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  1. It could have a role in Rogue heavy fleets. Deploy Corvus first then deploy pairs of squadrons nearby and move on to your other ships hopefully gaining some out deployment advantages. Finally redeploy Corvus in a different position having seen the enemy dispostions. I will be adding it to my Screed fleet to out deploy opponents and protect my Raider-II flagship from harm. 396/400, Station Assault, Plaetary Ion Cannon, Salvage Run Raider-II, Screed, HIE, D-Caps, Montferrat, Corvus 93 Raider-II, HIE, D-Caps 60 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson 82 Gozanti, Boosted Comms, Vector 29 Bossk, Mona, Bobba, IG-88a, Dengar, Mauler 132 Corvus can also let you deploy one ship last if you are first player in Solar Corona or Superior Positions missions. It can also get you one extra ship out of the ambush zone in Fleet Ambush.
  2. How about this for TIE Recycling shinanegans 400/400, Most Wanted, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions. Quasar-I, Boosted Comms, Reserve Hangar Deck, Sloane 91 Quasar-I, Boosted Comms, Reserve Hangar Deck, 67 GSD-I, Demolisher, OE, ACM, Brunson 82 Gozanti, Reserve Hangar Deck, 26 Howlrunner, 10xTIE Interceptor, TIE Fighter 134 Demolisher can hang back until the TIEs have softened up a target and stripped away defence tokens. Quasars go fast probably split up and try to stay unengaged, positioned flank on to the enemy or try to hop out of deadly front arcs and into flank areas. Turn one bank a few squadron tokens to help fling in the squadrons turn two. To be even more silly I could swap out Demolisher for a Raider-I Lifeboat with E-Rax, OE & Reserve Hangar Deck plus another RHD Gozanti. 5 extra TIE Interceptors over the course of the game could be evil but I'm not sure if we need the big punch of Demolisher to do well.
  3. It can be done. I had a quick stab at the list. What were your objectives? Station Assault, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions VSD-II, Sloane ,GT, LS, D-Caps, QBTs Quasar-I, Flt Controllers, EH, BC, Wulff Quasar-I, Flt Controllers, EH, BC, Grint 16 TIE-F Found I was 6 points over with my favourite VSD-II build so I would need to drop Wulff, gunnery teams or a fighter. Probably Wulff as you are going to loose TIEs at a decent rate and there isnt that much reason to spend too many points to be able to activate everything when you won't have 16 TIEs alive for long. You can probably improve the list by substituting fewer TIE-Ints and Howlrunner for some of the TIE fighters. They hit harder and hit back with Counter (2or3) as the enemy tries to kill them off. This puts less pressure on the squadron control numbers so you can drop Wulff & Grint say for SFOs and take the squadron points total nearer to 134. Either way you have to be wary of Flak. Double dice Flak can quickly dispatch lots of your squadrons in a couple of turns especially if you also have to sweep away some Counter(2) A-Wings at the same time. Watch out for 2 ships overlapping their flak shots especially with Toryn Far close by. Fight near the base if you can. TIEs attack ship turn 2 using the squadron command to move and then fire. They then get hit by Flak. Next turn TIEs attack the ship and each then moves away onto the base using the squadron command to fire then move. Turn after TIEs come off the base to attack the ship again and hopefully that is enough to get you the win before you loose too many squads. This base dancing works great with TIE-Phantoms who can double repair on the base with their cloak move and are less vulnerable to Flak with their extra hull point. Sloan also makes TIE-Ps hit very hard though the vatiance of the damage output can be high. It can work but there are better Sloane lists less vulnerable to Flak and other enemy squadron alpha strikes. If you substiture more TIE raw numbers for better quality such as Howlrunner, Mauler, Valen, Cienna, Zertek, Jumpmaster, Sabre, 3xTIE-Int you max out on points (well 133). With only 10 fighter activations you can safely loose the second Quasar and upgrade the Victory to an ISD with Avenger and maybe a Gozanti. The Classic Sloane list. The new reserve hangar card to bring back a TIE-Int or Jumpmaster could be nice to have 2-3 of in this list but you probably want 2 sets of boosted comms.
  4. Your damage card and the enemy damage card are applied at the same time sou you as the activating player chose the order, so yes I believe he can effect things.
