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  1. I just want characters to have availability in all full rotations. Not each wave, but full rotation. So like Sabine & Thrawn won't be in this next rotation when Awakenings block moves out. At least not yet, which hopefully they get a new character card in the next set. ~D
  2. HoodieDM

    Miniature Market not restocking singles

    Destiny's single sales are high for the first month the product is out, but then starts to decline. Obviously some cards do very well and some may hit a sweet spot when a new set comes out that not makes it the better meta. I'm sure they will still sell singles at first when the new set(s) come out. So they sell singles very quickly, may buy a few if the set does well, but after about 3 months, they don't restock anything. ~D
  3. HoodieDM

    Drafting Across the Galaxy???

    *slow clap @ FFG* ~D
  4. Which then after the 2nd cannon is discarded, the limit goes back up to 2 haha. It's a vicious cycle, but the answer is : no, because the two cannons would make the limit of 3>1 and therefore can't have 2 upgrades on them. The only way to do this is to increase a characters upgrade capacity, like some cards increase their shield capacity. ~D
  5. Word of advice (for anyone reading this with future questions): if you have questions about the game and based off the majority feedback given explaining the correct version (this isn't some 50/50, it's like 95/5), it's not wise to keep trying to "argue" your point or "stress" why you thought this way. #1 you're not going to change the way the card is and #2 if you don't like it, don't try to explain anything else and don't use it. You had a question, that's great, ask it, get the answer, accept it, and then move on. Why people want to argue after this, makes no sense. There were 8 extra posts after the answer was given and confirmed on this, for no additional reason(s). ~D
  6. Its kind of like upgrades. Your characters can only have 3 upgrades, but you have to play a 4th on them first to trigger the cost reduction if you're "over riding" that upgrade. So its kind of like the shields, they're overriding each other in this instance to keep a max of 3 (unless otherwise noted by another card). ~D
  7. HoodieDM

    two players and draft?

    All part of the plan. I mention they won't, and they do! LoL
  8. HoodieDM

    Is Theed too strong?

    Hence my additional comment on "They could change it so it allows you to play something, so you don't have to pass." But again, it's just an idea. I'm sure they'll do something with it. I also do like the idea of giving both players a resource. ~D
  9. HoodieDM

    Is Theed too strong?

    No, because it has the additional action for the spot Neutral character. They could change it so it allows you to play something, so you don't have to pass. ~D
  10. HoodieDM

    Two questions from a (prospective) new player

    Welcome. To mainly answer this, there are two reasons: #1 because they ARE different versions of characters. Look at Palpatine. There's an Emperor version and a Sidious version. Look at Luke: A New Hope, Jedi Knight, Hermit Jedi Master. These different versions represent their different stories in their lives at the time. They can't make just one Luke with 20 different abilities to cover his 50+ years of existence in the SW universe. Also think of it this way, if you enjoy a more "agro", "control", or "mill" deck and your favorite character is Leia, it would suck if the one Leia version out there was only for "mill"...but you enjoy playing "agro"...this at least potentially gives you an option at some point to play her in that kind of version/deck. #2 because of the game always evolving, they created a 2-year rotation. So in major event tournaments, it plays in the most current Standard format. So older cards eventually "rotate out". It's not that you can't still use them locally via house rules or in the support format they call "Infinite"...it just means at major tournaments, you have to play with the most recent expansions allowed. This allows old cards to cycle out that may have been problematic or the fact that if you had all of these cards to use, it might create an unforeseen combo that a new card that came out with to combo together with a card that is 5+ years old that the developers just didn't see coming. This way, it allows them to do better play testing with more current cards and not have to forecast using everything. Plus it allows them to then create a new Vader3 for example in the most recent set because Vader1 and Vader2 will both be "cycling" out with the next rotation. Hope that makes more sense and again welcome! Also a lot of CCGs do this to keep the game in a more healthy format. As well as keep sales going b/c let's face it, if they're not making money, they're not making additional expansions of the game. ~D
  11. HoodieDM

    Is Theed too strong?

    It just needs to be turned into a "Claim" ability and not a "Power Action." ~D
  12. HoodieDM

    two players and draft?

    I don't think they will introduce a new draft set until Legacies block rolls out as Rivals is good for 2 year rotation. Same with the 2 player set. Plus they have so many of these in stock still at retailers they go on sale for $5-$10 (clearance racks too) so much. So they may not do that again or definitely limit the production. But both of those are in Legacies, so don't expect anything until Dec of this year (before the holidays) or even Jan/Feb of next year to kick off the new "block". ~D
  13. HoodieDM

    A terror to behold

    Which Luke is this? eLuke3 with Bitter Rivalry or Solidarity or eLuke2 (from the starters)? Thanks, ~D
  14. I love the Sabine. I might have to do this... ~D
  15. HoodieDM

    Convergence release date?

    I'm with @Mep on this. It's not the game itself. It's FFG. They work their "slaves" I mean, employees to death for crap pay. Their goals as a business are backwards. They probably have some stupid yearly targets with a mentality of only "new games = $$", so we have to create X # of games or else it was failure of a year and we're all gonna lose our jobs. Rather than, let's just create the most bad *** game (that can be customizable and have an expansive universe) ever and support the crap out of it. But they don't do that. They never meet deadlines. Their logistics and operations program is full of monkeys. And I probably can't even blame FFG on some of this, when you have Asmodee and Disney pulling you from twenty different directions each day, they probably have a gazillion stupid conference calls that are a waste of time, rather than actually doing what they should be doing. Sure again, they're great at making games, but you just have to put effort into maintaining it. FFG doesn't do that, nor will they ever. The game has so much lack luster anymore, the only thing that keeps it going, is knowing that in 3-4 months a new expansion is due out. If that doesn't happen, then the game goes silent locally until new stuff comes out. That's probably the main problem with the game. There's 2-3 decks that are meta and the rest can't compete. You'll have some weird deck that might do well from time to time, but that's because it's usually piloted by a superb player (not your average joe BUYING the game) or they build it strictly to counter the meta and got lucky that 90% that showed up, were all playing that meta deck. MtG/WotC know how to create a game and keep it running. You just have to follow their blueprints and keep at it. Not just do it #1 time, make a bunch of money, and half *** it the rest of the way. ~D