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  1. I asume the wing commanders are for slicer tool insurance. They counld be changed for SFOs to save points. A slicer flotilla shouldn't last long enough to do it to your carrier twice. If there are no slicers amongst the enemy just plot alternate nav/squad commands until you have to use the SFO. 10 more points of fighters gets you: 4 TIE-P, 5 TIE-Int, JM-5000, Mauler, Black Sqn You could then change Hardened bulkheads for reserve hangar bays on each of the ISDs if you can find one more point: (downgrade a TIE-P for Valen Rudor or change XI7s for XX9s as BT Avenger shouldn't be getting redirected too often).
  2. The good ship: Arquitens CL with Captain Needa and TRC. A great flanking fire support ship able to tip the balance over a wide area. Squadron has to be Bossk. He has got me so many kills over the years by latching on to fast attack craft after their attack run and hunting them down over the last 3 turns of the game. Upgrade I think has to be Boosted Comms.
  3. I remember owning this book in the early 1980s. The author wrote several others but this one has a special place in my memory. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spacecraft-2000-2100-Terran-Authority-handbook/dp/060038439X/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1D7W2CQ2OVRP7&keywords=spacecraft+2000+to+2100+ad&qid=1569330685&sprefix=spacecraft+2100%2Caps%2C151&sr=8-2
  4. For the normal red dice reroll it would if you have a red flak Dice but that is limited to two of the SSD variants as the Quasar-II can't take a turbolaser upgrade. As for the other LTT effect of adding 2 red dice to that attack I don't think so. It says you get the benefit when attacking your first sqadron meaning the 'target is a squadron' as opposed to 'shooting with your flak dice'.
  5. I agree. Palpataine and his uber intel officer type effect works best with decent volleys of ship firepower. When your biggest threat is 3 unmodified red dice... not being able to brace, once, is not that bad. Drop Palpataine to Ozzel or Jerjerrod to free up points. With lots of reserve hangars I think you have to abuse Interceptors. 7 TIE-B, 2 JM-5000, 3 TIE-Int + Tempest would be good. If your squardon controll limit starts to strain then substiture 2 TIE-Bs for a Firespray and repeat as needed (Vector on a flotilla can be fun throwing them in on turn 2 if you need a bit more speed). I might be tempted to combine the Raider-I and Arquitens into a tooled up Demolisher with Brunson for protection and the new Aux shields. It would free up points for Flight Controllers and Grint on the Quasar and to increase the squadron total.
  6. I'm not sure about an Executor II as a super carrier. It needs to squadron a lot for the fleet to work so this means no navigating. That's fine as you have Jerjerrod so a nav token banked turn 1 for an emergency speed change will probably see you fine for the rest of the game. If squadronning however you are not repairing which for this huge ship is 4 shields replaced per turn, maybe upto 20 in the course of a game (makes Mottis 3 extra hull for a large ship pale in comparrison). No repair commands and no comms net to pass tokens means Lira and Executor are wasted too and STM isn't great even if you could fuel it as the flotillas tend to pop rather than take shield damage and survuive long enough to repair. Brunson or Dam Con Officer will be better. Krennic if you aren't CF Command is also useless so ditch him. Leading shots and the emergency Officer choking from Vader should be enough dice control. Spinals are expensive and only work out the front and rear. QBTs are better to work out of all the arcs. You can also use Leading shots at long range with QBTs onboard. If the enemy go speed 1 to avoid them then great as they should all be in your front arc for most of the game and your GTs will toll. XI7s are ok if you have lots of them in a fleet. Just the one when half of your fleet firepower will come from bombers (who can easily be redirected) isn't so hot. The new LTTs are a perfect choice here and work for Flak. NK7s have always been overcosted and poor. HIEs could be good or Overload pulse. The latter doensn't exhaust so can be used on all 3 of your shots turning all defence tokens red on three enemy ships. Point out to each of these 3 ships that you have Palpataine on board now each has to dicard 1-2 tokens to shoot at you. If you can double arc a target OL Pulse is also fantastic and your bombers will apreciate bombing targets with all red defence tokens. Flotillas are great. Against 800 points of opposition if they want Supressor dead it will be, but at least this costs them lots of firepower to achieve. The new reserve hangar bays could be a good thing so get 2-3 to keep the swarm capable fighters recycling. Better than rappid launch bay I think as your fighters are usually fast enough to get where they are needed and Rhymer extends the range too. Fighters. You have 208 points at the moment so fix that (max 25%). Fel works well with Escort but you don't have any. Even