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  1. Mad Cat

    What's the best ship in the game?

    Captain Brunson
  2. Mad Cat

    Cymoon vs. Kuat

    Observation No Armada ship, squadron or upgrade has ever had a point revision in any FAQ. The Armada point system is therefore infallible. They both cost 112 points. Conclusion It must follow that they are both equally powerful and it is heresy to suggest otherwise. I am caught in a logical quandary.....
  3. 398/400. Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory ISD-II, Gunnery Team, ECM, Leading Shots, Moff JerJerrod, 161 points. GSD-I, Demolisher, Assault Concussion Missiles, Ordnance Experts, 77 points. Arquitens CL, Captain Needa, Turbolaser Reroute Circuits, 63 Points. Arquitens CL, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, 59 Points. 2 TIE-Int, 2 TIE-F 38 Points. A nice balanced Fleet with a small fighter screen. Have the ISD bank a Navigate token on turn one then do a squadron command turn two and maybe turn three if you expect the TIEs to last that long. It all depends on the enemy squadron strength. 4 Combat ships gives a lot of firepower but keep together to concentrate your firepower to get early kills. Arquitens are good at outflanking with the ISD trying to keep several targets in the front arc and Demolisher is always a decent threat. Moff JerJerrod gives all the ships excellent turning especially at speeds 2-3, use it to get ships out of trouble or into great firing positions.
  4. Mad Cat

    Dual ISD advice plz.

    You don't want Advanced Gunnery as both your ISDs have Gunnery Teams and the FAQ confirms that the word "cannot" on the GT card can't be overridden by anything - even the scenario. Most wanted would be a good alternative or switch out the Kuat's GTs for BT Avenger (ISD-I version or ISD-K). Fighters will be a problem. A decent Sloane list will kill and ISD easily then try to avoid the other - offering you a flotilla or a Quasar kill in return. I think a Slicer Tool on one of the Gozantis would help a lot. To avoid eating into the bid too much the bulkheads cold go and maybe even Relentless.
  5. Mad Cat

    What have you played this year?

    I took a quad Vic list to a local tournament and it did surprisingly well. Luckily I avoided playing the guy with 8-10 Lancers. 400/400, Opening Salvo, Planetary Ion Cannon, Salvage Run VSD-II, GT, LS, D-Caps, QBTs, Brunson, Motti 133 VSD-II, GT, LS, D-Caps, QBTs, SFO 105 VSD-I, QBTs, E-Rax 81 VSD-I, QBTs, E-Rax 81
  6. Mad Cat

    V for Victory?

    I would drop XI7s and Expanded hangar for 3 sets of QBTs. 4 points remaining could get you an External Racks and a SFO or upgrade black squadron for Tempest. You only have 5 squadrons and all 5 wont be around for ever. VSD-I can squadron most of the time and get a VSDII to do a squadron command on turn 2 and maybe turn 3 if you think they will still be around. You probably want Motti on the ship with ECM that should sit in the middle of your formation. Swap out Most Wanted for Station Assault.
  7. There doesn't seem to be much need for the boarding troopers or Sloan's token shedding ability if the only thing you are then going to hit the enemy with is 2 blue or 3 red dice without so much as a reroll or turbolaser upgrade. Also with 6 activations (assuming the flagship does a squadron command - which you said it probably won't) you will have trouble getting use out of your 18 non rogue fighters. You will need a boosted Comms to stop the Quasar dying as soon as the lasers start flying. Flagship could find Engine techs is a better way to stay alive. Fighters could look to swap out a little quantity for quality such as TIE-Ds or a collection of ACEs like Howlrunner, Mauler, Dengar, Valen, Fel, Cienna etc. You could instead ditch Sloane and take a load of rogues to act independently like Bossk, Mona, IG88, Several Decimators/firesprays and a few non rogues like some Intel, an Escort & Mauler. For a fun legal force how about 3 Quasars with EH, BC & flight controllers with 12 TIE-F, 2 TIE-I & Howlrunner. Leaves you 35 points for officers, ship titles and a Supressor Gozanti. Or spend the 35 upgrading one Quasar to a VSD with a few gun upgrades.
  8. Mad Cat

    Victory SD - III (3)

    I would ditch sensor teams. It is generally accepted as one of the most useless upgrades for the points. Change to Gunnery teams, then you can do your fantastic front arc shooting at 2 different targets which is great even at long range with the D-Caps. To get accuracies Leading Shots is a better Ion upgrade. Throw a blue hit away then reroll all other blue and any blank red dice to fish for accuracies and better damage overall. QBTs are excellent on VSDs. Grint is ok but Brunson could stop you taking enemy damage instead. I have never liked Dominator. Too expensive and self harming on a VSD that doesn't have large amounts of unneeded shields on rear areas to start with. If you want the extra firepower of Dominator then you probably should cash the VSD in for a Cymoon or ISD-II which will be faster and harder to kill. Screed Example. A GSD fires out the rear with a red and a black dice. Rolls a blank on the black and a hit on the red. Throw away the red dice and turn the black dice to face a hit/crit. Assuming no enemy defence tokens are spent you now do 2 damage and can resolve a crit effect such as making the first of these cards (if you get through to the hull) face up or you can activate ACMs for example doing another 1 damage to each adjacent hull zone.
  9. Mad Cat

