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  1. Palp makes Braces discard. Enemy AFII comes at you and you and you exhaust its redirect too. Now when each Arquitens fires the Brace gets only one use as does the now red redirect. Supressor could work on several ships a turn or force enemies to play scatter roulette and try to kill it.
  2. Add to this the new Choking Vader officer on a flotilla, 2 SFOs for the non flagship Arquitens and Needa & TRC for the last one. Ciena, Valen and 2 TIE-Interceptors gets you to 400 points. Could also make one Slicer Tools into a Comms Net (with choking Vader on board) and the other Gozanti keeps Slicers and adds the Suppressor title.
  3. It would have been nice with Advanced Projectors but XI7s still counter it. Frees up another officer slot though. The SSD can just plot a repair command and bring 8 shields from other areas to your down shield and those adjacent hull zones that you have been redirecting to. After two rounds of this you can then begin to repair 4 shields a turn.
  4. I think Palpatine is better against targets you will shoot several times. This benefits from targets discarding defence tokens due to the ultra Intel officer commander effects. Raiders however tend to not stick around, they launch fast strikes of one good shot expending the E-Rax and then often run. A DTT Arquitens costs only one point more than each of your raiders so you could go for replacing 3-4 raiders with kittens and have a porcupine formation bristling with red dice and Palpatine hurting evades, then braces then redirects etc. The extra reach of red dice Arquitens allows them to combine fire on one target piling on the pressure as it has to discard defence tokens rapidly. Drop the Intel officer for captain Needa to free up points or a Slicer for a coms net. Alternatively, to stick with the raiders, change one raider into Demolisher, ACM, OE and drop Palpatine and the Intel officer for Jerjerrod. Opening Salvo could be fine in a 4-5 Arquitens list but the Raider version may suffer early losses due to Cymoon or Ackbar red dice volleys before the raiders launch their initial shots. Still you have 7 ships so that's 14 extra black dice if you can pull it off. Most wanted may be a safer alternative.
  5. Brunson, Lando and Targeting scramblers can get you effects similar to (or better than) evades which could compound with your one allowed brace or redirect. Med Team and Lira Wessex sort-of get you a contain like benefit in some circumstances.
  6. I think that Relentless falls into the same category as Defence Liaison, Navigation Officer, Tactical Experts, Support Officer etc. These all help beginners who are unsure what command they may need in future to have more accuracy selecting the correct dial when the time comes to reveal it. Experienced players tend to not need them, or at least prefer to spend the points elsewhere and occasionally still suffer the wrong assumption leading to a bad command dial. These type of upgrade have a secondary use as Slicer Tool or Raid insurance and so still have a place in the game but you don't see them that often in top lists. For only 3 points Relentless isn't that expensive and it helps with command accuracy on a big 120-160 point unit that is a decent proportion of your fleet points. Combined with SFO (which is one of these type of command-dial-improving upgrades that I take regularly) you almost get command 1 benefits. Relentless does of course compete with the popular Avenger title and in 800-1200 point games the Tarkin/Sovereign combination is pure gold.
  7. The unique dot for Lando on the Falcon is on the "Lando" name not the "Millennium Falcon" name. I take it that I can have two Millennium Flacons in a list, one piloted by Lando and the other by Han Solo? also IG88 and IG88-B are different unique cards so I can take both in a list? I haven't read any background on IG88 so I take it there are several of them roaming the galaxy hunting down fugitives.
  8. No Im just stretching things to see if Iv'e been doing them wrong. I get the specific ability overruling a general rule thing. But when it comes down to IG88-B death blossom v Valen I mean they both come from the same sources (the character special rule on the squadron card) and they both equally counteract each other but some people are certain which one overrides the other and I can't see which should. I know one has to override the other but what is to say which way around? IG88-B allows it lo make lots of attacks and if each of these attacks also have to follow the same rules of the attack then escort would surely come into it. But if it doesn't then why not for Jendon/Steele.
  9. Hmm... what about Jendon can make Steele make a second attack. Does the second attack also ignore the escort rule as Jendon's ability is a component? Demolisher lets you make an attack after it does a move. If that attack is obscured but Demolisher has the crit saying "Cant attack targets that are obscured" (I forget the crit name) is that attack still allowed because you are using Demolishers upgrade text that overrides the crit? I would say no to both the above. Cards that have abilities allowing you to do non standard things (almost the definition of all upgrade cards, you can legally break rules using them). But Unless specifically stated I think other rules still effect the ship or squadron.
