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  1. I was 13th with this list... 399/400 Most Wanted, Fighter ambush, Superior positions. ISD-II, Sloane, GTs, ECM, LS, Avenger, Boosted Comms, SADviser. 175 Quasar-I, Flught Controllers, EX Hangar, Boosted Comms, SFO. 70 Gozanti, Comms Net. 25 5xTIE-P, TIE-Int, Sabre Squadron, Mauler, Jumpmaster, Black Squadron. 129 2 good wins got me to the upper tables where I met a Dodonna list similar to that of @RikkiP. A narrow 5-6 loss. I then played @eris359 game 4 in a bloodbath, failing to table him with the last gasp TIE Interceptor up the exhaust port on the final turn. However by this time I had already been tabled with the Gozanti and squadrons still alive so that could have been a 5-6 loss but it wasn't to be... it ended a well deserved 8-3 for him.
  2. Arquitens can be kept cheap with DTTs. A reroll of one red out of three (or four with a CF command) is 95% as good as the extra dice from Enhanced armament. However Vader grants rerolls so the other build is Slaved Turrets to get the extra red for 4 points less. If you are double arcing an opponent or occasionally have a target in each flank arc however slaved turrets have a disadvantage loosing the second shot. The last option for Arquitens is TRCs. You don't need Vader for them to work and captain Needa is a good addition. With your list I would go for 2 Arquitens with TRCs and Needa/Brunson on board for defence. Then change the admiral for JerJerrod who can give them great navigation yaw values even when doing a CF command. The Interdoctor is expensive and what is it going to repair? Arquitens tend to move fast on a flank and if they get caught they sometimes pop before shields can be passed along. @Norell's suggestion of a Cymoon is good. If you keep Vader then Gunnery teams and maybe a SFO. With Jerjerod you could take GTs, Wulff and Intensify Firepower to add more dice control. Raider is ok but vulnerable and doesn't fit the red dice firepower of the others. Can you afford a Demolisher with ACMs/APTs and OE? or a Quasar light carrier to activate the TIEs. Squadrons would be fine with a Quasar to activate them all. Otherwise trade quantity with ACE quality and maybe add rogues. Ciena, Valen, Bossk and Zertek for example. They will last a while and not tax the squadron commands too heavily.
  3. Conteplating the release of the SSD in 40 days time (No really! FFG wouldn't let us down again. Not even delaying to July 2nd). 400/400, Station Assault, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona SSD-CP, Moff JerJerrod, Gunnery Team, QBTs, Leading Shots, Brunson, Palpatane (officer). 267 Mona, Bobba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, 2 Firesprays 133/134 I wanted an all Rogue fighter force to free the SSD from the need for squadron commands (through I may plot one for turn 2 to try and get the jump on opponents). There is no intel so I could be locked down. Against strong fighter opposition I will stay in the protection of the SSD's flakk and see if the enemy want a fighter superiority battle in this danger zone or wish to press an attack on the SSD using their intel while my rogues get an unanswered free hack. IG-88A or IG-88B, what do you think? It was a decimator for the full 134 points but I needed one point to squeeze in Palpataine. Jerjerrod also frees the SSD from the need for navigate commands, though I may bank a nav token on turn 1. I can now plot repairs for turn 3-6 and try and stay alive by moving shields about and repairing APT crits. Dam Con Officer may be better than Brunson against some opponents but Brunson is also good against TRC double hits and so I think a better all rounder. I'll get the Rogues to concentrate upon any HIE, APT or ACM armed ships to lessen exposure. I like the idea of Palpatine spending defence tokens for almost every enemy shot. If they double arc me this can mount up. Kallus is an optional replacement or Officer Vader and a Chart Officer. Missions are uncertain. I can't think of a better red mission. Capture the VIP or Planet Ion Cannon are options for Yellow. With no TUA/ECM option since the FAQ Solar Corona cancelling an accuracy and the out deployment looks very tempting. Superior positions could be an alternative as my rear can swing around quite a distance using JJ for a double yaw but it may bight me if the enemy get bood bombing runs - but they would have to get past 133 points of rogues who are not that great at Combat Air Patrol but can still hurt combined with flakk.
  4. I agree but it is the best of a bad lot for a player who doesn't own the Correllian Conflict set, otherwise I would have gone for Station Assault. The huge firepower of a medium range ISD shot with rerolls and extra black dice could get you early kills before some enemy ships fire back even though they may have 4-5 combat ships getting extra red dice. Most Wanted is not good, there are no small point ships in the list. A Comms Net Gozanti and 4 TIE-F would make this a nice mission. Precision Strike, hmmm there are quite a few contain tokens on the ships but they don't mitigate the flipping of existing damage cards face up. There aren't large numbers of bombers availablle either so it could be a disaster of a mission against 25% of opponents and just not great against the others. Advanced Gunnery suffers from the Gunnery team upgrade on the ISD and the potential to give Ackbar Pickle lists a field day. Giving AG to the VSD or Interdictor is only a minor benefit for a potential loss of 73 or 97 extra points.