with Expanded hangar you are still over your squadron activation numbers so replace some quantity with quality. Firesprays replacing TIE bombers recovers this ratio very well reducing the activation count by 2 and replaced by a rogue that can do his own activating. Fighters replaced by interceptors or defenders also works. Get some intel like Dengar or 2 jumpmasters (who can be recycled though reserve hangars). Objectives. Advanced gunnery won't work with Gunnery Teams on your big ship. The word "Cannot" on the GT card can't be overridden by anything, even the scenario. Most wanted will be better. Firelanes can be risky especially if you add up the frirepower of 3-4 enemy large ships which can easily over come the dice output of a single SSD. Intel Sweep is bad too. You cant make the executor the objective ship as it cant afford to loose positioning against the enemy just to secure a token. The gozantis can do it but it is an 800 oppoints game so that is a lot of firepower to disrupt them. Contested outpost or Planetary ion cannon and Solar Corona are good bets.
  7. I agree with the 25% squadron limit but as the OP says you can set your own limits in games with your freinds. You can also set your own limits if you are running a local tournament as long as you publicise them in advance. Since large point events break the official 400 point tournament rules which you must use for Store Champs, Regional, Nationals anyway you can do what you like. As for changing the objective points to represent larger games I agree in some missions but not others. Superior positions for example I would keep at 15 points each since there are more units on the table and more rear arc targets for you to shoot at so that sort of balances out. Same goes for Fighter ambush, blockade Run, Precision Strike. But missions like Station Assault, VIP, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory & salvage run would be candidates for increasing the points probably by the same proportion as the MOV chart streatches by in large games.
  8. Ten torpedo Hammerheads leaves you with 2-20 points of upgrades depending on your commander. I think you will do better with a slightly less mono-build composition and a few more upgrades. For example: 397/400, Opening Salvo, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona. CR90-A, Rieekan, TRC, Jiana's Light, RBDs 88 CR90-A, TRC 51 Hammerhead-T, E-Rax, Ordnance Experts 43 Hammerhead-T, E-Rax, Ordnance Experts 43 Hammerhead-T, E-Rax, Ordnance Experts 43 Hammerhead-T, E-Rax, Ordnance Experts 43 Hammerhead-T, E-Rax, Ordnance Experts 43 Hammerhead-T, E-Rax, Ordnance Experts 43 Hammerheads have to get in close so you are going to take losses and Rieekan gives you the certainty of one of those ships staying alive to shoot or block/pin targets. 8 Activations is usually more than enough. You could go for 7 activations and make 2 of the above ships into a tooled up MC30 for some concentrated threat. If you want more of a bid then RBDs can go and OE could be replaced for Task Force Organa to save points. The second CR90-A could be replaced for a CR90-B with OL-Pulse or HIEs and would give some nice combos to soften up prime targets. You don't want your commander on a hammerhead due to the risk so the TRC90s make an excellent lifeboat that is still able to contribute to the fight and soften up or polish off whichever target the Hammerheads have in their sights. The great range and 360 ability to throw 1-4 red dice with a guaranteed double hit means you can tip the ballance in any fight over a wide area. Mon Mothma and Cracken are also good admirals for this type of list. Leia is expensive but fun, with lots of CF commands and CF Token effects. Dodonna is cheap and you could replace E-Rax with APTs to benefit from his dial-a-crit rule.
  9. There are two things to consider for youngsters attending a tournament. Competence and legal requirements. Competence means the youngster should be reasonably able to play the game. They should be able to play their own fleet, know their upgrades and be familiar with the game rules for movement, squadrons, commands, combat etc. They don't need to be expert or know what all upgrades they may face are capable of. Armada awards better victories for crushing an opponent so you want to be sure you aren't giving away too many 10-1 victories to moderate or poor players who get drawn against a young beginner with no idea what they are doing. If this happens the child will drop to the bottom tables so shouldn't effect things near the top tables fighting for overall victory. Legal will depend on where the event is being held. Speak to the tournament organiser. If you are the organiser speak to the owner of the venue. The FLGS or Gaming Club should have their own policy on unaccompanied youngsters. Our club has a policy and the committee members are police checked and has public insurance etc. It will depend on what country you are in and you have to consider such things as what happens if the child decides to leave, are you responsible for anything that then happens etc.