  5. For a Sloane list only 92 points of squadrons is a little light (unless you are playing the sector rules as part of a multiplayer game when 25% max applies). I would drop H9 and Warlord and put Leading shots on both VSDs. It gets you another TIE fighter and you still haven't used up all your eleven squadron control value. I would also suggest SFOs on the VSDs. as your TIEs start to die the SFO can allow a VSD to quickly cancel squadron commands into something else like repair or navigate. Missions could be Station Assault, Contested Outpost and Solar Corona (or Dangerous Territiory). You could change one VSD into GSD-I with Demolisher, ACMs & OE. Get Demolisher to do a squadron command on turn two but aftert that the others can cope (possibly Ex-hangar on the remaining VSD). It would free up 20-25 points for more squadrons but in this case I would suggest fewer better squadrons like TIE Interceptors and a few aces like Mauler, Valen, Steele or Ciena etc to put less pressure on your squad control capacity.
  6. If your TIE-Interceptor begins the turn unengaded (or engaged but the enemy is heavy) it can hop over intervening squadrons no problem to land beyond them and escape or attack something else. Jan protected by one X-wing. You hop over both to engage Jan form the far side where the X-Wing is not in distance 1 but Jan is. Now you can attack Jan ignoring the escort rule of the X-Wing.
  7. The Glaxit tendencies of ofspring needs to be routed out. I blame the parents. (Please dont tell lord Vader I said that he is responsible for both his children joining the Rebellion) Keeping the Lambda for Dangerous Territory is also sensible. You can move a token off an obstacle and then nobody can grab it, at least until you are ready to move it back.
  8. Looks fine. E-Rax VSD-Is are deadly at close range when sloane has discarded the enemy brace tokens. Superior Positions might bight you on the behind if you come up against a 134 point squadron build with some intel (and you have no intel and could be locked down for a turn or two). Dangerous Territory is good with the grav shift moving rocks your way and the no damage form overlapping rule. Contested Outpost also benefits from moving rocks about and it means you could swap that Lambda out for something that benefits from Sloane like a TIE phantom or Mauler. D-Cap GT, LS, QBT VSD-II could swap for the Interdictor if you don't like the above missions or swap for something cheap like Needa/TRC Arquitens and upgrade a VSD-I to ISD-II Avenger. Then you get access to a SADviser for 4 activations. But then I do like the Interdoctor so feel free to stay as you are.
  9. LTTs: I think these are a great card. Compare to DTTs they are 2 points more, don't exhaust (good for both shots or all three shots with an SSD) and are not a modification (not usually a problem but on SSDs the modifiction limit may start to be encountered more). The DTT has a slightly better effect than a reroll - such as throwing away different coloured dice or the extra blank red you just added. LTTs also work on squadron shooting for the SSD with a red flak dice or even for any ship with agent Kallus. Adding a rerolling red dice gets you the same average damage as adding a black dice but with added accuracy chances thrown in. The victimising of one sqaud with the extra dice is just a situational bonus but how many times have we used our second shot on one squadron that happens to be in a flank arc? Now this becomes a decent smack in the mouth. If you want to get silly against Gold Squadron take LTT on a Cymoon with Needa and a TRC... WBTs: They compete with Ordnance Experts and Gunnery Teams so I find them similar to Veteran Gunners - not great but there are a few uses. Fishing for blue crits is probably their best use making HIEs and OL-Pulse more reliable weapons. Their combo with H9s for the guarantee is usually too expensive, a bit like H9&Warlord has been for a while. OL-Pulse on Avenger could be fun but you would still need to double arc the target and BT-Avenger does a similar thing better. Raider-II, D-Cap, HIE builds can benefit giving you a sort of Screed-"light" effect but this adds to the cost. Speaking of Raiders... Corvus: Loving this title. I got back into Raider-II HIE, Dcap builds recently and in one of my Screed list use it as a flagship (with Montferrat) so redeploying last of all could be useful. Deploy Corvus first and place squadrons from it (particularly rogues) then redeploy out of there before the game starts. Question: I assume when Corvus redeploys it can redesignate a different speed? If so great, all the more deception. If not can you redeploy into a Grav well zone and keep your previous non zero speed? Redeploying can be good for some scenarios like Superior Positions/Solar corona as first player or in objective grabbing miossions like Dangerous Territory combined with a grav shift. Hyperspace Migration can be fun too as you can dummy an enemy into thinking the space whales will be moving left to right then Corvus over and send the purgill the other way. Reserve Hangars: Good for sloane lists helping you to exceed the 134 points of squadron limit in a similar way that Adar Tallon and Flight controllers do. Also good for token TIE squadron forces of about 32-60 points. With such a combat air patrol you are unlikely to have used up Offensive slots as you may have already done in a fighter heavy list with Expanded Hangar or Boosted Comms. I can see Gozantis taking this as standard if your list has a couple of TIE-Ints. It tips the balance slightly in the old debate on taking Dengar (with his scatter) or 2 Jump masters in a squadron force to keep bombers free to attack ships and Mauler free to do his nasty ramming attacks. Hyperspace Migration This mission seems similar to a moving Contested Outpost scenario. We are not sure what speed the creatures travel but it must be reasonable if they are be able to reach their destination token by turn six a distance of 60 to 80 inches. You can place the Migration start point in your bottom corner to keep the enemy from gettin early points. Lambdas with FCT ships cound then drag the start point with you as you heard the purgill gaining tokens. The turn 3 creatire is now deployed nearer to your escorting fleet. Corvus Profundity and Raddus could help out a bit too. Question: End of round there are two actions to do.... cash in exhisting tokens and gain new ones if nearby. I assume a player can do them in whatever order they like so with a token from a previous turn you can cash it in from a ship and gain another immediately after, Or gain one and cash it in immediately. It may depend on when the purgill conduct their movement.