  5. 396/400 Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory ISD2, Vader, Gunnery Team, ECM, 160 VSD1, ACM 80 Interdictor, Grav Shift, Target Scramblers, Interdictor 100 2 TIE-D, 3 TIE-F 56 Options could be to Replace Vader for Konstantine, a Pylon Q7 and LS on the ISD. Ditch the 4 point bid for a set of Boosted Comms. Change the fighters for Marek, Jendon and 2 TIE-F. The Grav Shift is excellent in your Yellow mission dragging the base further back and building a wall of rocks for the enemy to travel through or follow one clear path into your killer arcs. Dangerous Territory too benefits by dragging enemy placed obstacles closer to you giving you a chance to take some or placing them in the middle of your front arcs making them too hot for the enemy to collect. Opening Salvo is good adding 6 rerollable black dice to your first shots potentially getting ACMs to work at long range.
  6. The VSD is very expensive and not very hard to kill. I would drop a Gozanti and use the points to replace the flagship with a ISD-II, GT, LS, ECM, Boosted Comms. You get a few more points to upgrade the TIE-A to Tempest squadron or maybe keep Kallus or a S-Adviser. Swap out a TIE-D for Mauler Mithel. He will get you more anti squadron damage than the slightly punchier defender especially if he gets a second ramming attack before he dies. Another escort like Black squadron or Zertek would also help achieve this and protect your Intel source as it is the easiest way of locking down the bombers.
  7. I hope you cannot react to a react, otherwise all the command dials go off in a big chain reaction as soon as the first ship activates. I don't think you should allow a reaction command to go off before a regular command otherwise you tip on its head the whole initiative, activation order, Initiative bid aspect of the game. There seems little reason to keep your command until the regular reveal step. Perhaps make reaction command dials only work at the power level of a token and ban reaction tokens altogether. The CF reaction seems overly powerful too, like Demolisher on steroids. You could make the reaction limited to once per turn or even once per game so players preserve their ability to do a reaction dial until the crucial moment.
  8. Here are my recent Screed lists 394/400, Most Wanted, Hyperspace Assault, Salvage Run Raider-II, HIE, D-Caps, Screed, Montferrat, 91 Raider-II, HIE, D-Caps, 60 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson, 82 Gozanti, Vector, Boosted Comms 29 Mona, Bobba, Bosk, IG88, Dengar, Mauler 132/134 Vector banks a squad token turn one and then Mauler can do a speed 5 ramming attack turn 2 or the slower Rogues can blast in at speed 4. The Boosted Comms is really useful sending several rogues to chase down wounded fast ships after their attack runs. Enemy CR90 or even Admonition doesn't last long with 3 rogues on its tail. Flagship raider harrases keeping the speed up and using D-Caps for a long range softening up attack. Second raider does the same but is more expendable so you can go for a risky second turn of HIE madness. Demolisher obliterates anything softened up by HIE fire and the rogues can help too ensuring a kill. 398/400, Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Salvage Run VSD-II, Screed, GTs, D-Caps, HIEs, QBTs, SFO, 136 Raider-II, HIE, D-Caps, 60 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson, 82 GSD-I, ACMs, OE, SFO, 68 Ciena, Rudor, 2 TIE-Int, 52 This list has more firepower with 2 HIE and 2 ACM ships. The squadrons are now a moderate to light delaying force so keep them close to the VSD to protect it and benefit from Flak. Opening Salvo is really nasty with your slow rolling ships. GSDs adding black OS dice to 2 red from their front arcs with the guaranteed crit soon shredds shields.
  9. I would change both AFII-As to AFII-Bs. You don't need the extra dice out the front and rear as you should usually be shooting twice out of the flanks using the Gunnery Teams. ABII-Bs are also 9 points cheaper saving you 18. You could spend the 18 to upgrade the Flotilla to a Tantive IV TRC CR90 but this would also require a drop in fighter strength. Or spend the 18 points on a set of boosted comms and Rogue Squadron or upgrading one or both YT2400s to Dash, Han or Corran. Advanced Gunnery would have to go on Jiana's Light. The FAQ tells you the word "Cannot" on the Gunnery team upgrade can't be overridden by anything - even the scenario. You would get no benefit from it on an AF-II and on Jiana's light it isn't really worth the risk. Most Wanted is a good alternative making the Flotilla the target and whichever enemy ship is large enough and that you have a decent chance of killing.