    Fighting/Using the Thrawn Demo

    I like the idea. Even without Thrawn I occasionally use GSDs to do a squadron command on turn 2 just to ensure you throw your full fighter force into action rather than waiting for the squadron phase. You can do it with Rogues on turn 2 then leave them alone for the rest of the game to look after themselves. TIE-Interceptors also appreciate a turn 2 alpha strike then you can leave them locked down in dogfights as they live or die but at least their counter(2) + swarm gets you extra damage. A passing flotilla can squadron command for later turns and activate a few, particularly those on 1 hit point remaining. GSDs can take FCTs if you don't already plan on using Engine Techs. If you have a flight commander on-board it can get your fighters a little more distance although usually Imperial squadrons have decent speed. Even if you don't take a FC the FCTs can work nicely with Bossk & Morna Kee who can shuffle forwards distance 1 then move distance 3 in the squadron phase and attack Demolisher's target already softened up by ACMs. On turn 1 the FCTs will also have moved the rogues even closer to the enemy possibly getting them an attack in T1's squadron phase, IG88 for example can be nasty this way with distance 1 + distance 5 + range 1 shooting. Put Vector on a nearby Gozanti then Demolisher can FCT rogues forwards Turn 1 and the flotilla can then squadron them distance 4 for a nasty surprise. In missions where collecting tokens is important GSDs with FCTs can be very useful shuffling tokens around the board twice a turn with Lambdas. Fire lanes, Intel Sweep, Capture the VIP, Salvage Run & Sensor net all get a lot easier. Minefields can be rather deadly with an FCT Glad and Lambda dragging along a host of mine tokens.
  10. Raider 2 in a Screed list (Or Vader) with HIEs and D-Caps. Softens up targets for ACM equipped GSDs & Kuat.
  11. It can be a good fleet. Change one chart officer into Jiana's Light. Same effect but lasts all game and you also benefit when shooting. I would ditch the cluster bombs. If you come up against bomber or Sloane lists by the time the Cluster damage mounts up you will have lost ships. They will still be happy to throw a damaged TIE-B at you and trade away 9 points for a CR90 kill. It also frees up another 30 points and chart officers could free up more. CR90s are fast and nimble so when navigating it's easy to avoid obstacles. Better to take a fighter screen of Tycho, Shara and A-wings or some YT2400s. Whichever CR90 has the commander on board, a set of engine techs or RBDs could help it survive better. Cracken is a good commander but won't help you against bombers. Mon Mothma would and gets you good benefits at medium range if you miscalculate. Rieekan has good potential too enabling you to block big ships for a while whilst you concentrate to get a kill. Double ramming with ETs and RBDs can also be fun especially against expensive enemy MC30s. Another option is to go for 4 TRC90s and a single big hitting ACM, OE, Admonition. This gives you the clout to kill large targets quickly after they have been softened up by TRC fire. Throw in some fighters and maybe a slicer tool Quantum storm to disrupt large carriers.
  12. Yes 25% only leaves you just over half of what a normal 400 point 134 Sloane list could take. Makes you think if Sloane is really worth it in 300 point battle groups? I suppose you have to trim the fighters down to just including those that benefit most from Sloane. Either attacking ships with red/blue dice to apply damage/remove defence tokens, or to strip enemy aces of their tokens faster than usual and achieve squadron superiority. Get a fellow teammate to supply some intel and some escort capable fighters to keep your characters alive. Your ships can control them occasionally though you loose the Sloane benefit for that activation. So here is my suggestion Arquitens CL, DTT, RBD, Sloane 88. Arquitens CL, TRC, Needa 63. Quasar-I, Flight Controllers, Expanded Hangar, Boosted Comms, Grint 74. Anti-ship option: 4 TIE-P, Tie-I, TIE-F 75. Space Superiority option: 4 TIE-I, Howlrunner, Mauler 75.
  13. Mad Cat

    SSD JJ 800 point list

    I like it. Drop the tractors for ACMs or APTs on Demolisher. I like Advanced Projectors better than EWS on the SSD. What objectives do you have in mind?
  14. Mad Cat

    This is Our Year

    I find your lack of a lack of faith..... not disturbing.
  15. I played Tarkin on the Soverign at 800 points (single commander per side) and he was pretty good. His ISD title granted token flexibility and the cost was reasonable for the benefit. It isn't at 400 points. Great! A reason to take Tarkin. It would be a shame to price him out of usefulness again. Garm & Ahsoka likewise so it works for both factions.