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  1. Yes the ISD contained an evade because of Captain Needa. SSD has a scatter for Palpatain.
  2. I'm not sure which of these interpretations is correct but if the Flakking ship has the new LTT laser it can reroll a red dice in each attack, not an exhaust and it works against squadrons.
  3. Matt Martin - YT2400 Minelayer, again wonder how big a bang they make. Kanan Jarrus - HWK-290 Similar to a Mandalorian fighter but with Cloak an Braces rather than just more hull. Malee Hurra - Scurrg H-6 bomber The Rebel Screed that works like Captain Jonus. HIEs and OL Pulse will like this. Sato can get you good effects with long range ACMs, HIEs etc. Hondo Ohnaka - Slave 1 Cheaper than Bobba but a worse Bomber. I take it you can't take both in a list. Turning off squadrons is a decent option. Dragging them around may be a bit situational as you wait for the target to activate then move it and then have other squadrons around to do somethin nasty to it. From the wording I don't think Jendon can get Hondo to deactivate 2 squadrons. dMoralo Eval - YV666 I hope this gets FAQed quickly to once a turn or only when the enemy effect the token etc. Tel Trevura - JumpMaster 5000 I love this squadron. A Rogue Escort with a scatter that can regain 3 hull, twice. Harder to kill than Zertek and only 2 points more. Escort gets lost once the tokens are red but I bet the enemy will continue to try and kill it rather than risk the defence tokens coming back next turn. If they do press the attack then repairing 3 hull from the grave comes into play.
  4. OK lets have a think of some new combos. Ezra Bridger A nice one off effect. Clear the way in the path of your own ship. Flinging asteroids into the path of enemy large or slow ships. I assume you can't fling them underneath ships or squadrons. Mess with Brunson being in 1-2 of an obstacle. Good for Contested Outpost and Dangerous Territory. Captain Rex OK. Raids are becoming a little more useful with more sources to overload commands. Sabine Wren & Proximity Mines I'll wait to see the mine rules. maybe they are as powerful as those in the Minefields scenario. Commander Woldar Good for lists (Sloane) with mainly TIE Phantoms or TIE Defenders. Now you can reroll against squads lessening the need for Interceptors and the like to cover your backs. Range 1-3 is nice and workable if he is placed on a reasonably large ship. Commander Vanto Similar to Wulff, Aresko and Grint. (not sure why the Imperials get so many of these...). Slightly more flexible than Raymus and so excellent on a Cymoon with a Fleet command. Even better for Chimera who's Fleet command can change each turn. Expert Shield Tech Good for double redirect ships. Better on Imperials who tend to have more hull & less shields so still give redirects a use after heavy damage has removed all shields. Tiny pot shot volleys can also be better dealt with. Finally better against XI7 armed enemies. Advanced Transponder Net One of these on an SSD with 6xYV-666 and 2 Decimators. Harrow Engine Techs, QBTs and a free JerJerrod style double yaw. Also good for Harrow-Doctor or a FCT carrier to drag slower squadrons like decimators way out in front. Vanguard Redirect is nice especially with 2 shields on each flank after a turn one repair command. Gunnery teams is expensive for 3 red dice, Ruthless Strategist on a Neb-B Escort maybe. Liberator A on shot Fleet Command, Pricey even at 2 points.... Take Evasive Action! Cymoon, T.E.A, JerJerrod, Vanto, Some ET GSDs. A few Navigate commands and you can turn on a drawing pin. Admonition Speed 4 with a double Yaw at the end will be nasty too. You no longer need JerJerrod to get an SSD to get a double Yaw. Vanto on an SSD with T.E.A. Frees up other commanders for SSD work like Sloane, Thrawn, Palpatine etc.
  5. She can also be a Rebel Captain Needa for only 10 times the cost. Mon Karren with TRCs anyone?
  6. Possibly any ship in the game can replace a (non contain hopefully) defence token for a Salvo token. Or maybe only medium - Large ships etc.