  10. When shooting Flak from an arc you can target all enemy squadrons in arc and in range but it is voluntary. For example you may wish to not shoot Bossk to keep him on full health and so no free accuracy for him. So as long as you voluntarily don't shoot the one swquadron you victimised with the LTTs I think it is fine.
  11. I like the Dodonna bomber list but I think it may be a little bomber heavy. You want a list for general use too so a second escort is highly reccomended as once Jan dies (and she can be attacked from the other side to where the escort is positioned) your entire fighters are locked down for a few turns while the SSD Flakks and shoots 2 other ships a turn. ET and Sabine could get you another escort or convert one B-wing into a YT1300. I was thinking of this 398/400 Targeting Beacons, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona. MC80-Star Cruiser, Dodonna, OL-Pulse, XX-9, Ciatken, Intel Officer. 142 MC80-Star Cruiser, HIE, XX-9, DTTs, Veteran Gunners. 120 MC80-Star Cruiser, HIE, XX-9, DTTs, Veteran Gunners. 120 Tycho 16 Flagship shoots first rerolling red dice if a bad roll or more importantly blue dice to fish for a blue crit. Intel officer targets one brace (or contain if the SSD has a DCO) and hopefully can accuracy the other. Now OL-Pulse has probably set all defence tokens to red and the other two ships fire. HIEs go off using Veteran gunners to fish for crits. Shields fall or all contains are discarded. Repeat next turn eliminating braces and piling on double face up card volleys with XX9s and Dodonna choosing all sorts of nasty crits such as Can't redirect from a down shield, structural damage or halving the enginieering value. The SSD isn't that likely to get double accuracy and reasonable damage in the same shot to shut down the Liberty double braces. Solar Corona makes this even more safe. Targeting beacons give you rerolls of blue dice to fish for crits and the SSD base is so large that he will probably be near one most of the time. Planetary Ion Cannon just increased the firepower by 12 blue dice in a game and may tweak an SSD defence token or two.
  12. The nearest WWII equivalent I think would be the cargo ships converted to Merchant Auxilluiarry Carriers (MAC) for convoy escort. A few pom-pom guns and 6 Swordfish or Martlets/Wildcat fighters. Just enough to scout around the convoy and keep the U-Boat's heads underwater, report their positions to escort destroyers and maybe make an attack with 50cals, rockets and depth charges. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_aircraft_carrier
  13. The SSD is on the boat. Those printers must have worked fast. Missing out an entire stage on the FFG Upcoming page. "The Emperor is coming here?.... We shall double our efforts!" 😉 https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ Great news. Q3 looks like an achievable target.
  14. A simple Rule.... If you put Expanded Hangar, Boosted Comms or Flight controllers on it, it becomes a Carrier. Sure the Quasar can hardly be anything else but using ship upgrades to perform the role of fighter activator is a nice touch for the game. It negates the need for a heavy, light & escort carrier for each faction. If you ever played Star Fleet Battles..... Sooo many ship designs and minor variants.
  15. Han, Lando, Dash, Corran, Ketsu, YT2400. 133 points of rogues to go along side 4x ET TRC90s. Cracken to keep the ships obscured.