  10. If you have a better bid you get to pick first or second player. If you choose to be second player (or your opponent had a better bid and chose to make you second) then you offer him all three objective cards and give him the choice. Hopefully you now offer him three nasty missions all biased against 1st player and they should be tailored to your lists strengths. If you are first player you choose from his list of three objectives. You examine each one and choose the least bad for your current matchup.
  11. I still use some generic with Rieekan although some people love all ace builds. Have a read of this. It was played just before the FAQ so the FCT & Yavaris combo was legal then but it still gives a good feel of using Rieekan bombers.
  12. Usually bomber lists like Precision Strike but your bomber list with respect doesn't have that many bombers so I would go for Most Wanted, Contested Outpost and Solar Corona. Most Wanted lets you set the comms net Flotilla as your objective ship then target the largest enemy you think you can reliably kill in the enemy fleet. Your flotilla will be happy jogging along on the far side of your entire fleet from the enemy, nice and protected, giving out tokens and delaying activations. If it gets caught you only give away an extra 18 points. Meanwhile go for the enemy large ship and get yourself 120, 112, 106 extra points etc. when it goes down in flames. Contested Outpost is nice to hold and gain points. Stiff arm the opponent with the bombers and Yavaris double tapping threat gets you kills. You can always abandon the base late in the game perhaps leaving a flotilla there to gain points but don't be too focused on it, feel free to abandon and give him 40 points if you have 80 already if the tactical situation can save giving away expensive kills. Solar Corona is good as you have no ECM on the flagship and you get to out deploy and attack from "up sun". Superior positions is similar and your fighters can gain tokens from it but there are pure bomber and Sloane lists out there who will have a field day against you so Corona is milder but safer. On to your list... Actually the bombers aren't the problem but if someone shoots Jan (and you have no escort) your bombers get locked up in almost useless dogfights for the rest of the game. Normally you see 110-134 points spent on squadrons and a reasonable chunk of that is spent on escorts and space superiority squadrons to allow the bombers to do their thing if you run into reasonable to good fighter opposition. get 2-3 X-wings or X-wing characters and pay for this by dropping the CR90A. Also ECM & Boosted Comms on the flagship and Flight commander on Yavaris moving Tallon to a flotilla or the flagship.
  13. IG88-B may perform an attack against squadrons at distance 1. It is an attack and the escort rule (assuming a nearby X-Wing protecting Jan for example) prevents attacks as Jan doesn't have escort. A similar thing would happen with Imperials v Imperials with IG88-B trying to Death Blossom several squadrons including Valen Rudor. Valen would be safe. Mauler's ramming damage, Slave 1's damage on activation and Ten Numb's splash damage may effect Jan as none of these methods are attacks so escort won't help. IG88 (our current one) can ignore the escort rule and therefore attack Jan. IG88-B doesn't ignore the escort rule however and they could have added that criteria if they wanted. It could be FAQed the other way of course but as things stand I think @The Jabbawookie is correct.
  14. I'm liking IGGY-B with his Death Blossom ability. = Not that easy to use to its full potential but the threat of it may attract enemy fire, meaning Mauler may survive for a second ramming attack instead. Escorts can help. Also sitting IG88B on an obstacle since death blossom attacks are obscured anyway so might as well make incoming fire obscured too.
  15. I like them as carriers. One set of FCTs and a pair of QBTs would be fun. Change one B-Wing into Gold Squadron and both Y-Wings into Corran or Ketsu, tanking a little pressure off the squadron activation numbers with the rogue ability. Thinking about it maybe one of the carriers should have Boosted Comms so maybe a YT2400 or Nora in place of Corran/Ketsu.
  16. I have a sneaky suspicion they will say at the announcement.... "Something medium is coming." and then just leave us in the dark for another 245 days. Only joking. They would never do something like that to us. Looking forward to it. Think positive. It's going to be a mother beautiful bridge announcement.
  17. Boarding Vader could just light sabre the ECM upgrade instead of Tua. Asphyx-a-Vader however is free to choke Tua for the reroll and the defensive slot stays. There are other officers who's effect has already past such as Titus, Needa, Officer Ozzel and even Thrawn or Tarkin if you wait until the last command or tokens have been allocated.
