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  1. This looks a like a decent and legal combo. With Engine Techs you can even do it after the extra ET move - though you will need a squad and nav token or command to do so.
  2. Clifton Road Games have 8 ISD-I/ISD-II packs in stock. Not the cheapest price I've seen but free UK postage. https://www.cliftonroadgames.co.uk/star-wars-armada-imperialclass-star-destroyer.ir Not sure if they would post to Sweeden. Club together with your freinds to get 2-3 and send them an email asking for a postage quote.
  3. There is no point having a single MC Exodus Fleet title. They need to work in pairs to function. Maybe drop Independence. Have 2 MC exodus titles and put Projection experts on them and drop their FCTs and Boosted Comms. These can now repair whichever MC80 gets shot the most after doing a squadron command on turn 2 to throw all your squadrons into action. The other ships still have boosted Comms and FCTs to shuffle the slow fighters along. Advanced Transponder may be better on Ackar's ship. Bright hope is pritty bomber proof on its own from 3 arc directions.
  4. The Chimera reprints are done and currently "On the Boat" https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ This means it takes about 1-2 months to hit the shops. ISDI/2 pack has been rare for most of this year and may take until 2020 to be available but they show up on eBay from time to time.
  5. Krennic and ravager only work when doing CF command and the SSD should be either squadroning or using the Navigation officer. Put Grint on the SSD. I would still put Gunnery teams on the SSD, 3 other sets of flight contollers have things covered. Chimera may change the fleet command at will so Coms net over a new token for it and Wulff could keep it going forever. Considder Avenger on one of the SSDs. Also Overload pulse can be great in large battles. Once tokens are red they are a lot easier to Sloane away. You could also fit some Reserve hangar bays onto the last Gozanti and the Quasar-I.
  6. Nuking the site from orbit.... It's the only way to be sure. Harsh, but fair.
  7. As a carrier I like: MC80C, ECM, FCTs, Boosted Comms, Adar Tallon. Depending on points, optional upgrades include: QBTs, Defiance, Leading Shots. It is a tough ship able to reach out far with the Boosted Comms keeping fighters active. FCTs can shuffle slow squads along nicely on turns 1 and 2 and are surprisingly useful on occasion late in the game. Yavarris can now benefit from these shuffled squadrons and Adar Tallon can do a similar tripple tap action with your most punchy squadron. Getting Dash Rendar to move speed 4 + speed 1 + speed 4 and bomb a fleeing damaged ship with a rerolling black bomber dice has got me several kills. For a Combat ship I like: MC80A, ECM, (Advanced Projectors or RBDs or EWS), QBTs, Leading Shots. In a non Ackbar list add Defiance. Engine Techs are good if you have the points but some lists can do without them using this ship as a central fire base.
  8. Killed my first SSD in a 400 point local tournament final. SSD-Assault Prototype, Piett, DCO, Krennic, Kallus, PDR, GTs, LS, QBTs, QTCs, QLTs, HIEs, Ravager. Gozanti, Comms Net, Vader (Officer) Gozanti, Repair Crews I was second player in Most Wanted and took: Quasar I, Tagge, Flight Controllers, Ex Hangar, Boosted Comms Quasar I, SFO, Flight Controllers, Ex Hangar, Boosted Comms GSD-I, Demolisher, ACM, OE Gozanti, BCC 6 TIE-B, 2 TIE-Int, Mauler, 2 Jumpmaster, Tempest Sqn Turn 1 we bank Navs he speeds up and turns right away from Demolisher and towards the carriers. Turn 2 SSD kills my BCC Gozanti with Ravager CF & Krennic rerolls. I bomb a lot with Quasars trying to keep away and orbiting clockwise while Demolisher comes from the other side with the SSD turning towards the carriers onto an asteroid. Turn 3 Quasar #2 dies (curse those QTCs) SSD slows to avoid debris but is on a rock for second time. Despite a loss of carriers most squads were in range and the flagship quasar could move in the others. Demolisher shoots the rear but DCO negates the ACM crits. We bomb most shields away and do 4 hull. Turn 4 the SSD shoots Quasar at long range but from fore-right arc and no CF either. It also shreds Demolisher down to 2 hull with a HIE/QTC rear shot. We bomb and Demolisher shoots at close range, rams and shoots with 5 black from the flank, again no ACMs. No more contains left. Turn 5 Demolisher dies, Quasar takes light damage, Interceptors Die from Flak. We bomb and only just kill the thing with one squadron to go.
