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  1. Long story short: You can use Pierce on defense dice used by the defender unless the defender has Immune Pierce. You can use Pierce on defense dice used by the Guardian unless the Guardian has Immune Pierce.
  2. Sorry dudes! Got an answer from Luke Eddy about this:
  3. 1- Exhaustable weapons (Ions, etc): They see small play in competitive p`lay. Will you consider another way to recharge those weapons instead of using a recover action? Can we get a glimpse of the "Cycle" Keyword? 2- An panicked Droid Trooper with 1 ion token unit performs 1 move towards the closest border or doesn't move at all? And a panicked Droid Trooper with 2 or more ion tokens? 3- When Obi Wan uses the Command card "Hello There" he gets the Nimble Keyword. If he spend a Dodge token during the using Guardian (by Soressu Mastery), he gets 1 Dodge token back? 4- What are your favourite Star Wars Legion units and/or what did you enjoy more while you were designing them? 5- In competitive play, strongly modifying the models could be considered cheating, like lowering Luke's Lightsaber or Wookiees unit leader ryyk blade to avoid poping out of cover. With new multi option minis (like with Bossk and Sabine),and now with the introduction of sprues, what are your thoughts on model customization? 6- Don't you think that the new Surge Token mechanic is not fair to units that have native surge to something? For instance, Rebel Veterans can't use those tokens, while Imperial Shoretroopers get strongly enhanced. What where you thoughts during the design of that mechanic? 7- Please, tell us something about Cassian Andor and K2-SO, or Iden Versio and Dio. Yes we know it, we have bothans. 8- Any glimpse on new subfactions, or how they might work, will be appreciated. 9- As game designers, if you could turn back time and change anything in Star Wars Legion, what it will be and how you would fix it? 10- Is Luke Eddy a Jedi Knight and Alex Davy a Dark Lord of the Sith? Thank you
  4. Hi there! Sorry for necroposting. My community is concerned about LOS from the tank. I'm saying as you said, top of the sculpt, center of the base, which is just to the right of the commander/pintle gunner. Correct? Another question: I recall seeing somewhere that E-Web LOS is cheched from gunner, but I can't find it again. Anyone has it?
  5. Well, rather than justifiyng the rule, was giving a "thematic" reason to think in. Want something to think off? If Legion is roughly scale 1:48, and Range 3 is 45cm, then most blaster bolts would dissapear at about 20 meters. It's just a game, and the rules are awesome
  6. Well, I was not asking for cover, but I would say that if unit A attacks, and unit B uses Fire Support, you check enemy cover from unit A. My question is: Since the initial attack is from unit A, can an enemy mini that ONLY minis from unit B can see suffer wounds?
  7. Hi dudes! I'm sure you know the new rules for Fire Support (1.4 RRG page 36). It states that: So unit A attacks an enemy unit and unit B with Fire Support wants to contribute to the attack. Range from A is checked for their weapons. Range from Unit B is checked for their weapons. All ok. I assume that COVER is from the attack starter, unit A. BUT, when suffering wounds, must be form Unit A LOS? Or can be from Unit B LOS? Maybe B sees a model that A don't. In the "wounds" entry (1.4 RRG page 67) it says: I would say that Unit B is part of the attacker, since it's models contributed to the attack. Also, in the Attack entry (RRG 1.4 page 15) it says: So it seems that Unit B is part of the attacker. What do you think? PS: Yep, I know that Chewie/Leia card seems the same, but I would say nope!
  8. Keep in mind that this is an abstraction for a miniatures game. If you want a "realistic" situation, think that when unit leader sees where his squad is firing, he coordinates them better. If the unit leader can't see the target, but the troopers see an enemy and shoot there on their own, without proper discipline. That's why the enemy is harder to hit. Or simply, rules are like this :)
  9. Dudes, info on spanish site: http://www.fantasyflightgames.es/en_desarrollo Rebel veterans June 27 for you at the USA.
  10. I've been analysing deeply the new RRG and I don't see the problem. Check page 65:
  11. Not true. Rebel commandos have attack surge, imperial scouts don't. They have the same damage output (statistically speaking).
  12. Thanks guys. I would say disembarking towards closest edge makes sense, even that seems a gap on the rules. @nashjaee what do you think on the statement on the rules that says that while beign transported you can ONLY win supression tokens. That would mean you cannot gain a panic token. Someone is arguing that if a unit can't win a panic token, they can't panic at all.
  13. Hi there! As you sure know, units being transported can't be targeted but can gain supression tokens, with Master of Evil, Give in to your anger or Anihilation looms. Question is, if a transported unit performs his rally step and is in panic, do it stays on the transport or he has to disembark?
  14. @Caimheul1313 maybe, it's just a suposition, we will see this next week!
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