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  1. Well, if Torrent gets ignored then he will get to shoot and get some work done, especially against low agi ships. On the other hand if opponent goes after him then your Jedi have fewer ships hunting for them and you can be more agressive with them. It worked well for me in couple of test games I had so far and it's a concept that already has seen some success in the past at competitive level. On the other hand I'm pretty sure that if it will be possible to somehow fit the cheapest N1 in place of the Torrent, then Torrent will become obsolete for this role.
  2. Vultures also bleed MoV yet they see a lot of play. Ships can do work by other means than just dealing damage.
  3. I've tried similar list today but removed SU from Obi-Wan and both Brilliant Evasions to add one I2 Torrent that served as a distraction and blocker. Worked amazingly well, Torrent died as expected but Deltas easily cleared the table after that. Kinda reminded me of that Poe/Corran/Prototype A-wing list that Nathan Eide played at Worlds a couple years ago.
  4. It's talent icon on the Y-Wing photo.
  5. Another thing I have noticed - one of the Y-Wing I2 pilot cards has name so short that it's all covered despite showing almost half of the card and there is more than one calculate token. I think there is a really high chance for R2D2 as pilot.
  6. He was only a passenger, also there are no force token in that photo.
  7. From things not yet mentioned it seems that there's a talent with bullseye only, range 1-2, 3 red dice attack and a new force power.
  8. Also the spoiled talent says that and the end of activation phase you can give that tracktor token to a ship that's inside range 0-1 and mobile firing arc.
  9. Pilots are the same as in conversion kit.
  10. It's in polish but it's better than nothing I guess. https://www.wydawnictworebel.pl/pages/los-galaktyki-1335.html?fbclid=IwAR3DO_XNhOYctUVmo4zvcwuJl9bzlShlPzw815niXMVBsWMGbBaQkcPVeFU
  11. Revanxv

    Who'd you rather?

    Sadly Republic seems DOA, the only pilots that seem correctly priced for them are I2 generic ARCs and Torrents, named clone pilots have meh abilities that they pay absurd amount of points for. Jedi are just sad, all their abilities burn through force tokens for very little gain and costs of configurations are simply absurd when combined with high base points. It's a bummer because I have pre ordered them. They will need some serious point reductions during next update, I just don't see them being able to compete against other factions in this state.
  12. From what I see on facebook, in Poland squadron packs are getting delivered today just fine. So it might not be a problem for all of Europe.
  13. Aethersprites seem very overpriced, I'm starting to get worried about the Republic.
  14. I would hate to win in this way, but on the other hand Calen had every right to not let Peter correct that mistake.
  15. Revanxv


    So not doable if the name of your faction starts with "R" and ends with "ebels".
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