  10. I played a pre-Harrow version of this list a while ago but with more fighters and no flotila. I kind of like the extra threat of the potentially fast Harrow with the nasty close range punch. Two long range 6-8 Dice D-Cap shots will soften up 1-2 targets nicely. 400/400, Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona VSD-II, GTs, D-Caps, LS, QBT, Motti - 128 VSD-II, GTs, D-Caps, LS, QBT - 104 VSD-I, QBT, OE, E-Rax, Harrow, Engine Techs - 96 Gozanti, Comms Net, Reserve Hangar Bay - 28 4 TIE-Interceptors - 44
  11. In preparation for Rebellion in the Rim coming out I thought about a list to recycle a few TIE Interceptors with Reserve Hangar Bays. 389/400. Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona Raider-II, Screed, HIE, D-Caps, Montferrat, Corvus, 93 GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson, Aux Shield Team 85 Raider-I, ACMs, Reserve Hangar, SFO, 55 Raider-I, ACMs, Reserve Hangar, SFO, 55 Gozanti, Reserve Hangar, Comms Net, 28 Gozanti, Reserve Hangar, Vader, 27 3 TIE-int, Valen Rudor, 46 The Skilled First Officers on the raiders may seem an unusual choice for command 1 ships but they are for Vader to get a reroll if they find themselves double arcing a target. Screed will guarantee the ACM crit from the side arc while vader chokes the SFO to try and get a second crit with the front shot. Think of them as the Imperial Task Force Organa. Corvus deploys first followed by the fighters and flotillas and then the other ships. Corvus finally redeploys somewhere safe so it can protect the Commander on a fast obscured flanking move looking for some Heavy Ion softening up. 4 Reserve Hangars may be overdoing things for the 3 interceptors. I could change one for a flotilla boosted Comms, or eat into the bid a little for 5 Interceptors with no Rudor and maybe drop Vader/SFOs or one Reserve Hangar.
  12. TUA + EWS is more expensice than Montferrat who gives the same effect. Sure... not against fighters but most bombers can reach any hull zone on a small base Arquitens, avoiding an EWS arc. I would also go for RBDs rather than APs. APs dont help with XI7s and the Arquitens isn't that heavy on shields anyway. Bank (or Coms-net over) a repair token turn one and the Aquitens can later move shields form the furthest arc to the damaged hullzone facing the enemy. Wargamer's natural instinct is to always redirect to avoid hull damage. RBDs are great if you sometimes allow some damage to get through the shields by not redirecting. You still have a contain in case any are crits. Then over the turn break you clear 2-3 damage cards and still have the shields on adjacent arcs and your redirects are still fresh.
  13. If Slavo is like Counter but for ships, I hope it isn't too widespread and too powerful. There is a hint that you cant do crit effects normally and maybe spending accuracies is also limited. The tactics generated in this game by who activates what ship when are a major part of the appeal. If most ships can fire back from the dead then Rieekan also takes a downgrade with many ships now able to get some of his benefit. I hope when you use a Salvo defence token you can fire back but this counts as one of your ship's 2 allowed attacks. This stops a big ship shooting twice out the killer arc with GTs and then as each smaller enemy ship tries to shoot back the large ship gets 2 more nasty shots as it spends the Salvo token twice (or more potentially with Hand of Justice nearby or Waylex). We may find ships refusing to fire with 3 red dice at long range so they can move and rely on the Slavo to fire back now at closer range so the blue dice can join in. Now Salvo becomes a bit like overwatch.
