synergy with the admiral, keeping them alive for the rest of the turn. 7 squadrons in the list nicely fits into the squadron activation of the 2 bigger ships and with Yavaris's double tap occasionally making them brutal they should do fine.
  7. Games with just the core set are a little limited. With your upgrades you can do a decent 300 point fleet. Something like Neb-B Support - Salvation, XI7, Intel Officer 72 Neb-B Escort - Yavaris, Ray Antilles General Dodonna 89 CR-90B - Dodonna's Pride, SW-7 50 2 B-Wings 28 Luke 20 Wedge 19 Dutch 16 To expand to 400 buy an AF-IIb with ECM, flight controllers, another fighter and upgrade the admiral to Garm and move him onto this ship.
  8. I have tried 2 Raider-IIs with overload pulse in conjunction with the Avenger ISD-II. It worked brilliantly turning red an MC-80's defence tokens for the ISD to chew on. I lost the raider to the MC80 so it was an advantageous swap rather than a slam dunk.
  9. It may be to do with the more complicated shape of the X-Wing model. Y wings can be cast in a simple 2 part mould so you can add plenty of raised detail. The X-Wing shapes may mean the detail couldn't be so pronounced so that the plastic model could still be released from the mould.
  10. I used to put Wulf on the Demolisher to get a constant supply of Nav tokens to utilise the Engine Techs. Since Demolisher tends to get stuck into vicious close range combat it often doesn't last long so I switched to Veteran Captain to get me an emergency Nav token at the vital moment.
  11. Yavaris Nebulon-B escort with Antiles, 69 points + 42 for 3 B-wings. I just had an enemy ISD-II with Motti on board take 12 damage after landing on all three B-wings. Yavaris polished it off with 3 red dice.
  12. I would add gunnery team to the ISD and Avenger maybe to benefit from overloaded pulse. Drop expanded launchers for ACMs. Fighters I would go for an anti squadron build like 4 tie int then look to Darth or a firespray or two. 4tie int should defeat moderate fighters and can still do damage to heavy fighter builds.
  13. Screed is in the game to guarantee crits for weapons like ACM, APT, Overload Pulse. If you don't have several of these in your list go for Motti for extra hull or Vader for rerolling most of your shots. ISD-II should always take ECMs and almost always take gunnery teams. After that add other upgrades to taste but watch out, they can get expensive if you fill up most of the slots. VSDs are better as cheap carriers, use VSD-Is with hangars or boosted comms and maybe flight controllers. Tie fighter swarms are nice but be careful around ships with 2 anti squadron dice as the 3 hull doesn't last long. Keep back amongst your fleet then pile into enemy fighters when they become a threat to your ships.
  14. I design a list with Rymer and a bunch of tie bombers backed up with some fighter support. I then examine the squadron control rating of my carriers and substitute a firespray for a pair of bombers. Repeat until happy with the squadron rating ratio. Since the introduction of the firespray I tend to spend less on expanded hangars.
  15. I actually used Wulf as my admiral for my first 2 games before finally playing someone who knew the rules.
  16. A nice bomber list but you have forgotten to include the mandatory admiral. I would drop the Vic-I to a GSD-I to save points for Motti then swap 1 or 2 pairs of tie bombers for Firesprays to make up for the loss of squadron commands. Flight controllers on the ISD-I could help in sweeping away a stronger fighter opposition adding 6 extra blue dice a turn. Intel is geat and all but with only one Tie advanced Dengar may only last 2 turns.
  17. Get the ISD next as it gives you the option of playing the more common 400 point games even if you have to cram in a few not really needed upgrades to pad the list out. ISD+VSD+GSD should be ok with 1 pack of fighters. Example 397/400. ISD-II Motti, ECM, Gunnery Team, XI7, Intel, 171 VSD-I Flight Controllers 79 GSD-I ACM, Engine Techs, Demolisher, Veteran Captain 84 Rymer, 1 Tie Bomber, 2 Tie Fighters, 2 Tie Interceptors 63 [EDIT] or 5 Tie Fighters + Howlrunner if you haven't got the fighter pack yet 56
  18. I think their main use is to make tractor beams a little more effective by banishing a NAV token. Also good for disrupting enemies who rely on Engine Techs for extra movement. The extra damage is nice but is a weaker version of the APT for 1 more point. A quick rule clarification if I may.... If an Ion Cannon Battery volley hits a ship with no command tokens and no shields does the 1 extra shield damage transfer to the target ship's hull?