  10. I usually do it in this order.... Commander Approximate squadron strength Ships (including carriers to service the fighters) Upgrades Refine the fighters Objectives I started out wanting to do a triple Vic list as you did. Previously I had flown a Quad VIC list of 2 VSD-IIs and 2 VSD-Is kitted out as above but no fighters. It did well but there was a guy in that event with lots of bombers and I was lucky with the matchups to avoid him. I start out with my 3 VICs and I wanted reasonable to good squads so I went for a VSD-II +2 VSD-Is (as they are cheaper). The three ships have good firepower at range due to the D-Capacitor GTs and lots of blue bonus dice from QBTs. This firepower means coming at me via my front arcs is dangerous and so speed and flanking are needed by the enemy. External racks helps counter flanking and QBTs helps against fast opponents. My next vulnerability is bombers so my 80-100 points of squadrons needed to be mainly Combat Air Patrol focused. Howlrunner is great for Swarm capables and Mauler excels if you have a source or Intel to get a second ramming attack. A little escort keeps Mauler and/or Dengar alive. Sabre lets me kill enemies with good counter values like Shara or to snipe targets protected by escort like Jan surrounded by X-wings. Finally Interceptors hit hard and the enemy will usually try to kill Dengar/Mauler/Howlrunner first so they should get their worth with 5 Dice and a reroll for 2-3 turns and some counter 2or3or4 with reroll when they are targeted. For a little anti ship boost I upgraded the TIE-A I had in mind to Tempest squadron and thought about Gamma Squadron in place of a TIE-I but with no BCC in the list I decided against it. Only then did I go for objectives. The red one is still a weakness. Most wanted and a flotilla would be nice but I didn't want to loose too many fighters. Contested Outpost is an easy source of points and encourages the enemy to come at you reasonably soon. My VSDs have 10 hull each so difficult to just tweak a kill on turn 5-6 and run for it. Hyperspace assault is an option but the strength of the VSDs magnifies the more that are in formation so I didn't want to split up. Dangerous territory isn't fantastic and often you only break even on token points but the zero damage from obstacles with slow moving VICs and their base sizes and my need to stick together in close formation helps a lot. Solar Corona could also be useful letting you deploy last and attack out of the sun.
  11. I regularly have to fix the small Armada ships like Flotillas and CR90 pegs. I replace them with 2mm (or is it 3mm?) thick brass wire. Cut a small length of wire with heavy duty clippers and file both ends flat. Then use a file to flatten the side of one of the ends so it has a "D" cross section and fits snugly into an armada stand. Use trial and error to get the correct fit. If you find it wobbles a little then you can coat the end of the wire in Citadel 'Ard coat or Vallejo gloss varnish and let it dry before trying again to tighten the fit. Next drill the Armada model starting with a small drill bit. I use a hobbycraft electric drill and you have to be careful that you don't get a blob of semi molten Armada plastic surrounding the drill bit that then gets you a wider hole than you wanted. Drill once with a 1mm bit then again with a 2mm bit is safer. Superglue the non "D" section of the wire into the model leaving the other end sticking out the correct length to go into the stand. Ensure you have the flat part of the "D" facing the correct direction.
  12. I ran this at a local tournament last month and did ok with it. 398/400, Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory VSD-II, Motti, Gunnery Team, Disposable Capacitors, Leading Shots, QBTs, Brunson 133. VSD-I, QBTs, External Racks, SFO 82. VSD-I, QBTs, External Racks, Boosted Comms 85. Howlrunner, Mauler, Dengar, Tempest, Sabre, 2 TIE-Int 98 So the flagship deploys in the middle closely supported by a VSD-I on either side and each of them has surprising flank firepower of 2 red, 1 blue and 3 black dice, enough to discourage any close in flanker especially when the other two ships fire 2 red and a blue each in support. Brunson is a little extra protection to keep Motti around. The Boosted Comms ship should go on the outside of the formation able to activate squadrons further out. The other VSD can squadron or easily switch commands once your fighters start to die using the SFO. Options: Drop Dengar to a Jumpmaster and add Ordnance experts to the VSD-Is. Change Sabre & TIE Ints for 4 TIE-Fighters. or 3 TIE-Fighters and a set of Flight controllers. Opening Salvo is a bit of a risk - though no opponents chose it against me. Station Assault may be safer. I'm not keen on Warlord/H8. It can be a good combo but you probably don't have an accuracy anymore so the 2 extra damage by turning the red dice to hit-hit may be braced or evaded. The overall cost of the 2 upgrades is the main concern, almost 2 TIE Bombers worth and which will get you more damage over the course of a game?
  13. Swap spinal for DTT, ditch h9 & Redundant shields. This will Free up enough for a flotilla with comms net to let Yavaris double tap three squadrons. If you drop Paragon or the DTT you could put Bomber Command Centre on it instead. Also try and get Jan into your fighter force. The X-Wings will protect her while she lends them braces and frees up your squads to move and bomb ships.
