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    AAT vs R2D2

    On a similar theme - 5 Storm Troopers are at range 3 of several rebel units and are at range 1 of only R2 with a supression token. if they use blasters they can't shoot R2. If however they are armed with concussion grenades as well can they declare using the range 1 grenades therefore only R2 is in range so they can shoot the pesky little droid with 5 black dice and ignore cover as a bonus?
  2. First off put Gunnery teams on the VSDs. You get twice the use out of D-Caps and the QBTs will be used more often too. Second a little dice control such as leading shots would help. LS also benefits from QBTs adding blue dice to the pool at any range even when the D-Caps have already been used. A cheaper version would be officer Vader on the third ship so you can choke the VSD officers to redo a disastrous volley. I would think about Brunson over one of your Expert Shield Techs on the flagship. Saves a point damage a turn, occasionally two points and can strip a crit too. The Quasar I think could go. It's there to fuel the TIEs with commands but you may quickly run out of TIEs and the rogues can look after them selves. You could replace it with a TRC Arquitens for firepower (let the VSDs do a squadron command on turn 2 to fling the TIEs in - maybe switching to fewer ACEs so only one VSD needs to do this) or you could replace it with a Gozanti with boosted Comms and vector and free up lots of points for (GT/LS)x2 and some extra rogues. Missions Station Assault or Surprise Attack Contested Outpost or Planet Ion Cannon Solar Corona or Dangerous Territory.
  3. I would like to see (if Jar Jar has to be included) his effect like that of Hondo officer. Instead of handing out command tokens he can hand out raid tokens. As usual the owning player hands out two different raid tokens then the other player hands out the other two. Spreads mayhem. Might be a bit powerful, perhaps limit it to turn 1 only.
  4. Several companies make Hoth Shiel generators. Have a look at Micro Art studios or Battlefield in a box or those from a 3D printer https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hoth-Shield-Generator-Legion-Terrain-FREE-SHIPPING/124224759109?hash=item1cec5f6545:g:pyIAAOSwirte6Fr- https://www.ebay.com/itm/Battlefield-in-a-Box-GW-Power-Generator-NEW-Scenery-STAR-WARS-Legion/324035267351?hash=item4b7201cb17:g:zI4AAOSw0NZeFMK~ https://shop.microartstudio.com/en/scenery/1532-generator-mark-2.html https://ttcombat.com/products/generator?_pos=1&_sid=784ff243a&_ss=r so much easier than gluing plant pot trays together.
  5. 1. Force choke will do one wound to the trooper, creature or emplacement. So if the target has been softened up you could finish it off with a choke. 2. Yes.
  6. 25 years ago on the PC game X-Wing, the final mission was the trench run. You could allocate power to recharge the shields, the guns, a bit of both or just floor it for speed. my first attempt was medium speed with a bit recharging the shields. It didn't work, you got hit by the turrets a lot. So second try I decided to sanitise a section of trench by blasting turrets then doubling back and hide behind a strut to do a full recharge, no good as the TIE-As would fund you a sitting duck. Third try was to floor it with the shields set to no recharge but now power drain either, let the guns drain and use torps only. Boy did your R2 unit boost the speed when you did it this way it was easy to get to the exhaust port. a great game. I wish someone would remake it using the same gameplay but modern graphics. All the later games I have tried just don't have the feel of this classic.
  7. AF2A, I've used this build with good results. QBTs and Paragon make it very nasty. Could drop to an AF2B for points. MC30s are ok but you need more squadrons. 70-100 points is the sweet spot for Sato. Less than this and your fighters can be wiped out leaving Sato's shooting bonus unused. More than this and you don't really have the gun firepower to make efficient use of Sato shots. Drop Intel officers or swap them to SFOs. Flotillas, drop one for squadrons, could convert the other to the combat version as a CF command giving 2 black dice can sting. Squadrons, always take Tycho. Generic HWKs are good and A-Wings hanging around on asteroids until needed. Then look at cheap rogue squadron, lancers or YT2400s. Missions can really bite you. Fighter ambush and superior positions are pure 134 point bomber missions and a fleet with this many squadrons will savage you. Precision strike can do this too but maybe not as bad. Most wanted, planet ion cannon and solar corona are safe bets
  8. 2 Neb flak wagons goes a long way to protecting you from squadrons but the other ships would need to chip in, and without gunnery teams on the big ship this is difficult to do more than once a game when you have nothing better to shoot at. Just flak is fine against a Sloane list using generic TIEs it Phantoms but will struggle with Aces or 5-6 hull bomber fleets like B,X,Y wings. An enemy bomber fleet facing only flak can use some tricks to delay his losses and so keep hitting you hard for longer. Use cover from obstacles as fighters advance. Use cover from his ships and your ships to obscure from flak. He rolls up your fleet from one side forcing only one ship to get unobscured flak while the bombers attack it hiding from much of your anti squadron fire. Kill one or two of your ships taking a 6-5 or 7-4 then running for it before loosing 4-5 squadrons on the same turn as their hull runs out. Fight near the base. E.g. Turn 2 squadron command to move then bomb your ships taking flak damage. Turn 3 squadron command to bomb then move onto the base to repair and cut flak in half. Turn 4&5 repeat as above. Hint put the base in a far corner and stay away from it especially when against Phantoms. Going fighter less is fine as long as long as you can burst through and kill ships quickly. But a starhawk is slow and it's a decent chunk of your firepower. Particularly if the enemy is second player it can be avoided as the enemy stiff arm you with bombers and keep their distance, they will also have out deployed you with 3-5 deployments worth of fighters and maybe a flotilla is all you see on the board before your last ship is placed. If your fleet had say 4 A-Wings this would help a lot. Your squads pick their timing and pin some bombers gaining you some damage on your initial strike and some time as the enemy deal with them and some more damage from counter(2) as they die. Add this damage to your flak shots and enemy squadrons start to be removed earlier rather than the first Y-Wing expiring after you have lost your third ship. Your heavy fire zone may suffer but you don't have to commit the A-Wings straight away - letting enemy bombers hit your ships could get you a double shot with each before the enemy start to deal with the AWings which is 24 blue dice on top of a turn or two of flak and some counter to come.
