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  1. That makes much more sence, it felt a little to good of a spell.
  2. Unfortunately not, I was asking about making a ship fly with this spell sorry for the confusion.
  3. So to be more specific, what are the restrictions on the spell flight? From the path of air. Page 136 in the book the spell says "This spell grants targets the ability to move with a flight value of 4. ....." The rest of the spell is just on powering it up. It says no restrictions on it, I was wondering if anyone had seen any or know of any that could apply?
  4. Out of curiosity, can you buy inate magic more then once? If so dose it cost more each time? I can't find anything from the book so I'm assuming it's the same as the advantage. I'm assuming as well that you can buy natural knolge for different paths each time you buy it.
  5. My charter right now is using the spell "move" from the air path to be able to throw daggers and retrieve them next turn, but when I throw the daggers with move, they have a flight value of 10. Dose flight value = movement value in turms of distance per turn? Of so, I'm throwing the daggers around the same speed of a short bow, so should the arrow modifiers to attack and dodge apply? --- ps sorry about the tittle noticed it to late ----
  6. There's a neather thing simmalr to this where if you want to dodge for someone else you have to "push" them out of the way. In our party we have a geint who is 15ft tall and ways about 1 tun, my charter has 3 str, how can she push him out of the way to dodge for him?
  7. The passsige that one of my freinds found was "High and Divine Magic Spells of Level 81 and higher are considered special. The powers they entail are too elevated to be controlled by mortals; the majority of spellcasters will simply fail to execute them. This is not to say that they will not understand them, but rather that the supernatural nature of that magic is too lofty for mortal use. The use of these spells is limited to entities with enough Gnosis to cast them. There are two kinds of special magic: High Magic (spells of a Level 81–90) and Divine Magic (spells of Level 91 and above). High Magic spells are restricted to creatures that have a Gnosis score of at least 25. Divine Magic requires a Gnosis score of 40 or above. High and Divine Magic apply only for spells of the various Paths; these limitations do not count for Free Access spells when they are chosen individually." I was wondering if this was a bad translation or if you could in fact get level 84 sub path spells with out the gnosis requirements?
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