  18. How about this... 400/400 Most Wanted, Planetary Ion, Superior Positions VSD-I, Moff JJ, E-Rax, QBTs, Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms, Grint. 146 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE. 77 Gozanti, Vector, Boosted Comms, BCC. 35 Gozanti, Comms Net. 25 3 TIE-B, TIE-A, Tempest, Dengar, Mauler, Sabre, Firespray 117 If you want the full 134 Squadrons you could replace Demolisher with an Arquitens but then you run into problems controlling them so could substitute in more rogues. Even as it stands you may wish to get Demolisher to bank a Nav on turn one then squadron for turn two just to get everything into action. Yo have 5 bombers to use the BCC well but there are plenty of support units to fight your way clear of strong squadron opposition. Sabre helps deal with Shara and can assassinate Jan from within a bunch of X-Wings especially if Mauler also rams into the pack. Keeping Mauler and Dengar alive gets your bombers free so I included 2 Escorts. Vector by the way is great for throwing in the Firespray or making Mauler speed 5.
  19. Never played using Raddus but I was thinking of something like this... 400/400. Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, Superior Positions. CR90A, TRC, ETs, Raddus 85 GR75T, Slicer Tools, Quantum Storm 26 GR75T, Boosted Comms, Tallon 32 MC75-Ord, E-Rax, ACMs, ECM, OE, Lando 125 Han, Dash, Corran, Shadow Caster, Rogue, Gold, HWK 132/134 I thought the rogues can go in, with Tallon's Flotilla staying just far away enough to activate a fighter or two hence the BC. Once the fighters have softened up a target the MC75 can hop in to finish the deal. The rogues themselves may do fine if there is only moderate squadron opposition. Have to keep the TRC90 alive though to avoid tabling so I put engine techs there for a burst of speed. I'd like to squeeze Jiana's light in if I can.... maybe APTs instead of ACMs.
  20. Observation No Armada ship, squadron or upgrade has ever had a point revision in any FAQ. The Armada point system is therefore infallible. They both cost 112 points. Conclusion It must follow that they are both equally powerful and it is heresy to suggest otherwise. I am caught in a logical quandary.....
  21. 398/400. Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory ISD-II, Gunnery Team, ECM, Leading Shots, Moff JerJerrod, 161 points. GSD-I, Demolisher, Assault Concussion Missiles, Ordnance Experts, 77 points. Arquitens CL, Captain Needa, Turbolaser Reroute Circuits, 63 Points. Arquitens CL, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, 59 Points. 2 TIE-Int, 2 TIE-F 38 Points. A nice balanced Fleet with a small fighter screen. Have the ISD bank a Navigate token on turn one then do a squadron command turn two and maybe turn three if you expect the TIEs to last that long. It all depends on the enemy squadron strength. 4 Combat ships gives a lot of firepower but keep together to concentrate your firepower to get early kills. Arquitens are good at outflanking with the ISD trying to keep several targets in the front arc and Demolisher is always a decent threat. Moff JerJerrod gives all the ships excellent turning especially at speeds 2-3, use it to get ships out of trouble or into great firing positions.
  22. You don't want Advanced Gunnery as both your ISDs have Gunnery Teams and the FAQ confirms that the word "cannot" on the GT card can't be overridden by anything - even the scenario. Most wanted would be a good alternative or switch out the Kuat's GTs for BT Avenger (ISD-I version or ISD-K). Fighters will be a problem. A decent Sloane list will kill and ISD easily then try to avoid the other - offering you a flotilla or a Quasar kill in return. I think a Slicer Tool on one of the Gozantis would help a lot. To avoid eating into the bid too much the bulkheads cold go and maybe even Relentless.
  23. I took a quad Vic list to a local tournament and it did surprisingly well. Luckily I avoided playing the guy with 8 Lancers. 400/400, Opening Salvo, Planetary Ion Cannon, Salvage Run VSD-II, GT, LS, D-Caps, QBTs, Brunson, Motti 133 VSD-II, GT, LS, D-Caps, QBTs, SFO 105 VSD-I, QBTs, E-Rax 81 VSD-I, QBTs, E-Rax 81
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