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  1. Stuff is going out FAST! Make sure to bid, or you'll miss out on some really good stuff!
  2. Relisted bunch of unsold stuff with 'Buy it now' on.
  3. Villager and token replacements are listed.
  4. Lair of the Wyrm, Trollfens, Manor of Ravens, Serena and Raythen are added.
  5. Shadow of Nerekhall and respective lieutenants are added.
  6. Base game lieutenants (Farrows, Belthir, Zachareth) added.
  7. Mists of Bilehall and lieutenants added.
  8. It wasn't easy for me, yes. But I think it would be even more so, if instead of giving joy to smb else, they sit in my closet collecting dust, or just get lost or broken during another move. Reminds me of 6 years ago, when I dropped out of PhD to go to industry. But that tough decision was nothing but right: I wouldn't work on the finest games out there (Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Red Dead Redemption), if I hadn't done that.
  9. Btw, I've just listed a lot of heroes from Hero&Monster Packs, happy bidding!
  10. Not really interested in this - that's A LOT of explanation for the new players, and it loses a lot of flavor for Descent. There are so many good games on the market today, it is just not worth fixing one that doesn't fit your PG.
  11. I don't play solo board games: for me the primary goal is socializing, and if nobody wanna play a game, well, too bad for a game.
  12. Hi folks, After failing to complete a single full (9-game) campaign with 5 different playgroups, I decided to be honest with myself and acknowledge that Descent would not get to the table with the board game friends I attract. Considering the amount of time, effort, and money I've put into it, it is with a heavy heart that I decided to part my ways with my collection. However, I'd prefer that smb else enjoy it rather have it collecting dust on my shelf. Here's what it is quality-wise (I haven't uploaded all painted minis): Please see the listings here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/spawn_garret/m.html I'll be adding the new items promptly. If there is smth specific you're interested - let me know, I'll upload it first. I will happily combine shipping - just request a combined invoice.
  13. SpawnGarret

    Playgroups in Montreal

    Thank you! Request sent
  14. SpawnGarret

    Playgroups in Montreal

    Is there a group/board game club in Montreal planning to start playing Runewars? Let me know! Might consider splitting a starter box
  15. SpawnGarret

    Female Miniatures (Runewars)

    Leonx riders from the expansions are females, too. I think for the half of the models in Runewars you can't really tell their sex (judging by little figures/art with faces covered in armor), the other half can be of any sex, really (Dragon is definitely, ugh, female).