  9. If you are still looking I just noticed that Chaos Cards have six SSDs in stock, £140 each. https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/miniature-games-c487/star-wars-armada-c726/fantasy-flight-games-star-wars-armada-super-star-destroyer-p167322
  10. Firstly most SSDs take Gunnery Teams to help out with Flak and against multiple smaller ships. If you have GTs then you can't benefit from the Advanced Gunnery bonus as you cannot target the same ship from the same arc due to the wording on the GT upgrade card. So you get no benefit and you give away an extra 220 or 250 point if you die. Secondly, even without GTs on your SSD, as the first player in the Advanced Gunnery mission you need to target different hull zones on the same target ship. This will be difficult (probably impossible) to do a third time against a Starhawk. Occasionally I have selected an enemy Advanced Gunnery mission and given my own flotilla the AG Objective token. It hardly benefits but gives away only 23 more points on destruction and then I try like mad to kill the double point enemy big ship. Usually I do this when I fly a squadron heavy list like Sloane or Rieekan bombers where you can stiff arm the enemy ship forcing it to fly through squadrons and kill it quickly before you suffer too much from the enemy double shot the same hull zone each turn.
  11. The pelta has to navigate to use ETs, repair to use STM and it is the only ship with a decent squadron value. Tantive can take some pressure off but it will be over worked. Hondo could help a little. STM is a poor concept as most enemies won't spread damage on all of your ships but concentrate for kills. Swap the fighters for rogues or swap the Pelta for an AF2B with flight controllers and ex hangar or BC. Your Z95s will still be uncontrolled even if you do this so swap them for Jan and Biggs with 4-5 X-Wings which will last an age with Jan lending braces while Biggs spreads the hits around.
  12. AFII with double brace, Walex, nasty Salvo and pseudo ECM from Agate means it is a big investment to try and take it out so as an opponent I would just leave it alone. Agate is good on an important target that has lots of firepower. AFII could be ignored while the enemy rack up points killing the other ships and the firepower of Paragon is not so bad that the enemy would suffer by letting it keep on shooting. I think Agate on the MC75 would be more of a threat as it can't really be ignored for long. I would also suggest LTT on Salvation as it can be a good ship to make the objective ship in Advanced Gunnery as you don't give away too many extra points if the enemy kill it. LTTs are also great against Proximity Mines which in you Contested outpost scenario are an annoyance.
  13. Sato has a fine balance with 75-100 points of squadrons required. Less than this and your fighters are killed too early. More than 100 points and you don't have the ship firepower to make use of Sato's bonus effectively and should probably switch to a pure bomber admiral like Rieekan or Doddonna. Having said this your example of mc30, 4 hammerheads and a flotilla to control Shara/Tycho comes in at around 330 points depending on upgrades, so adding some rogue YT2400s and a HWK for Intel seems reasonable. Do E-Rax hammerheads benefit a lot from Sato? For one turn certainly but they are fragile and it isn't like the hammerheads are getting long range ACMs and may never get a second shot. i like Sato but he is finely balanced and a little situational. He loves Tycho, MC75s, MC30s and Salvation. Even the combat flotillas can benefit from 2 black dice when he is around. BTW at 800 points he can be a monster at long range.
  14. I have run fleets like this with good success. I went for only 2 TRC 90s and an Admonition for 7 ships. Having one big hitter in a list lets you really benefit to last/first a chunky target after the red dice have softened it up a bit or just strip the shields with ACMs and zoom off leaving the victim to drift into the E-Rax of the hammerheads. Rieekan is great. Green squadron, Gold squadron and/or Tycho make good squadron blockers assuming no Intel. One flotilla in place of a hammerhead should free up enough points. Remember to keep these squadrons on obstacles until you need them to lock things down. If they have Intel split up and pin two blobs in a way that Intel can't make both your squads heavy. He sends Intel to one and tries to kill the other when Rieekan steps in to make one Zombie. i have also tried the 7 ship build with commander Leia and just concentrate fire a lot getting rerolls added for free or double speed changes.
  15. No you can't shoot mines in the Minefield scenario but you can shoot proximity mines. Also note that Proximity mines can't be moved by the strategic rule from Lambdas & VCXs but mines in the Minefields scenario can.
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