  14. Three years ago it was easy looking after my nephew. We would watch two episodes of Star Wars Rebels and then we would get the toys out for a one hour pew-pew session. Now that he is eight - he wanted to play properly. So I modified the rules for a basic game to get him a flavour of space combat... Forces: We used 4 ships a side of roughly equal points. A Star Cruiser, AFII-A, Hammerhead-Torp, Nebulon-Sup against a VSD-II, VSD-I, GSD-I, Arquitens-CL No squadrons, upgrades or commanders. No defence tokens. For this reason flotillas die very easily so aren't recommended. Initiative: Each turn initiative is drawn from a bag containing 3 brace tokens and 3 redirects. If a brace is drawn the Rebels get first activation this turn. If a redirect is drawn then Imperials go first this turn. Do not put these tokens back into the bag. Commands: These are not used but at the start of the game each ship gets 1,2 or 3 command tokens depending on its command value. These each give a once per game bonus. Command 1 ships get a Nav token. Command 2 ships get Nav & CF. Command 3 Ships get Nav, CF & Repair. Nav: Discard token to get one extra point of yaw and one extra point of speed changing. CF: Discard token to add 1 dice to a shooting attack. Repair: Discard token to discard one damage card. Shooting: As normal. As there are no defence tokens, accuracy results on dice count as a miss. Damage: Crits count as normal but explain that roughly half of the face up damage cards have no effect in the basic game. Flip useless crits face down. Movement: As normal but each ship when it activates can change speed by +/-1. Each ship also has a nav token (see above) for a once per game extra point of yaw and extra speed control. This is very useful in avoiding tears when a star cruiser overshoots after an attack run and goes off map. Obstacles: We started off on a 3x3 table with 2 asteroids and 2 debris (no base). Normal rules for damage for overlapping, obscured shooting etc. Mission: No scenario rules as both sides get initiative half the time. Just Fly-Fly, Pew-Pew, Boom-Boom! After two games of the above you will want to add some squadrons so here we go… Fighters Add 1 X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing and B-Wing to the Rebels Add 1 TIE-A, TIE-B, TIE-Int and 2xTIE-Ftr to the Imperials Squadron key rules like swarm, counter, heavy, escort and bomber are used as normal. Usual squadron phase after the ship phase but alternately activate one fighter at a time rather than the usual two. There are no squadron commands but all fighters have the Rogue rule.
  15. Suplementry question: Can I sweep a mine in distance 1 of me (with a little luck) before it goes off if I am on Demolisher? I use Demolisher to do a mine sweeping attack after I move which is the same time as mines explode but I am the activating player and I can choose the order that things occur?
  16. This looks a like a decent and legal combo. With Engine Techs you can even do it after the extra ET move - though you will need a squad and nav token or command to do so.
  17. Clifton Road Games have 8 ISD-I/ISD-II packs in stock. Not the cheapest price I've seen but free UK postage. https://www.cliftonroadgames.co.uk/star-wars-armada-imperialclass-star-destroyer.ir Not sure if they would post to Sweeden. Club together with your freinds to get 2-3 and send them an email asking for a postage quote.
  18. There is no point having a single MC Exodus Fleet title. They need to work in pairs to function. Maybe drop Independence. Have 2 MC exodus titles and put Projection experts on them and drop their FCTs and Boosted Comms. These can now repair whichever MC80 gets shot the most after doing a squadron command on turn 2 to throw all your squadrons into action. The other ships still have boosted Comms and FCTs to shuffle the slow fighters along. Advanced Transponder may be better on Ackar's ship. Bright hope is pritty bomber proof on its own from 3 arc directions.
  19. The Chimera reprints are done and currently "On the Boat" https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ This means it takes about 1-2 months to hit the shops. ISDI/2 pack has been rare for most of this year and may take until 2020 to be available but they show up on eBay from time to time.
  20. Krennic and ravager only work when doing CF command and the SSD should be either squadroning or using the Navigation officer. Put Grint on the SSD. I would still put Gunnery teams on the SSD, 3 other sets of flight contollers have things covered. Chimera may change the fleet command at will so Coms net over a new token for it and Wulff could keep it going forever. Considder Avenger on one of the SSDs. Also Overload pulse can be great in large battles. Once tokens are red they are a lot easier to Sloane away. You could also fit some Reserve hangar bays onto the last Gozanti and the Quasar-I.