  14. Good trade with @Packerman29. Thrawn & Sloane have arrived.
  15. A technicality indeed, but important to know if your ship was on one hull when it rammed and landed on the base in the same move.
  16. Yes if the final position of your ship (after moving back along your manoeuvre tool to the legal landing spot) is on an obstacle then also apply the effects of the obstacle. These 2 effects (damage from the other ship and damage/repair from the Rock/Debris/Base) occur at the same time so it is your choice which order you do them. You could for example choose to take the damage form the enemy ship first and then immediately repair it from also landing on the base.
  17. Ditch foresight to get APTs and change to Rieekan. Let him last/first you and the zombie should still do 6-10 damage to the ISD not to mention a ram or two. with Rieekan you want character squads though you will probably be keeping ships alive but Shara, Tycho, rogue and a YT2400 look good.
  18. If I were FFG (and I'm not) I would release one of the clone wars factions before the other. One wave with 2 ship packs and some fighters then soon after another wave of 3 ships. This will get that faction not up to party but able to compete with the Rebels and Imperials. Then the year after do the same for the other CW faction. It wouldn't fit in with the new starter set model we see in Legion but gets playable competitive factions out sooner.
  19. As for your first list why have a 294 point bid. A Madine MC80 Battlecruiser with XI7, Spinal, LS, Vet Gunners, Raymus, ET would be fun. At 173 points you still get second player but now have a chance at a kill to possibly get a 7-4 and it is a lot less vulnerable to a fast MC30 or ISD-II + 4 Tie-Bombers. With the new Campaign on the way would adding 130+ points of Rogue Aces help more than they risk giving away and so getting a 5-6 loss? Han, Dash, Lando, Corran, Ketsu & YT2400 could avoid things if threatened by a Sloane squadron force but otherwise threaten ships that split up to heard your Liberty.
  20. Yes swap the MC80-Battle Cruiser for an MC80-Star Cruiser to free up the points. Also drop Enhanced Armament for Dual Turbolaser Turrets. It frees up 5 points for Slicer Tools on the flotilla, Reinforced Blast Doors on the CR90 or a moderate bid.
  21. I think Spend defence tokens happens before the crit effect and if there is no blue crit dice anymore in the pool then the crit fails. This is why you can exhaust all your defence tokens when someone hits you with Overload Pulse as you know what's coming when the crit goes off so might as well brace & redirect now.
  22. So an example of a TIE-Phantom shooting Lando with 4 blue dice and gets 3 hits and a useless crit. Lando could brace 3 damage into 2 or gamble with his special defensive reroll ability. Asking 3 blue dice to be rerolled could get you 0 Hits 1/8th of the time..... When to hold 'em, 1 Hit 3/8ths of the time..... When to fold 'em, 2 Hits 3/8ths of the time... When to walk away, 3 Hits 1/8th of the time..... When to run... So overall 1 in 8 chance of doing worse than a brace, 7 in 8 chance of doing the same or better than a brace, and a 50% chance of exceeding the brace effect. All this assumes accuracies played no part i.e. you still have both brace tokens so if the enemy reroll an accuracy it isn't enough to lock your tokens out. When the total amount of damage is an odd number braces are less effective so Lando's rerolls can often be superior. Obviously if Lando is on 2 hull then bracing three damage isn't an option so gamble away. You could also gamble on a single point of damage which a brace cannot. Double damage dice rolls like Vader Hit/crit or Z95 red dice can also be more effective to ask for rerolls rather than bracing but the reverse can happen with single hit red dice rerolls occasionally becoming 2 damage. Lando's best rerolls has to be against ten Numb. Ask him to reroll just the blue crit to keep your nearby comrades free from splash damage. EDIT: shown below to be balderdash.
  23. The Raider 1 and Hammerhead versions are good ship load-outs but awful lifeboats. Put your commander somewhere else as they need to get in close to contribute to the battle. Jiana's light version is great with the option of RBDs if you have the points. I have used the Raider-II version without GTs but adding Montferrat (Brunson was already on Demolisher) and it was nice and survivable while Screed guaranteed the HIE crit. OK in a Vader list too but with anyone else the crit may not happen and being a lifeboat you usually don't want to turn into heavy combat areas for a second chance. Arquitens with DTT and RBDs is a good option especially in Jerjerrod lists where at speed 3 you can yaw twice left then at the end of the manoeuvre yaw twice right to put distance between you and the enemy.
  24. Palp makes Braces discard. Enemy AFII comes at you and you and you exhaust its redirect too. Now when each Arquitens fires the Brace gets only one use as does the now red redirect. Supressor could work on several ships a turn or force enemies to play scatter roulette and try to kill it.
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