  9. I took my SSD fleet today to an 8 player UK tournament at Sanctuary Games. So here is a brief battle report. Enemy fleets are approximate. My fleet was... 400/400, Station Assault, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona SSD-Command Prototype, Moff JerJerrod, Gunnery Team, QBTs, Leading Shots, Brunson, Palpatane (officer). 267 Mona, Bobba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, 2 Firesprays 133/134 Game 1 v Moff JerJerrod flown by @Touston 3x TRC Arquitens, Demolisher, Gozanti, Mona, Marek, Janus, Mauler. I was second player doing Planetary Ion Cannon mission. I deployed Speed 1 on the far left with 2 Ion Cannon tokens in front and one to my right side. All enemies were speed 3, there was an Arquitens coming around my left, 2 going around my right and Demolisher straight at me. Gozanti deployed first so was a little far out to my right. Ion cannon gets Brunsoned down to 1 damage on Demolisher. I delay with the Pass token then move up speed 1 and take a little TRC fire then Demo shoots at close range after a move and puts in the E-Rax too. I lost about 8 shields overall. The other Arquitens move one around each side. Marek pins my Mona and a Firespray. They fire and IG88 helps out getting him to 1 health. Bossk, Bobba and a Firespray Shoot Demo in the flank while his squads move up. Turn 2 Ion cannon softens his flagship, Demolisher double shots and runs down my right side at close range. I repair moving 6 shields around and kill Demolisher with a little squadron help. His Mauler & Mona pins IG, Boba and Firespray. I take more TRC volleys. Turn 3 He gets his flagship Arquitens out of my front arc but Steele is dead now so my Mona and IG soften it up and the SSD shoots it (1 hull now )and the other Arquitens in my front dies after the Ion cannon had softened up the same arc. Turn 4 Flagship orbits to my right but is in tatters and dies. Gozanti is destroyed from my front and I soften up the Arquitens that went around my left. By his Time I had about 5 hull left and 3 rear shields as I repaired some nasty crits. I had lost 3 squads but he only had a Shuttle. In the last turns I repair and shoot out the back (QBTs have been great all game) and the last of my rogues kill it off. 400 to 192 mov. Game 2 v Raddus flown by a beginner player. 2x APT, OE, redundant shields, HTT MC30Ts, 2x RBD, TRC90s, Tooled up Neb, Spinal & Salvation in Raddus Reserve. I was second player doing Station Assault. I put 3 rocks in the top left then looked for an open area away from his debris on the centre right an placed both stations one behind the other then slap the SSD near both of them with 3 rogues on each side. Jiana's Light (flagship) is over near the asteroids, one MC30 off my 10 o'clock and the other 2 o'clock with Tantive just behind it on a far flanking move to my right. All were speed 4. Jiana's Light comes in, I delay, Tantive shoots the front station for 2 damage. I do 3 damage to Tantive (QBTs are great) I Nav 1 yaw left. Left MC30 approaches and gets hit by 3 Rogues later, Right MC30 slows to 3 and the other rogues do 3-4 shield damage. Turn 2 the Left MC30 aborts and runs for it but will com back later. Tantive orbits shooting the base again and flakks out the front. I Nav and shoot the MC30s and do a point on Tantive and yaw back right. MC30 Right gets 2 medium shots at me then is hit by rogues again, Jiana's light gets into range so the rogues on that side switch to attacking it. Turn 3. Still no Raddus drop and I kill Tantive and an MC30 and repair some TRC damage. Jiana's Light comes in on a flank-rear arc and I shoot and the Rogues on that side polish it off with some lucky shots and good accuracies preventing redirection (go Bossk). Turn 4 Salvation can't arrive due to Raddus being dead and we mass squadrons to kill the last ship but it runs off table with no nav command plotted. 480 to 0 MOV. Game 3 v Rieekan flown by the King off Swiss @Ginkapo 5x ET TRC90s (Jiana's Light flagship with Lando), Slicer Bright hope + Slicer Quantum Storm, Tycho. I won the toss and chose second player, he selected Solar Corona. I put the base in the bottom left corner and Gink places a row of asteroids from it to the centre of his DZ. He deploys Quantum Storm opposite the base then a row of 5 TRC90s about distance 1-2 apart (Flagship on the right end) then Bright Hope. I abandon the base an deploy in my right corner at a 45 degree angle. Turn 1 his ships wheel to face me at speed 2-3. Rogues form 2 blobs off each of my bows to stop Tycho pinning us all. I nav for 1 yaw and bank a token. Turn 2 Riekan on Jiana's Light double arcs and races off, down my right side. I repair 3 shields and shoot Rieekan dropping 2 shields, 2 damage to B-Hope (can't attack at long range crit, wohoo!) and about 3 damage to another TRC90. I JerJerrod turn left onto a debris but now face three TRC90s approaching at speed. I take 10ish shield damage and 1-2 hull but not all of them can get out of my front arc. B-Hope slices and gives me a nav command for later. Rogues kill Tycho and soften up 2 CR90s (I thought about going off chasing Rieekan but with his ETs... no, let him go). Turn 3 Rieekan zooms away and I kill a CR90 (Rieekan keeps it Zombie) Other CR90s get softened up by GTs. Rogues kill off B-Hope and one of those damaged CR90s now off my rear. Turn 4 I still can't repair (Quantum Storm's slicers doing) but get the 4th CR90 down to one hull. Turn 5 Killed the damaged CR90. We called it at the end of the turn with QS driving off map to avoid a medium range front arc shot. Only Rieekan survived (miles away by now) so a MOV of about 305 to 0. There were 2 other SSD Lists in the event. One commanded by Sloane the other by Piett. They were 5th and 8th I think. @Touston was second.