  16. Y wings get more damage antiship compatred to A-wings as they have the bomber rule and then Bomber Bommand Centre enhances this further. Y-Wing is 1.25 expected damage rather than 0.75 for an A-wing. I would swap to an Ordnance MC75 with ECM, OE, APTs and E-Rax. SADviser too if you can ge the points. Your Coms Net Flotilla can probably loose Boosted Comms if it is giving out tokens much of the time. Raymus, Hondo or a Vet Captain on the Pelta could be nice to keep AFFM active. Squadrons look fine but I would reccomend upgrading one Y-wing to Gold squadron for that extra punch.
  17. I use spare plastic bases from my collection. I have so many TIE fighters I really don't need more than 8 in a list and painted a few more differently to represent the Aces. For the card discs you could print some off from the internet (like Kuat Drive Yards) or make some yourself on a computer. Print them off on paper then cut out and PVA glue them onto unneeded TIE Fighter discs. When dry use some black paint to touch up the edges then give them a protected varnish like Games Workshop's Purity seal or 'Ard Coat. If you are a complete computer no hoper you can just buy some black paint and block out a TIE disc or X-Wing disc depending on how many hull you need. Transfer Decals and white/red paint could then add extra hull or Escort, Swarm or Bomber symbols.
  18. I took this exact list to the UK Nationals last year (though with different objectives). I think you may wish to read this entire thread.... It has lots of tactics and sample lists included. Also you will find my battle reports near the end pages.
  19. Change one VT-49 into Bossk who isn't heavy, Neither is Mona. Now Vector rocks.
  20. Yes but you could give them a nav token for one speed change per game. Good for that crit that reduces your speed I suppose or for occasionally avoiding a collision with one of your own warships. The main objective of the scenario is for the freighters to get into the enemy deployment zone and hyperspace out so I immagine speed 2 will be the usual initial setting for them. The reason for no commands is to speed the game up. The freighters are in addition to the player's 400 points and so if each does a command each turn they behave a little more like warships able to turn well, repair or activate reasonable number of squadrons and have better flak etc. The extra rules are just to tone down their abilities to be sort of moving cargo canisters (as freighters should be). The one command token per freighter just adds a little personal preference and flexibility.
  21. Sensor Team!!!! Fianlly a reason....... Rejoyce and sing Yub Yub.
  22. 400/400 Opening Salvo, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona ISD-Cymoon, Tarkin, Sovereign, Intensify Fire, Gunnery Teams, DTT, SADviser 176 Arquitens CL, TRC 61 Arquitens CL, TRC 61 Arquitens CL, TRC Needa 63 Valen, Ciena, Black squadron 39 Soverign gives out CF or Nav or Repair tokens as needed whilst banking a CF for itself to activate IF. In combat the Arquitens would CF to get to 4 red dice and TRC and IF account for two of them. Tarkin gives a reroll so I found I often didn't need the reroll and it was wasted. Perhaps a Jerjerrod version of the list would be better replacing Tarkin, and Sovereign with Moff-JJ and a comms net flotilla. 6 points freed up replacing Cienna with a normal TIE-Int. In 800 point lists however Tarkin/Sovereign is very flexible and well worth the points.
  23. Here is a stab at a non-tournament legal mission to use your freighter models in a game. Convoy Escort. Forces: 400 points a side. The second player then receives three small ship base freighters each with an objective token. There are many freighter designs in the galaxy so choose a good mix of spare small ship bases and use their firing & shield arcs. You can add any freighter model from micro machines, Shapeways etc. or just leave the bases empty to avoid confusion with the regular fleet. Each freighter has 2 shields all round, 5 hull, VSD speed & yaw values, 1 Brace, 1 Black die Flak, No anti ship guns, May only fire one shot per turn. Freighters have No commands but each freighter gets one command token of your choice at the begining of turn one. No more tokens may be given to them by any means. Deployment: All three freighters must be deployed together as the second player's first deployment. Deploy touching the table edge within distance 3 of the centre of the second player's deployment zone. Squadrons cannot be deployed from freighters, another ship must be present. Activation: Each turn in the ship phase ALL freighters on the board are activated as a single activation. Do one freighter at a time but complete all freighters before handing activation back to the enemy. All freighters must be activated as either the second player's first or last ship activation. Special Rule: At the end of each turn any freighter wholly within Player 1's deployment zone that also has the first player's long table edge within its front arc is removed from play as it enters hyperspace. The second player then gets the freighter's objective token. When a freighter is destroyed the first player gets the freighter's objective token. Objective tokens are worth 30 points each. Freighters that end turn 6 undestroyed but not entering hyperspace gain neither player an objective token. Notes: I didnt want to give the second player 3 extra activations so the rule of activating and depoloying all freighers together was included. To cut down on too much freighter flak the one shot per freighter rule exhists. Commands are also outlawed making the freighters more sluggish and lowering CF for flak but the single command token gives them a little flexibility. Oh yes and freighters have an enginieering value of two so the repair token can move you a single shield around. Thrawn, Tarkin, Garm & Leia as a commander doesn't boost a Freighter's commands.
