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  1. @buckero0 Here you have the maths:
  2. Not true. Rebel commandos have attack surge, imperial scouts don't. They have the same damage output (statistically speaking).
  3. Thanks guys. I would say disembarking towards closest edge makes sense, even that seems a gap on the rules. @nashjaee what do you think on the statement on the rules that says that while beign transported you can ONLY win supression tokens. That would mean you cannot gain a panic token. Someone is arguing that if a unit can't win a panic token, they can't panic at all.
  4. Hi there! As you sure know, units being transported can't be targeted but can gain supression tokens, with Master of Evil, Give in to your anger or Anihilation looms. Question is, if a transported unit performs his rally step and is in panic, do it stays on the transport or he has to disembark?
  5. @Caimheul1313 maybe, it's just a suposition, we will see this next week!
  6. @Varulfr yep, that is correct. The only way to save from Han's shots is find heavy cover, or roll more blocks than crits with Boba/Sabine Impervous or with Jyn/Pathfinders Danger Sense.
  7. Yes, there is no mandatory* order of actions, but usually you will want to aim first, shoot second, for example * But there are situations where the timing is important. In the case you just said, Snowtroopers can perform the free attack AT THE MOMENT when they finish the movement. For example, you can NOT say "I first move, I check that I'm in range, now I aim, and now I make the attack that the first move gave me". There is also other situations where the timing is also important, like when you use Compel or Dauntless.
  8. I heard that, at least in Spain, only the tank will be released on April the 25/26th.
  9. I also doubt it @Caimheul1313 , but he keyword exists Anyway I completelly agree on what you stated, that if they wouldn't you use the "base config" when using the new Armament, would did the same as they have done with Jyn's gun.
  10. YuriPanzer


    Pathfinders have 2 weapons: · Unarmed - 1b - Melee · A-300 Blaster Rifle - 2w - 1-3 If you add the dual sided A-300 config card you will have 3 weapons. If you would lose the "standard" A-300, then the armament card would use the SIDEARM keyword, and it doesn't. So, either you have the short or the long range config equiped and face up, you ALWAYS can use the "medium" config.
  11. Actually it is, the Electrostaff for Royal Guards, it prevent it to use the regular Force Pike. The Keyword is Sidearm RRG page 53
  12. Also, Pao and Bistan are not present. Hope to help!
  13. That is what I meant in my first message thanks @nashjaee!
  14. Pathfinders 2 whites are 6/8, range 3. Short config is 7/8 range 2. I bet the unknown side will be 5/8 range 4, so one black die.
  15. Yes, it's dead. Stims prevented the first 2 wounds, but the next attack eliminates the unit.
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