  7. The first line saying "After YOU deploy" so I think it applies only to Agate's flagship. Also in the article it says "This skill allows one of your existing ships to take advantage of the new salvo defense tokens introduced in this expansion." The word YOU on an upgrade applies to the ship it is on. Coupled with her cheap cost and terror of 7 Bracing TRC90s if not the case.... It's a bad photo of our new commander. She has a bit of red-eye. Don't use too much flash, change the exposure and shutter speed.😉
  8. 5 Nebulons each with a redirect each and stronger side shields after a turn one repair command? oh yes adn a discarding ECM type ability. hopefully it is only one ship ot each ship. But still, I'm not looking forwards to facing Admonition with a brace token. Or MC80A Defiance with Lando, 2 Braces, RBDs & ECM.
  9. Could be. But the photo can also deceive. Check out the shield setting and the max shield value of the flank of the Onager.
  10. It appears the Nadiri Starhawk is command 4 from the contents description. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-armada/products/nadiri-starhawk-expansion-pack/ Commander Beck is going to be interesting. Like a Veteran Captain and an overdraft rolled into one.
  11. I hope the borders of the narrow green front arc on the Onager don't block being shot at. If they did there is a position off the starboad bow (about the Onager's 2 o'clock) where you couldn't shoot it. I wonder if an Onager can fire out the narrow green arc with 3Red 2Blue 2Black and also fire out the wider front arc with 2 Red 2Blue 1Black. Could you do this to seperate targets or even if double arced to the same poor ship. On a more general note, in order not to make any existing large ships obsolete, I hope both these ships move and turn like a VSD shaped brick.
  12. The Roman Onager And the Onager Star Destroyer is a siege ship.
  13. No you can't resolve a command more than once a turn, though you can do token + dial to get a stronger command. You can however use the extra tokens for some other upgrades like Shields to Maximum, Intensify Fire, Lira Wessex, Defence Liasion (remember them?) and of course resistance to enemy token eating upgrades like Pylon Q7 Tractors & Ion Cannon Batteries.
  14. No. Similarly FFG have said the SSD gains no benefit from Motti as it isn't a small, medium or large ship, so no extra hull. Konstantine won't work with an SSD and another Med-Large ship. G8 Experimental will still work on an SSD though.
  15. Here you go. This will get you started. Not fully tournament tuned but it should serve you well while you learn your craft... I'm not sure exactly which upgrades you have but you can always print out a card for casual games or it will give you something to influence your next purchases (Flotilla, MC30, Rogues & Villans BTW). 400/400, Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory CR90-B, Raddus, Heavy Ion Emplacements 48 MC75 Ordnance Cruiser, ACMs, External Racks, Ordnance Experts, ECM, Aspiration 150 Hammerhead-Torp, External Racks, Task Force Organa, Boarding Enginieers 42 Hammerhead-Torp, External Racks, Task Force Organa, Boarding Enginieers 42 Nebulon-B Escort, Qadd Battery Turrets 62 Tycho, Dutch, X-Wing, A-Wing 56 Hammerheads stick together to use Task Force Organa. They try to avoid slugging matches but since the Ordnance cruiser can hyperspace in to stop you being bullied you don't need to be too uncomittal. Nebulon can escort them. I went for the more expensive Neb-escort to control squadrons and for the better Flakk. The CR90 can run about trying to get out of deadly arcs and sneak a double arc shot at the enemy. Moving to long range in front of a target that has yet to move is an option then when it rolls into medium range you open up and try to shredd shields with the Heavy Ions. As Raddus is on board don't take too many risks until the MC75 deploys. Watch out for large red dice volleys combined with fast bomber attacks. Drop the MC75 in the best place to damage a ship (or two, remember this can't be the first ship to activate this turn) When you drop ECM should protect the brace and Aspiration can let you move shields around when you are placed on table. Your fighters are a small protection force that won't last against strong bomber fleets so do get your ships stuck in fast killing carriers while your squads hopefully buy you a turn. I went for 2 Aces as you have few squadron command numbers so don't want lots of uncontrolled generics. Missions: 5 combat ships gets you good use out of Opening salvo. Contested outpost is OK for gaining tokens while the Ordnance cruiser pops in to mug ships trying to take the base from you. Dangerous Territory is nice for ignoring obstacle damage and you should be able to grab 3 tokens then arrange pressure on the enemy as they grab theirs. Options: Remove HIEs from the CR90 and out on Engine Techs giving super speed. Drop an ace for a generic squadron to get an initiative bid. Change the CR90-B or Neb for a TRC armed CR90-A. Change Neb for a flotilla (or two) and stronger fighter build. Rogues can be a good way to get in more squadrons without increasing the number of carriers too much. Switch to a Dodonna list with APTs & Ordnance experts on the MC75 and H-Heads. Could also work with Sato.