  21. Nuking the site from orbit.... It's the only way to be sure. Harsh, but fair.
  22. As a carrier I like: MC80C, ECM, FCTs, Boosted Comms, Adar Tallon. Depending on points, optional upgrades include: QBTs, Defiance, Leading Shots. It is a tough ship able to reach out far with the Boosted Comms keeping fighters active. FCTs can shuffle slow squads along nicely on turns 1 and 2 and are surprisingly useful on occasion late in the game. Yavarris can now benefit from these shuffled squadrons and Adar Tallon can do a similar tripple tap action with your most punchy squadron. Getting Dash Rendar to move speed 4 + speed 1 + speed 4 and bomb a fleeing damaged ship with a rerolling black bomber dice has got me several kills. For a Combat ship I like: MC80A, ECM, (Advanced Projectors or RBDs or EWS), QBTs, Leading Shots. In a non Ackbar list add Defiance. Engine Techs are good if you have the points but some lists can do without them using this ship as a central fire base.
  23. Killed my first SSD in a 400 point local tournament final. SSD-Assault Prototype, Piett, DCO, Krennic, Kallus, PDR, GTs, LS, QBTs, QTCs, QLTs, HIEs, Ravager. Gozanti, Comms Net, Vader (Officer) Gozanti, Repair Crews I was second player in Most Wanted and took: Quasar I, Tagge, Flight Controllers, Ex Hangar, Boosted Comms Quasar I, SFO, Flight Controllers, Ex Hangar, Boosted Comms GSD-I, Demolisher, ACM, OE Gozanti, BCC 6 TIE-B, 2 TIE-Int, Mauler, 2 Jumpmaster, Tempest Sqn Turn 1 we bank Navs he speeds up and turns right away from Demolisher and towards the carriers. Turn 2 SSD kills my BCC Gozanti with Ravager CF & Krennic rerolls. I bomb a lot with Quasars trying to keep away and orbiting clockwise while Demolisher comes from the other side with the SSD turning towards the carriers onto an asteroid. Turn 3 Quasar #2 dies (curse those QTCs) SSD slows to avoid debris but is on a rock for second time. Despite a loss of carriers most squads were in range and the flagship quasar could move in the others. Demolisher shoots the rear but DCO negates the ACM crits. We bomb most shields away and do 4 hull. Turn 4 the SSD shoots Quasar at long range but from fore-right arc and no CF either. It also shreds Demolisher down to 2 hull with a HIE/QTC rear shot. We bomb and Demolisher shoots at close range, rams and shoots with 5 black from the flank, again no ACMs. No more contains left. Turn 5 Demolisher dies, Quasar takes light damage, Interceptors Die from Flak. We bomb and only just kill the thing with one squadron to go.
  24. I took my SSD fleet today to an 8 player UK tournament at Sanctuary Games. So here is a brief battle report. Enemy fleets are approximate. My fleet was... 400/400, Station Assault, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona SSD-Command Prototype, Moff JerJerrod, Gunnery Team, QBTs, Leading Shots, Brunson, Palpatane (officer). 267 Mona, Bobba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, 2 Firesprays 133/134 Game 1 v Moff JerJerrod flown by @Touston 3x TRC Arquitens, Demolisher, Gozanti, Mona, Marek, Janus, Mauler. I was second player doing Planetary Ion Cannon mission. I deployed Speed 1 on the far left with 2 Ion Cannon tokens in front and one to my right side. All enemies were speed 3, there was an Arquitens coming around my left, 2 going around my right and Demolisher straight at me. Gozanti deployed first so was a little far out to my right. Ion cannon gets Brunsoned down to 1 damage on Demolisher. I delay with the Pass token then move up speed 1 and take a little TRC fire then Demo shoots at close range after a move and puts in the E-Rax too. I lost about 8 shields overall. The other Arquitens move one around each side. Marek pins my Mona and a Firespray. They fire and IG88 helps out getting him to 1 health. Bossk, Bobba and a Firespray Shoot Demo in the flank while his squads move up. Turn 2 Ion cannon softens his flagship, Demolisher double shots and runs down my right side at close range. I repair moving 6 shields around and kill Demolisher with a little squadron help. His Mauler & Mona pins IG, Boba and Firespray. I take more TRC volleys. Turn 3 He gets his flagship Arquitens out of my front