  24. It looks a good fleet. All the individual units look good and aren't wasting any points but lets see if we can increase the overall efficiency..... Motti: Good for large and medium ships but you probably want to be getting at least 7+ extra hull to truly benefit from him. 3+1+1 isn't that decisive and you may be better swapping for Jerjerrod. He is my favourite Imperial commander. You can turn sharply getting you into great firing positions or out of enemy arcs. ISD, Classic design. Relentless is good for beginner players but Avenger has its uses and is probably better once you get a little more practice. GSD: Perfect. Gozanti: Nice and cheap. Fighters. Hmm you have an ISD-II and it has a squadron value of 4 so don't rely on rogue key rule all the time. Plotting a squadron command on turn 2 and/or 3 can be decisive stopping your squads from having to endure getting alpha struck. I like Mona, Decimators are good but I always take Mona first, then Bossk and finally more Decimators. Bossk is only one point more than a VT-49 but isn't heavy and is a little more killy. One less hull is made up for by that brace and the auto accuracy rule could fill a nasty weakness your black dice have against scatter aces. Dengar won't survive against heavy squadron opposition. No opponent will decide to chew through all your counter (2) squadrons first. They just shoot Dengar. Some Escort may help or just keep him back from the action and fling him into the fight to free up the squads. With an ISD-II I would take Dengar, Mauler, 2 escorts like Tempest and black squadron and then look to adding Rogues. The ISD can command them, Dengar should last a while and Mauler - if he gets 2 or 3 ramming attacks in a game - will thrash squads for you. 57 points so you have plenty for 2-3 rogues. Finally have a think about Vector on the flotilla. Rogues can still be activated and it can be a nasty surprize to an unsuspecting opponent to see the decimators at speed 4 or Mauler speed 5. APTs and XI7s: XI7s are great at punching through shileds. 2 big volleys shooting the same hull zone with them can kill even large targets quickly. Problem is that Demolisher and your squadrons can't shut down redirects easily so the chosen victim could just redirect non ISD damage to the sides then let your XI7s hit his fresh front shield. As a lot of your fleets firepower is of the non piercing variety I would ditch them for points or an XX9 or DTT. If you are going this route why not change APTs for ACMs and just not care about too much redirecting. APTs can cause anoying crits but ACMs just kill things faster. Objectives: Most wanted is great for the red mission. Station assault is ok but the enemy may just kill one station to neutralise the points and you get very little other advantage. Be careful with your other two missions. These are usually reserved for fleets with 134 points of fighters and maybe some other squad boosting upgrades like Flight controllers, BCC, Tallon etc. You could get caught out. Plaet Ion Cannon, Hyperpace assault, Salvage Run and Solar Corona are good alternatives.
  25. What about this 389/400, Advanced Gunnery, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona ISD-I, Motti, Flight Controllers, Ex Hangar, Boosted Comms, Minister Tua, ECM, Leading Shots 162 ISD-I, Boarding troopers, Avenger, Leading Shots, XX9s, Pryce 129 Marek, Jendon, Dengar, Mauler, Tempest & Black Squadron 98/134 Two ISDs has a lot more threat than one + Quasar though at 98 points the squadron superiority is missing against some lists. In this case you must stick close to your own Flak and keep the ISDs alive while BT Avenger gets you some kills. If you took a Quasar it could replace the ISD-Carrier above and then you get the full 134 points of squadrons. Pryce on the quasar or on BT Avenger? Hmmmm... Instead of a Quasar you could put in Demolisher and make some of your squadrons into rogues to free up the squadron activations. Mona, Bossk, 2 Firesprays give you a good core of damage with Dengar, Mauler and Tempest Squadron supporting them with intel, escort and ramming attacks.
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