  16. @Crabbok in his unboxing video says the ship cards are almost exactly 4x5 inches. Hopefully these will fit with about 1mm to spare. 12 of you can split a pack. https://www.bgextras.co.uk/swan-premium-card-sleeves-103x128-mm-talisman-50-per-pack-i2042.htm
  17. I just ordered one of these for my SSD from UK Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HSF-defiance-single-shotgun-case/dp/B0162FTM78/ref=cts_sp_1_vtp Internal dimensions are 85x30x12cm so with a 62cm model it should have space to spare for the base.
  18. A Cymoon with Tua and Ex-Hangar is only 1 point cheaper than an ISD-II. The ISD-II has better Flak and 8 dice out the front rather than 7 and the flank arcs I find are more useful. Swap to and ISD-II, then you could take Boosted Comms. Could move Brunson here or look at a SFO or SADviser. Drop ECM from the Arquitens and think about RBDs or just nothing at all. Needa+TRC could be good to get some more damage. Gozanti is fun. Could drop EH or Slicers for points or Comms Net or Suppressor.
  19. It could have a role in Rogue heavy fleets. Deploy Corvus first then deploy pairs of squadrons nearby and move on to your other ships hopefully gaining some out deployment advantages. Finally redeploy Corvus in a different position having seen the enemy dispostions. I will be adding it to my Screed fleet to out deploy opponents and protect my Raider-II flagship from harm. 396/400, Station Assault, Plaetary Ion Cannon, Salvage Run Raider-II, Screed, HIE, D-Caps, Montferrat, Corvus 93 Raider-II, HIE, D-Caps 60 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson 82 Gozanti, Boosted Comms, Vector 29 Bossk, Mona, Bobba, IG-88a, Dengar, Mauler 132 Corvus can also let you deploy one ship last if you are first player in Solar Corona or Superior Positions missions. It can also get you one extra ship out of the ambush zone in Fleet Ambush.
  20. How about this for TIE Recycling shinanegans 400/400, Most Wanted, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions. Quasar-I, Boosted Comms, Reserve Hangar Deck, Sloane 91 Quasar-I, Boosted Comms, Reserve Hangar Deck, 67 GSD-I, Demolisher, OE, ACM, Brunson 82 Gozanti, Reserve Hangar Deck, 26 Howlrunner, 10xTIE Interceptor, TIE Fighter 134 Demolisher can hang back until the TIEs have softened up a target and stripped away defence tokens. Quasars go fast probably split up and try to stay unengaged, positioned flank on to the enemy or try to hop out of deadly front arcs and into flank areas. Turn one bank a few squadron tokens to help fling in the squadrons turn two. To be even more silly I could swap out Demolisher for a Raider-I Lifeboat with E-Rax, OE & Reserve Hangar Deck plus another RHD Gozanti. 5 extra TIE Interceptors over the course of the game could be evil but I'm not sure if we need the big punch of Demolisher to do well.