arc but Steele is dead now so my Mona and IG soften it up and the SSD shoots it (1 hull now )and the other Arquitens in my front dies after the Ion cannon had softened up the same arc. Turn 4 Flagship orbits to my right but is in tatters and dies. Gozanti is destroyed from my front and I soften up the Arquitens that went around my left. By his Time I had about 5 hull left and 3 rear shields as I repaired some nasty crits. I had lost 3 squads but he only had a Shuttle. In the last turns I repair and shoot out the back (QBTs have been great all game) and the last of my rogues kill it off. 400 to 192 mov. Game 2 v Raddus flown by a beginner player. 2x APT, OE, redundant shields, HTT MC30Ts, 2x RBD, TRC90s, Tooled up Neb, Spinal & Salvation in Raddus Reserve. I was second player doing Station Assault. I put 3 rocks in the top left then looked for an open area away from his debris on the centre right an placed both stations one behind the other then slap the SSD near both of them with 3 rogues on each side. Jiana's Light (flagship) is over near the asteroids, one MC30 off my 10 o'clock and the other 2 o'clock with Tantive just behind it on a far flanking move to my right. All were speed 4. Jiana's Light comes in, I delay, Tantive shoots the front station for 2 damage. I do 3 damage to Tantive (QBTs are great) I Nav 1 yaw left. Left MC30 approaches and gets hit by 3 Rogues later, Right MC30 slows to 3 and the other rogues do 3-4 shield damage. Turn 2 the Left MC30 aborts and runs for it but will com back later. Tantive orbits shooting the base again and flakks out the front. I Nav and shoot the MC30s and do a point on Tantive and yaw back right. MC30 Right gets 2 medium shots at me then is hit by rogues again, Jiana's light gets into range so the rogues on that side switch to attacking it. Turn 3. Still no Raddus drop and I kill Tantive and an MC30 and repair some TRC damage. Jiana's Light comes in on a flank-rear arc and I shoot and the Rogues on that side polish it off with some lucky shots and good accuracies preventing redirection (go Bossk). Turn 4 Salvation can't arrive due to Raddus being dead and we mass squadrons to kill the last ship but it runs off table with no nav command plotted. 480 to 0 MOV. Game 3 v Rieekan flown by the King off Swiss @Ginkapo 5x ET TRC90s (Jiana's Light flagship with Lando), Slicer Bright hope + Slicer Quantum Storm, Tycho. I won the toss and chose second player, he selected Solar Corona. I put the base in the bottom left corner and Gink places a row of asteroids from it to the centre of his DZ. He deploys Quantum Storm opposite the base then a row of 5 TRC90s about distance 1-2 apart (Flagship on the right end) then Bright Hope. I abandon the base an deploy in my right corner at a 45 degree angle. Turn 1 his ships wheel to face me at speed 2-3. Rogues form 2 blobs off each of my bows to stop Tycho pinning us all. I nav for 1 yaw and bank a token. Turn 2 Riekan on Jiana's Light double arcs and races off, down my right side. I repair 3 shields and shoot Rieekan dropping 2 shields, 2 damage to B-Hope (can't attack at long range crit, wohoo!) and about 3 damage to another TRC90. I JerJerrod turn left onto a debris but now face three TRC90s approaching at speed. I take 10ish shield damage and 1-2 hull but not all of them can get out of my front arc. B-Hope slices and gives me a nav command for later. Rogues kill Tycho and soften up 2 CR90s (I thought about going off chasing Rieekan but with his ETs... no, let him go). Turn 3 Rieekan zooms away and I kill a CR90 (Rieekan keeps it Zombie) Other CR90s get softened up by GTs. Rogues kill off B-Hope and one of those damaged CR90s now off my rear. Turn 4 I still can't repair (Quantum Storm's slicers doing) but get the 4th CR90 down to one hull. Turn 5 Killed the damaged CR90. We called it at the end of the turn with QS driving off map to avoid a medium range front arc shot. Only Rieekan survived (miles away by now) so a MOV of about 305 to 0. There were 2 other SSD Lists in the event. One commanded by Sloane the other by Piett. They were 5th and 8th I think. @Touston was second.
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