  19. Yes if you have a repair command or token use them before you are destroyed. After being destroyed they become almost useless, though you can repair a face up damage card to avoid its negative effects at least for the remainder of the turn.
  20. Here is another option. More specialised than the ISD-II above but one of the best carrier builds. ISD-I, Flight Controllers, Expanded Hangar Bay, Boosted Comms, Wulff. 132 points to activate 6 fighters a turn once you have banked a token on turn one. 5 TIE fighters and Howlrunner will get you up to 29 blue dice and up to 6 rerolls for only 56 points. You can drop flight controllers for gunnery teams if you want to get the most out of your front arc in the ship battle. Using TIE interceptors instead for extra speed, dice and counter (2) or (3) can make up for this. Obviously with no ECM option you need to be more careful and so Motti makes an excellent admiral for the ISD-I.
  21. All your ships at the moment can reroll dice via upgrades and that's what Vader gives. I wouldn't worry about not getting the crit as Vader allows demolisher to roll 4 black dice with rerolls so a crit is very probable. I would drop leading shots and all Ordnance Experts and just rely on Vader. Swap expanded launchers for ACMs and you save 22 points. APTs on the raiders could be fun, then upgrade the ISD-I to an ISD-II and put ECMs on it to keep the admiral alive. Engine techs is a great option for Demolisher but keep a decent initiative bid so maybe keep one or both the raiders vanilla.
  22. Yep the Aggressor's counter 1 doesn't really equate point wise to +1 hull and +1 speed. Perhaps upgrading one Tie-Int to Sontir Fel in your suggestion of 3 x TIE/Int, Howlrunner, Dengar would be a good way to get counter 4 (with a reroll) as the enemy might prefer to take out Fel first rather than suffer auto hits from attacking other targets. Fel also has 2 defence tokens and inflicting 5 dice + reroll on your activation plus several volleys of 4 dice + reroll counter attacks before he dies could easily tip the dogfight.
  23. Quite right I meant you should have an ECM on each ship. I have had Nym used against me several times and he has never rolled that blue crit to remove a defence token. The best use for Nym I can see is in a list with the Yavaris and Tallon (on a different ship). Tallon's ship activates him with squadron command to move and fire then reset him. Yavaris then activates Nym again getting 2 more shots.
  24. As soon as Mauler is engaged in combat he can't move so his extra damage won't occur until you win that fight. But to get the most out of him you should be running into 3+ squadrons at a time. Adding Dengar, a jumpmaster or Chiraneau really boosts his effectiveness. You don't have any crit dependant weapons which is the usual reason for taking Screed. Overload Pulse, ACMs, APTs etc. Warlord, sensor teams and the SW7s cost you 28 points and they (and Screed) spend dice to get benefits. I think you are better off ditching these and taking Admiral Vader to reroll all your shots on all ships, you could then drop ordnance experts from the raiders too. I know you don't have the pack but many players use 2 ISDs so ask around in your gaming group. If not Vader then Motti will boost defences and leading shots gets you the rerolls on the VSDs for a total saving of 22 points (add Dengar, IG-88 or Vader's squadron).
  25. List one: May want to move the intel officer onto the ISD-I. You will probably want to activate it first in the crunch turns when the lasers start flying. It is more vulnerable and if you see a target in black dice range for goodness sake fire now before it moves off. The ISD-II then gets a nasty volley against a target without a brace token. List two: Try to get Demolisher in there. Ditch one tie or an ordnance team from the other glad maybe.
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