  21. It can be done. I had a quick stab at the list. What were your objectives? Station Assault, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions VSD-II, Sloane ,GT, LS, D-Caps, QBTs Quasar-I, Flt Controllers, EH, BC, Wulff Quasar-I, Flt Controllers, EH, BC, Grint 16 TIE-F Found I was 6 points over with my favourite VSD-II build so I would need to drop Wulff, gunnery teams or a fighter. Probably Wulff as you are going to loose TIEs at a decent rate and there isnt that much reason to spend too many points to be able to activate everything when you won't have 16 TIEs alive for long. You can probably improve the list by substituting fewer TIE-Ints and Howlrunner for some of the TIE fighters. They hit harder and hit back with Counter (2or3) as the enemy tries to kill them off. This puts less pressure on the squadron control numbers so you can drop Wulff & Grint say for SFOs and take the squadron points total nearer to 134. Either way you have to be wary of Flak. Double dice Flak can quickly dispatch lots of your squadrons in a couple of turns especially if you also have to sweep away some Counter(2) A-Wings at the same time. Watch out for 2 ships overlapping their flak shots especially with Toryn Far close by. Fight near the base if you can. TIEs attack ship turn 2 using the squadron command to move and then fire. They then get hit by Flak. Next turn TIEs attack the ship and each then moves away onto the base using the squadron command to fire then move. Turn after TIEs come off the base to attack the ship again and hopefully that is enough to get you the win before you loose too many squads. This base dancing works great with TIE-Phantoms who can double repair on the base with their cloak move and are less vulnerable to Flak with their extra hull point. Sloan also makes TIE-Ps hit very hard though the vatiance of the damage output can be high. It can work but there are better Sloane lists less vulnerable to Flak and other enemy squadron alpha strikes. If you substiture more TIE raw numbers for better quality such as Howlrunner, Mauler, Valen, Cienna, Zertek, Jumpmaster, Sabre, 3xTIE-Int you max out on points (well 133). With only 10 fighter activations you can safely loose the second Quasar and upgrade the Victory to an ISD with Avenger and maybe a Gozanti. The Classic Sloane list. The new reserve hangar card to bring back a TIE-Int or Jumpmaster could be nice to have 2-3 of in this list but you probably want 2 sets of boosted comms.
  22. Your damage card and the enemy damage card are applied at the same time sou you as the activating player chose the order, so yes I believe he can effect things.
  23. For a Sloane list only 92 points of squadrons is a little light (unless you are playing the sector rules as part of a multiplayer game when 25% max applies). I would drop H9 and Warlord and put Leading shots on both VSDs. It gets you another TIE fighter and you still haven't used up all your eleven squadron control value. I would also suggest SFOs on the VSDs. as your TIEs start to die the SFO can allow a VSD to quickly cancel squadron commands into something else like repair or navigate. Missions could be Station Assault, Contested Outpost and Solar Corona (or Dangerous Territiory). You could change one VSD into GSD-I with Demolisher, ACMs & OE. Get Demolisher to do a squadron command on turn two but aftert that the others can cope (possibly Ex-hangar on the remaining VSD). It would free up 20-25 points for more squadrons but in this case I would suggest fewer better squadrons like TIE Interceptors and a few aces like Mauler, Valen, Steele or Ciena etc to put less pressure on your squad control capacity.
  24. If your TIE-Interceptor begins the turn unengaded (or engaged but the enemy is heavy) it can hop over intervening squadrons no problem to land beyond them and escape or attack something else. Jan protected by one X-wing. You hop over both to engage Jan form the far side where the X-Wing is not in distance 1 but Jan is. Now you can attack Jan ignoring the escort rule of the X-Wing.
  25. The Glaxit tendencies of ofspring needs to be routed out. I blame the parents. (Please dont tell lord Vader I said that he is responsible for both his children joining the Rebellion) Keeping the Lambda for Dangerous Territory is also sensible. You can move a token off an obstacle and then nobody can grab it, at least until you are ready to move it back.
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