  10. Looks good. Similar to my Sloane fleet. I use ECM rather than EWS. As a Sloan player you are less vulnerable to bomber attacks as you have a strong fighter force. I do get worried by big volleys that can accuracy the flagship's brace and maybe XI7 the redirects so I go for ECM to always let me brace the big attack. SW7 or Leading shots is tough.... If you get good accuracies with the fighters to turn defences red then SW7s are better but LS also helps with Flak and is more useful if the red dice get poor rolls. If you get lots of unneeded blue accuracies just discard one with LS and reroll any other blue accuracies and all blank red dice. Quasar is good. I put SADviser and Boosted Comms on the ISD so to save points don't bother with a ship title here but Squall is nice too. I also add a Skilled First Officer to the Quasar for a bit of slicer tools protection (once but by then some TIEs have accuracied the scatter off the flotilla and you can kill it). Squads are good. I go for 5 TIE Phantoms, TIE interceptor, Mauler, Sabre, Jumpmaster, Black Squadron. Overall it kills ships a bit quicker than your fighters but your build will last longer and is better against squadrons. Nice Missions. I go for Fighter Ambush as a yellow mission but it does screw you in deployment and occasionally a stronger fighter user will do better with it. PIC and CO are safer alternatives.
  11. Why isn't phonetically spelled with an F? 🤔
  12. MC80C/A and MC75 I would add a second brace. The ECM like effect can mean RBDs or EWS is more useful but when you have 2 braces it's a shame not to use them every turn if you can so I still think ECM has its uses. MC80S/B I don't think a third brace would help much. A second redirect is ok but the shields on non front Zones aren't that abundant. Aux shield teams however and a turn one repair command is a thing soon so I would go for that. Endeavour can already get you a contain and I don't think Agate as a Captain Needa for 10 times the cost is worth it plus another 7 points for the TRC. Nebulons shouldn't be considered as they are too weak, but if you have Yavarris and need to protect it, a redirect and Aux Shields will do nicely. Admonition with a brace will be nasty. ECM on a MC30 could now have a use but the cost soon mounts up. Foresight with a brace is ok too but I think Admonition gets priority. AFII and pelta may not be worth the effort to protect. Smaller vessels aren't valuable enough to use and benefit from the extra token and Cracken or Mom Mothma should probably be used instead.
  13. AFFM would only work with 1-2 of them that get activated by the ship. Im not too worried by the extreme lambda/Moralo lists. Even toned down with more Escort and Intel to keep things open enemies can just concentrate on Moralo. I'm hoping for a rule change to him so he only gets the extra move & attack if enemy moves or takes a token.
  14. Forget Escort for a moment.... Valen Rudor: My card effect says you can't shoot me as there are others nearby. IG88B: My card effect says I shoot you all. Valen Rudor: No you can't. IG88B: Yes I can. Valen Rudor: No you can't. IG88B: Yes I can. Valen Rudor: No you can't. IG88B: Yes I can. Valen Rudor: No you can't. IG88B: Yes I can. Help, I'm caught in a curcular reference loop. I think it continues until one of them sings at a higher pitch and for longer and then the other goes blue in the face and falls over. 😊
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